LOST: An Overall Theory About The Fight For The Island.

I was thinking about this a bit more and realized that all this time bopping around might have bigger significance:

Here we have an island that’s been around a long, long time. People find the island ever so often. The people that already live there either stay hidden, or grab people to be part of the bigger group because they’re good candidates. (But candidates for what? More on that later.)

In more modern times, the island is discovered, but this time by someone that thinks they can exploit whatever power the island has to their own benefit. They set up shop. They start experiments in magnetism, screw around with time to see if they can control it.

Meanwhile, the original inhabitants stay hidden. They stay hidden until they find a kid (Ben) on the island that’s receptive to what the island is really all about, and one of them (Richard) goes to talk to him. They bide their time until Ben gets older.

They hatch (ha…excuse the pun) a plan: They want to make sure that no one ever accidently runs across the island again. The problem? They women there can’t have children, and they need to figure out why this is happening. If they figure that out, they’re good to go. The island can stay hidden.

So what are they hiding? The very thing the researchers (and really, their backers) are trying to exploit: time travel.

In The Original Others hands, everything is fine. They can help steer the time line the way they always have. The were able to bring in “good candidates” to help them. People with abilities like Walt’s are “special”, because they’re already to the point where they can be trained to control what The Original Others already know how to do.

In the hands of the researchers and industrialists, time travel technology wouldn’t just be bad, it would be disastrous.

And that’s why Ben is fighting tooth and nail to keep those newcomers off the island. They’re the paramiltary group that the industrials have sent in, because they’re not going down without a fight?

Who are those guys? Widmore probably… Mr. Paik maybe.

What do you think? Does this sound right?

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