LOST Theories – Been On The Island Before?

Spoilers ahead
John over on the comments section of another post mentions a theory, that I thought I’d break out here, because it’s just too good not to:

Dan asked Miles if he was on the island before. Maybe he is Pierre Chang’s son, that we saw in the season opener. Also, Dan could be Charlottes father, since he was back in that same timeframe as well in the opener.

I think Miles being Chang’s son is very, very likely, and it certainly does mean he’s been on the island before.

Charlotte being Daniel’s daughter? Perhaps. In “Jughead” when Richard asks Daniel why he wouldn’t detonate the bomb, Daniel says “I’m in love with that woman sitting next to me, and I would never do anything to hurt her”. I’m not sure he’d say that if he were her father. I would expect something more like “I love that woman sitting next to me…” Same inference, but I think it would be more likely that he said it that way.

Now, maybe they’re not father and daughter… Maybe they’re really brother and sister! Neither of them would know that, it could explain their tie to the island, if Ms. Hawking is indeed Daniel’s mother, which has been speculated here before. I don’t think either of them knows this.

If Widmore picked these people to go to the island in the first place, wouldn’t he have picked those people because of their ties to the island, because they’d be the most likely to be able to deal with things? (Forget about the mercenaries… they’re just strong arms for Widmore, and a necessary evil to get Daniel, Charlotte and Miles there).

And while Ben probably knew who they all were because of Michael being on the boat, he might have already known all that before because of his ties to Dharma and Ms. Hawking.

So, what do you think about all this?

5 thoughts on “LOST Theories – Been On The Island Before?”

  1. Hmmm. If Daniel & group have been to the island before…I bet ALL of them were needed in order to get back to the island, much in the same way Jack & group needs everyone to get back to the island. That is why Widmore assembled this particular group.

  2. I’ve figured Miles for Chang’s son since the ComicCon video. It’s going to be a bit anticlimactic when it comes, except for the fact Miles doesn’t seem to know about it. Talking to his dead father on Island perhaps?

    As for Daniel and Charlotte, the pop-ups in the enhanced version said that Dan loves her romantically not paternally or fraternally or any of those other kooky theories. I still don’t know the canonicity of those pop-ups, but for now I’d prefer Dan not be Charlotte’s relative of any kind.

    I think we also need to remember that Ben planned to kill everyone on the Island. I think that might well have included Miles, Charlotte and Daniel (and Frank). I think he might have been trying to eliminate them so that no more of the world would find out about the Island and its special-ness.

  3. Another question…. What if Penny was born on the island? (I don’t think she was, but….)

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