LOST Theories – There Are Two Flight 815s

On page 4 of the “Lost Recap: Finding the cabin” article of EW.com, Jeff Jensen puts forth the following:

Regardless, here’s the twist — the twist that could turn Locke into a mass murderer of sorts. As we saw at the end of the episode, Locke’s plan for saving the Island is moving the Island. Now, I have no idea how he intends to do that. But if I’m tracking correctly the weird science Lost has been laying down this season, I wonder if where we’re headed is a catastrophic gambit in which Locke will move the Island not only in space but also in time, which I’m guessing will cause some kind of massive retroactive course correction — or, rather, already has enacted a course correction. In fact, I wonder if the secret to many of the metaphysical mysteries of Lost is that all of the show’s drama is playing out against the backdrop of a timeline that’s in flux — where old history is giving way to new history as the consequences of Locke’s future Island-saving actions trickle down through time. And so that wreckage of Oceanic 815 at the bottom of the ocean? That isn’t a hoax — at least, not in the new timeline taking hold. That’s real. And it will be John the Quantum Ripper’s fault

He doesn’t spell out what the implications of Ocean 815 exactly are, but I’ll extrapolate a bit.

Remember that theory that I had that Ben or Widmore might have placed a fake Flight 815 down at the bottom of the ocean? Well, I’m beginning to think that neither of them did it. It might be the result of what’s about to happen to the island.

Locke said that they needed to move the island. If the island gets moved, what happens? Things where the island gets moved to get displaced. The Black Rock, for example, could have been displaced and popped into the middle of the jungle.

If the island somehow moved in the past, it has some big ramifications too. What happens if the island wasn’t there when Flight 815 flew by? It would continue on course for a while, and probably crash for lack of fuel.

I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

This is going to be one major course correction.

More on this later.