Semifinalists for “Name the Final Scene” for this season of LOST

As you may know, the final scene in previous season finales of LOST had code names.

Season 1: The Bagel
Season 2: The Challah
Season 3: The Rattlesnake in the Mailbox
Season 4: The Frozen Donkey Wheel

This year, they’re having a contest to choose which name to use. These were sent in by viewers, and you can vote on which one you’d like to have them use:

1. The Joop
2. Baby Diaper covered in Barbecue Sauce
3. The Fifth Toe
4. The Exploding Pretzel Jar
5. The Twinkie
6. Jack Gets Pregnant
7. The Droids You’re Looking For
8. The Hooded Leprechaun
9. The Zombie Bake Sale
10. The Zigarnek
11. Smokey’s Dorm Room
12. The Spanish Inquisition
13. The Fork In The Outlet

Vote at The ABC Lost website

9 thoughts on “Semifinalists for “Name the Final Scene” for this season of LOST”

  1. i wrote the exploding pretzel jar!!!! im so happy they picked it, this is a victory for gay people everywhere!!

  2. Isn’t the code name supposed to, ya know, mean something? I doubt “Zombie Bake Sale” has anything to do with how the season will end.
    Unless of course the ending is going to be nonsense.

  3. exactly my point. What if they wrote an ending where Claire makes cupcakes out of what is left of Arzt but the winning entry is “Jack gets pregnant”. The code name is supposed to mean something and not just be random.

  4. I think t hey liked “Zombie Bake Sale”, probably only because they constantly refer to the final season as the “Zombie” season. (Jokingly…. I hope).

  5. @homeybeef: How do
    Bagel = kidnapping of Walt;
    Challah = Ben is leader of the others;
    Rattlesnake in the mailbox = Flashforward;
    Frozen Donkey Wheel = Locke in a coffin?

    Snake was meant for unexpected,
    FDW was for people to stop looking for spoilers once they saw the wheel scene.

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