Lost Theories: Did Jacob Really Give The Order?

My friend John and I were talking about last night’s episode (Cabin Fever), and he brought up a really good point: What if Christian ISN’T talking on Jacob’s behalf?

There were two things that really bothered me about that scene. The first was Claire’s sly smile while she was in the cabin with Christian and Locke. It seemed like the type of smile you’d see on someone that was happy they conned someone into something.

The other thing that bothered me was the Christian told Locke not to tell anyone about seeing Claire. Why not?

One of the things that John brought up was Locke didn’t tell Hurley and Ben that he didn’t speak directly with Jacob, but to Christian instead (and oh, by the way, Claire was there too).

What if there are forces on the island that both want John there (Alpert and Abbadon), but want him there for two different reasons? We’ve been operating under the assumption that The Others are just one big happy… well, ok, maybe not happy


We’ve been operating under the assumption that The Others just have one faction. What if there are two different factions? One that wants to help the island, and another that wants to undermine it? One that does good, another that does evil? Could the evil side have set things into motion that will undermine the good side?

All of this is obviously big-time speculation, but we like that sort of thing around here.

What do you think?

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  1. Mom says that this is probably why Richard got all peeved with Locke when he picked up the knife. Maybe Alpert’s side wants a pacifist leader…

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