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Spoilers ahead
Not much time to write, but I did want to post a few thoughts about the show:

It was great to see what else was going on when the plane went down. I was quite surprised to see that Sun was still in the present day, rather than in the past with the rest of the Oceanic Six. I was even more surprised to see that Christian was the one that met Frank and Sun when they reached the barracks. Next stop? The only thing I can think of is that they’ll have to find (or, more likely, be found by) Richard Alpert.

If Ben originally tried to leave the camp, he’s going to head out again as soon as he can, especially with Locke being alive again.

Sayid seeing Ben, and then saying “I know why I’m here” in the previews for next week pretty much confirms for me that he’ll try and kill the young Ben as soon as he can. He’s going to fail, and I’m afraid that’s going to be the end of Sayid. I think that’s a shame.

Love Hurley’s reaction when he found out he was in the 1970s.

So, are the folks from the 1970s going to be transported into the future, or are the present day folks going to be transported into the past… or will something else happen? I’m guessing that they’ll both be pulled out of their timelines, and sent further into the past.

What do you think?

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  1. Interesting episode…not one of my favorites. Biggest question I have this AM is what happened to Faraday? Miles (I think) said something aobut him not being here any more.

  2. Faraday is either catatonic in the whole or killed himself, those are the two options I see as viable.

    Mom and I are of the opinion that Christian might lead Sun to the donkey wheel for another turn. Or it might be something else we haven’t even been exposed to yet.

    There is still a war coming and I don’t see how the battle lines are drawn yet, or who is in what camp… Though I see how the doc is not really pleased to be under Sawyer’s control.

  3. LOL – not one bit! Jack looked like he was gonna flip when they gave him the “workman” jumpsuit. I love that Sawyer and Juliet were the ones responsible for the assignments!

    Faraday shows/ed up when Dharma was building the Orchid, which I’m guessing to be post 1977, so I don’t think he’s dead – maybe he got back off the island somehow.

  4. Hmm. I suspect that we likely may end up in the past…as they have to explain that statue. HOWEVER, I think what we’ll see is that the Others are descendants of the original people who inhabited the island (and built the statue). The war is with THEM and they are against anyone else who tries to control the island for their own needs. I think it’s more likely that Sun/Ben/Locke will jump to join the rest of the 6…except what about the rest of the people from the plane crash? They’re playing too much into things now to simply be tossed to the side. The lead two are likely Widmore’s folks.

    Before this show ends, they need to explain what the Island actually is, what makes is special, who the Others are, etc. And I think the answer to that means that the Others are the ones who play into the major plot elements for wrapping all that up.

    Oh, the guy at the station who was building the model of the Swan? He’s the guy who eventually shot his brains out in the Swan.

  5. I think Sun remained on the plane because she left the island with her child (pregnant) and didnt come back with her child. I guess the island is really picky about that.

    When we first met Jacob it was very clear that he did not like Technology of any kind and flipped out when John used a flashlight. Now we see Christian using a flashlight to show Sun the photo. That kind of confirms that Christian and Jacob are not the same and may point to them being the two sides of the war. Its always fun to see the Kings (Ben and Charles) turn out to be pawns.

    Faraday’s alive and physically well, but mentally gone. That’s what Sawyer meant.

    Sidenote: I’m really tired of the Love Triangle (Now officially a Square). Its over. Jack lost! Sawyer managed to sleep with BOTH the women he “loves” before him. Sawyer 1 – Jack 0. Let’s move on.

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