Lost: Who Buried Danielle And Karl?

There have been a number of deaths in Lost over the last few episodes: the boat’s doctor, the boat’s captain, Alex, Karl, Danielle. One of the things that bothered me right away was: Who buried Danielle and Karl?

Think about that a minute. There are people invading the island, the two camps are split, and Ben sends Alex and Karl with Danielle away from camp to keep them safe. We see Danielle and Karl murdered right before Alex is carted away. Would the soldiers on the boat take the time to dig a grave for Danielle and Karl?

I don’t think they would have. They were in the middle of the jungle and out to get Ben. They had a hostage (Alex), and they needed to try and use her as leverage as soon as possible.

So, there are several distinct possibilities. The first: The Others buried them both. I think that’s the most likely possibility.

The second possibility: That wasn’t really Danielle in the grave, and Danielle herself buried Karl. This theory is the same, in reverse, of course – Karl could have buried Danielle). The face did look very much like Karl’s, but Danielle’s face didn’t look very much like her (see the picture).

The problem with this theory is, If it’s NOT her, who the heck is it? And, if you’re thinking that Miles knew about the graves – Well, he did, but that could have been Karl or Danielle (not both) saying something that lead him to dig them up.

The third possibility: Danielle and Karl really did die, and those are their bodies, but Danielle came back (like Yemi, Christian, etc) and buried the bodies herself. Now, THAT would be a weird thing to have to do for yourself…. But the most likely possibility, I think.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Lost: Who Buried Danielle And Karl?”

  1. I think Frank might have buried them. Frank was on the Island waiting for Keamy and his crew to need him to fly them off the Island. All he had to do was wait, might as well bury the bodies. (I was so tempted to write b-o-d-y-s.)

  2. Or, since we’re dealing with time travel and ghosts, so to speak, that can really be them, but they were already buried there BEFORE they actually arrived on the spot and were killed, thus bring a time loop to closure. Doesn’t say who buried them…but they came to the spot where they had died…and thus had to die.

  3. Yes, but you are assuming that Danielle hasn’t been dead for the last 16 years…

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