Reactions to LOST – “Whatever happened, happened”

Spoilers ahead

Just finished watching the show. Here are my reactions to what happened:

First off… my “pre-show” prediction score: 1 out of 3. Sawyer did want Kate to make sure Clementine was OK.

When Cassidy asked Kate if she should wake up Clementine from her nap, my instant reaction was Clementine didn’t exist and Cassidy had lied to Sawyer. I was glad to see later that this wasn’t true.

I loved Hurley looking at his hand, waiting for something like “Back to the Future” to happen. I really liked the conversation between Hurley and Miles too. Miles’ explanation of how time works in the LOST universe was really great.

I really, really have to wonder what the heck Juliet hasn’t been saying about what The Others can do and what they are. Maybe she knew all along this was Ben’s destiny.

At one point during the show, I was pretty convinced the reason Kate went back was because Ben did something in the future to help Aaron, and if Ben died, Aaron couldn’t be saved. This turned out to be wrong, of course.

When Kate lost Aaron in the store, it sure was creepy to see that woman that was holding Aaron’s hand, wasn’t it? It looked like it could be a much, much older version of Claire. I’m sure this was done on purpose…. sure was creepy though. Makes me wonder why Aaron didn’t scream or anything… Has Claire been visiting Aaron a lot more than we know about?

Here’s a random thought: Remember how Claire was warned by the psychic that “Aaron must not be raised by another?” Maybe that warning should have been “Aaron must not be raised by an Other”….

The ending was great. I was pretty surprised to that we got to see where Richard took Ben, and glad they at least said why he wouldn’t remember anything that happened. Richard’s warning that, “He will always be one of us”. “One of Us” was the title of the 16th episode of Season 3.

Did you notice that one of Richard’s men mentioned Elly and Richard? Elly was the girl with the gun in “Jughead” earlier this year (and probably Daniel’s mother). Charles is Charles Widmore. I was surprised they were both still on the island, 20 (or so) years after their first appearance. This probably means that the power struggle between Ben and Charles started on the island itself.

I have to say, Hurley was great this episode, but they should have stopped before he got this “Ask Jack about time travel” (or whatever he said). Completely unnecessary, just like the “Nama-who?” comment in the previous show. It just makes him look stupid.

As for the previews for next week, sure looks like Ben is going to be judged by Smokey, probably right in that temple where Richard took him. Can’t wait!

What did you think of tonight’s show?

8 thoughts on “Reactions to LOST – “Whatever happened, happened””

  1. If it had ended with Richard taking little Ben into the temple, I would have been satisfied but now, they had to waste an extra minute showing a pointless scene of Ben and Locke.

    The “he won’t remember any of this” thing worried me a bit. For the first time in a while, it looks like the writers are making it up as they go.

  2. Ben seemed genuinely surprised Locke was alive. I don’t think he ever expected that.

  3. Yes, I think the closing scene with Ben/Locke was very relevant, because I believe the same or atleast similar mechanism that allows Happy Potter Ben to recover/heal is also what allows Locke (and possibly Jack’s dad) to live again.

  4. LOVED the look on Ben’s face when he woke up and saw John. Total shock and maybe a little fear, I think.

    (Back in the Dharma days) I wonder if/how Alpert gives Ben back to the Dharma folks and how they explain the miracle recovery to his dad.

  5. Actually, I think Dharma would take Ben back very readily…he IS one of their own, so they can’t shun him. And they don’t know what type of ‘programming’ he went through on the outside…so it’s likely he’s the evil-Other Ben when he is brought back into the enclave. The one that results in the purge of Dharma.

  6. I thought it was so ironic when Locke said to the just conscious again Ben “Welcome to the land of the living!” We’ve just followed Locke in a coffin around LA and now back on the island, he’s living again. Also, we’ve last seen Ben beat up and bloody getting on the Ajira flight, whacked with a paddle by Sun at the dock, unconscious with other Ajira flight survivors, and, finally, and shot in the stomach by Sayid.

    Its anyone’s guess what “land of the living” means to a Ben who’s been through all this, plus the healing rites of Richard at the temple. He had to know that Locke would be revived on the island.

  7. I loved the episode—and I don’t even like Kate! I think the thing I got MOST out of it was another piece to the Richard puzzle. I like knowing that he doesn’t answer to the “leaders” of The Others. But who DOES he answer to?

  8. But here’s the big reaction after the whole finally. Ok…that was nice with lots of warm fuzzies but….WHAT THE DUCE DID ANY OF THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THE ISLAND?!?!?! I though the point of the LOST was to explain this big mystery of what the island was and it’s significance in these people’s lives.
    It’s like we saw a finale to the flash-forward portion only. The purgatory could have existed with or without the events that happened on the island. How can I explain it…it’s like I watched a six-year version of “Devine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood” except with a random dancing alien in the background that no one acknowledges or explains. I guess they really just had no explanation for most of the hoo-ha that happened so they just chose to completely ignore it and focus on the characters and their relationships.

    And Sayid should have ended up with Nadia, dude! Nadia was his true love. He and Shannon lasted what…10 minutes before she croaked? Grrr…I remember saying at the beginning, please don’t let this end up in the lamest possible way…like they’re all dead or something. Sigh…

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