LOST: Cabin Fever Live Blog

Last Update: I’ll do a write-up later.

Update: “He wants us to move the island”

Update: Ben and Hurley sharing an Apollo bar, while Locke finds out how to save the island.

Update: Oh wow… I guess those theories that Claire is dead are true.

Update: Christian Shepard speaking on behalf of Jacob.

Update: Ben’s handing over the reigns of the island. I think Ben’s more scared than we’ve ever seen him.

Update: I thought that beeping was a bomb.

Update: Desmond isn’t technically one of the 815ers, so he might have made it back to the mainland too.

Update: Commercials

Update: How many people left on that boat?

Update: Dead doc, dead captain. That must be a detonation device on his arm.

Update: Keamy is just not one nice guy.

Update: “When you and me run into each other again, you’ll owe me one?” Yikes!

Update: WALKABOUT! Wow! People manipulating The 815ers to get on the plane!


Update: Guys? Cabin. (Gotta love Hurley).

Update: Consequences to being chosen.

Update: THG.com Guy, I think that safe spot must be “the temple” Ben told people to go to. How Widmore would know about that… unless people sent him reports before The Purge.

Update: Commercials

Update: Oh, Desmond… Don’t stay with the bad guys.

Update: What’s that on Keamy’s arm? A radio?

Update: Michael’s still fighting for his friends.

Update: Mittlelos anagram for Lost Time.

Update: I like “boxing”…. heh, he got that job.

Update: Geronimo Jones poster inside that locker.

Update: “I think I’ll stick with you guys”.

Update: I saw that Dharma logo too. Must have some of that organization still off island doing work. Kinda makes sense.

Update: Ha! They really are bringing back “The Mole”

Update: Commercials

Update: Notice that morse code? The timelines are screwier than we thought. So, the doc died before the message was sent on the boat. That island/boat timeline isn’t just 30-ish minutes off. It’s varying.

Update: Ok…Widmore knows enough to know where Ben would be heading??

Update: Two key protocol.

Update: Ben looked a bit surprised at who Locke singled out.

Update: Their “leaders”? Plural?

Update: Alpert looked a little disturbed by that knife pick.

Update: Which things belong to you already… sand from the island, compass, the knife

Update: Nice picture of Smokey.

Update: Either Alpert is dead, or he’s got this time travel thing down.

Update: Hasn’t Locke met Alpert before? Must not have.

Update: Commercials.

Update: That’s why I think he’s dead, like Horace. He just knows how to deal with it.

Update: Richard Alpert. Hasn’t aged a day.

Update: She can’t hold her own baby?

Update: And… it’s all a dream. Ben: “I used to have dreams”. Transfer of power.

Update: Interesting time loop.

Update: Now, if you were dead. Would YOU be chopping trees?

Update: Gotta love the eyeball shot.

Update: Yes, I’m kidding.

Update: Commercials. First big question, Who’s Locke’s Father?

Update: Gun Jam. Thank you island.

Update: The doctor is still alive… AFTER the Smoke Monster attack.

Update: Interesting. They don’t know where the cabin is. Looks like a Locke-centric episode.

Update: John? John Locke?

Update: Another quick open with no recap. Weird. It’s 1950-ish.

Update: These shows that go over by a minute or two are ticking me off.

I’ll be posting in this thread for the LOST episode “Cabin Fever”.

24 thoughts on “LOST: Cabin Fever Live Blog”

  1. Any theories on the nose bleed? Coincidence? After effects of “materializing”? Allergic to time travel of tree killing?

  2. Isn’t that what John said to Michael’s kid? “Mind if I show you something neat?”

  3. Did that secondary protocol document have a Dharma logo on the first page?

  4. There must be an ‘ultimate safe spot’ on the island that only the upper echelon of Dharma folks knew about, and that’s where Ben is likely to go in an extreme emergency.

  5. Thanks, Andy. Though I imagined it.

    Is that thing Keamy had on his arm like the emitter the Doctor wore on ST:Voyager?

  6. Aweome MGM commercial… (I’m cleaning up my last nerdy outburst, shut up)

  7. Did you guys get the impression that Richard and Abaddon might have been working different angles?

  8. Kali, yes. The thing I’m wondering is whether they’re working on the same side or not. I have to say, it doesn’t seem like it. Which makes me wonder why he wants Locke on the island.

  9. Okay, in hindsight, I think you and I have the pieces, Steve. Yeah, it’s likely the temple that Ben would go to…and I bet the reason why is because it is where the power to move the island exists (and now explains why the Black Rock and the drug plane would appear on this ‘Pacific’ island). And that is why Charlotte is here…because she’s an archaeologist and would be able to help decipher what’s in the temple (hello female Daniel Jackson!) so that Widmore could control where the island ‘went’ and make it his again. That make sense?

  10. Yeah… Makes sense!

    Now, whether that’s true or not, is a completely different story, but it sounds good to me!

  11. Oooh, I like that! Especially the explanation for the Black Rock ending up where it is. The question is, how does Ben contact the others now?

  12. I think he’ll continue to be able to. The Others have contacted Locke before. The question is, will Ben be able to contact Jacob to receive orders?

    I think Ben’s got a foot in that finale coffin.

  13. we know that ben does not have a foot in the finale coffin bc we see him in the future off the island bandaging up sayid after he was shot by that chick

  14. The time when Sayid and Ben first meet is 2005. The episode that Jack and Kate were seen together is 2007, so the scene with coffin is in 2007.

    There’s more than enough time for Ben to end up in that coffin.

    Like I’ve said before, that’s speculation. But the timeline doesn’t rule this out.

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