Charlie Travels Through Time Just Like Desmond

I posted this on The Fuselage board in response to someone not realizing what I meant about Charlie and Hugo, so I thought I’d post it here too.

Charlie’s dead. He even said so.

We already know that time travel is involved in the story line, and we know that people that are experiencing this can interact with people in the time line they’re visiting. We’ve seen it. Desmond did it, and talked to Ms. Hawking in the antique shop. Desmond even interacted with Charlie in the past (on the street while he was playing his guitar, before the plane crash).

If Desmond can travel back in time, why couldn’t Charlie travel forward in time… a time in which he was dead?

Say that Desmond realized that everything that was happening right now (the show we just saw, and those to shortly follow) was going completely wrong, and things “aren’t supposed to happen this way” as Locke would say. People got off the island that weren’t “supposed” to. What would Desmond do?

If Desmond was able to travel back again, this time to the island after the crash, and talk to Charlie, don’t you think that Charlie would be willing to talk to Hugo to give him that message?

Since Hugo saw people that didn’t exist before, his natural reaction to seeing Charlie would be to completely freak out. I think that’s exactly what the writer’s would want us to believe.

The thing that stands out to me is that the other patient at the hospital saw Charlie, and told Hugo about it.

I don’t know how Charlie did it. Maybe Desmond went back dragged him into the hatch, or there’s some other way to do it. But if a rabbit could do it to Dr. Candle (or whatever name he was using in that video we saw over the long break), I think Charlie could too.

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  1. Steve, My only quibble with this is the physicality of the time travel involved. When Desmond went back in time, I think his Island consciousness went back into his 1990s body. I don’t think there were 2 Desmonds back in the ’90s. So if Charlie’s dead, where would his consciousness go? What’s more Charlie’s consciousness knows more than physical Charlie knew before he died. In contrast, time traveling Desmond knew what he knew on Island, but no further (at least that we saw.)

    I think it’s more the case that Charlie was a manifestation of Hurley’s guilt and his inner conviction that he made at least 1 bad choice in leaving the Island. When Hurley was guilty about the deck, he manifested Dave. Now he’s manifesting Charlie.

  2. I’m not sure that Desmond did go back into his 1990s body.

    Remember the Dr. Candle video where he freaked out that the rabbit came out of no where, and didn’t want them to touch? They were the same rabbit, from two different timelines.

  3. I think I follow… So it’s possible that Desmond went back to a period he knew he could find Charlie and enlisted him in helping set things right again. This could be street musician Charlie.

  4. But Steve, Penny was expecting Desmond to be in his flat. Where is the 2nd Desmond? Why aren’t they in the same room like the bunnies?

  5. Maybe someone else was delaying Desmond, so they wouldn’t meet? If there was some kind of paradox that they *knew* they had to avoid to prevent disaster (like the rabbits), they would have to be sure that this wouldn’t occur.

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