LOST Theories: Rules Don’t Apply To Desmond

Faraday told Desmond that “The Rules Don’t Apply To You”. In his write-up of Because You Left, Jeff Jensen says:

That Desmond had no previous recollection of this really, really weird encounter — and you would think he would — leads me to draw this conclusion: the past CAN be changed, but probably not in anyway that creates catastrophic paradox. Bookmark this debate: Methinks Season 5 is all about this fluidity of time and mutability of history stuff.

I agree with this, at least partially. It’s not so much that anyone can change the past – it’s that only certain people can change the past. That’s what makes them “special”. Up until Desmond’s accident at the hatch, these people were just born that way. I suspect this is the real reason The Others wanted Walt in the first place.

He goes on to say:

Oh, and how much do you wanna bet that Daniel Faraday’s Oxford-hanging mom is that lovely lady from Desmond’s previous time travel jaunt, the one and only Ms. Hawking?

I agree with this completely, and said that in last night’s posting.

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  1. Desmond, obviously, is the other Fifth Cylon…

    I think Desmond is “special” because he can project in and out of the timeline in ways others can’t. Why or how he acquired this talent I can’t theorize. Head goes boom.

  2. Not sure how complicated it is, but I think it’s directly related to Walt’s powers. Walt is able to generate some kind of magnetic field around himself (that’s why the birds hit windows, etc). If that’s what The Others prize about him, it’s likely the prize it because of their desire (or ability) to bend time. Daniel mentioned something about being exposed to high levels of magnetism last season. I think that’s the key.

    Also witness the subtle reference to magnetism last night, when Alpert gave Locke a compass.

    …of course, this is more theory than real explanation. 🙂

  3. It’s a good theory and you are quite possibly within range of what the explanation is about Locke (and Walt). What I meant is that I am *literally* jonesing for an explanation that is twisty and complicated — like string theory — that makes my head spin several times and leaves me in a state of near nirvana nerdiness. That kind of complicated.

  4. I’m with Steve on this one.

    It’s a theory because it’s not obvious that people were born with this ability to manipulate time. Did they say that one the show? No.

    The other part of this theory is that Walt was taken because he can manipulate time. They’ve never said that on the show, or shown that he can do that. Just that he was “special”.

    They never said anything about that on the show either.

    Maybe you should learn to read, Joe.

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