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Spoilers ahead!

Thoughts on tonight’s show:

Nice diversion at the beginning of the show; it appeared that Juliet was another Oceanic 6 member, but it was just her first interaction with Harper. Harper, who, I believe is dead. Why do I say that? Because we heard those mysterious voices before she appeared.

New station! The Tempest. It appears to be the biggest station so far. Nice twist on what Charlotte and Faraday were trying to do. Ben knew they were headed to The Tempest, and what they were trying to do. The station being set up the way it was, attempting the manual override causes the toxic gas to be released. Why would Faraday know anything about that? He’s a physicist, not a chemical engineer.

Ben confirmed my theory about Widmore wanting to exploit the island. If Ben taped over the Red Sox game, and it’s the same tape he showed Jack, that video of Widmore is fairly recent. Did Ben take that himself, or did one of his operatives?

Extra creepy points for the scene where Ben showed Juliet Goodwin’s body, and said “You’re mine”. Turns out my idea about Ben and Juliet was off. We know Jack got off the island. I think chances are pretty good Juliet doesn’t leave, purely based on what we saw tonight. I wonder if Juliet ends up making a deal with Ben to spare Jack, if she’ll stay? Is she the reason he wants to go back? To save her from Ben?

I’m betting that my theory about who the person Ben has on the boat is right too.

The book Ben was reading is Valis, by Philip K. Dick. Amazon describes it as “It is a fool’s search for God, who turns out to be a virus, a joke, and a mental hologram transmitted from an orbiting satellite.”

Overall, not my favorite episode so far this season. It would have been hard to top last week.

What did you think?

6 thoughts on “LOST: The Other Woman”

  1. It wasn’t quite as engrossing as last week, but still better than most things on TV. I think this one is more of a time bomb, it needs to seep into your consciousness to tie in with all other knowledge of the show. But that Ben scene when he took Juliet to Goodwin’s body is the stuff of nightmares. He makes me feel like slimy things are crawling inside my skin!

  2. Yeah, I loved that line too. That rabbit also showed up in the “shake the rabbit until it passes out” episode, didn’t it?

  3. The bug eyes do not help, no… And he has this impish look that leaves serious question as to whether he is laughing with or plotting against you.

  4. Best line of the show had to be Juliet (in response to Jack’s “You people had a therapist?”) “It’s stressful being an Other, Jack!”

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