LOST – The Little Prince

Spoilers…. I warned you….

Not the best episode, but not the worst either. I have to say this really felt like a filler more than anything else. Maybe we could have called this one “The Nose Bleed Episode”.

Did you catch Daniel’s question to Miles when he found out about the nosebleed? Whether he’d been on the island before? Last season there was something that implied that Charlotte had been on the island before. Doesn’t explain why Juliette had a nosebleed though. Very weird sequence.

I was fooled by who the lawyer’s client was. I didn’t think it would end up being Ben. The biggest surprise was Jin was found…. He slept through all those flashes, so he has no idea what’s going on. He was pretty surprised to see Danielle, but I think everyone saw that coming as soon as those people on the boat spoke French.

I can’t recall what Danielle’s reaction was to meeting Jin for the first time…. Did she ever event meet Jin?

Wonder who was shooting at them when they were on the boat? Future versions of themselves, trying to keep them from heading where they were going?

Another question – Weren’t Sayid and Ben off to get Hurley? Well, where is he?

Lost tidbits:

Some of the numbers showed up again: 42 was the house number of Kate’s house; 23 was the number of the boat slip that Ben went to.

Oh, and “LOST: Untangled”? Maybe that spot during “Life of Mars” was supposed to be funny, but… yikes.

I’m glad Jin is back.

….a couple of questions answered…. so many new questions….

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  1. “Another question – Weren’t Sayid and Ben off to get Hurley? Well, where is he?”

    Ben was just going to meet with the lawyer who will get Hurley off in the morning

  2. Spoiler Warning

    I read a couple of interesting ideas on another web site:

    Dan asked Miles if he was on the island before. Maybe he is Pierre Chang’s son, that we saw in the season opener. Also, Dan could be Charlottes father, since he was back in that same timeframe as well in the opener.

  3. Ah….That’s a great insight about Miles, and I bet it’s right. That idea about Charlotte is great too.

  4. Thanks, homeybeef… Missed that. I was too busy being surprised about Ben and watching Sayid’s reaction! 🙂

  5. I was unable to sleep the night I watched this episode. There were so many answered questions!

    In my opinion the part where Sawyer, Locke and the rest find two canoes, they are actually in the future and those canoes were used by Jack, Sayed etc to get back to the island. So at that point of time, Jack and the rest who had left the island are back.

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