Season 8 – 24 – 1 am to 2 am

Previously on “24”, we found that: So far, Fahrad is good at hiding; Kevin and Nick are not good at hiding; Security guards should hide from Jack; Everyone is looking for where those darn fuel rods are hiding.

The following takes place between 1 am and 2 am:

1:00 am – Outside the UN, Kayla and Tarin rehash things we’ve heard on previous episodes. Tarin wants to escape the subplot he’s in, and he wants Kayla to go with him. She’s seriously considering doing it too, since it’s very unlikely she’ll get to meet Jack Bauer, and that’s who she really wanted to meet.

1:01 am – Ever since Cole shot Nick, he’s been trying to resuscitate Kevin, who died of a knife wound last week. Dana convinces him that after a week of trying, if Kevin isn’t coming back to life, he’s never coming back. She wants Cole to take off so she’ll take the blame, but he has a much better idea: They’ll detail the van and dump Nick and Kevin’s bodies in the handy swamp they just happened to be parked right next to! Cole thinks that not only is the only way out of this situation, but if someone happens to find the bodies, they’ll just think that Nick and Kevin are some kind of swamp creatures… which wouldn’t be far from the truth.

1:05 am – Hastings is on the phone with Mrs. President to let her know that Fahrad told them all about the plot about letting off the dirty bomb somewhere in New York City. She asks, “Why would they do this?” Hastings knows the answer is “to impress girls”, but tells her that the bad guys feel they’ve been backed into a corner. Hastings tells her that Fahrad has agreed to help CTU to prevent the attack, most likely as a speed bump when they find him, kill him, and try and drive over his body. Jack has agreed to go get Fahrad, or whatever is left of him. Hastings says that CTU has discovered that these bad guys are part of an organization called the “IRK”, which, since all the other three-letter acronyms are taken, is the name they’re stuck with. It also happens to be the noise that people make when Jack punches people in the face, so it’s a good omen. Mrs. President wants to have a meeting with Hasan, because she thinks that actual work gets done in meetings.

After she leaves, Hastings tells Rob that they’re not going to go after Renee, and hangs up on him, which is the first really good thing Hastings has done all day. Even Rob can’t believe it, and he slaps a wall just to show how upset he is.

1:07 am – On his way to Fahrad, Jack has a meeting in back of one of the CTU vans. And, just like in every other meeting, there’s some guy on a laptop playing Tetris, and not paying attention. Jack says something to him, and the guy recovers enough to realize what Jack asks, and agrees to get some information downloaded – because we all know that without downloaded information, well, where would we really be, after all?

The kid next to Jack, who looks like he’s personal friends with Dora The Explorer, gets a phone call from Fahrad through CTU. Fahrad has been waiting all week for Jack to show up and tells him that “someone is here and they’re close”. Just the strategy you want to use when someone is close by and wants to kill you: Make a phone call, and talk.

1:08 am – Hasan meets with Mrs. President, who tells him that Fahrad has surrendered. She rehashes everything we already know about to fill a little time. She tells Hasan that she needs information on every asset (which is Government Talk for “spy”) that he has in the United States so Fahrad can identify them. She tells him that if a bomb goes off here, then, and I quote, “neener neener” she’ll bomb his fictional country. He agrees to give her the files.

1:10 am – While Tarin is being transported, his friend tells him “I’m just following orders”, which is the only cliché he could think of. Tarin finds the key that’s equipped in every back seat of generic four-wheeler vehicles. He picks the lock on his handcuffs and gets the driver to pull over right next to a bus stop. He gets them out of the car and they argue a bit about how bad its going to be for each of them. They handcuff themselves as Hasan calls one of Tarin’s escorts. Tarin wants to get them in the back in the car. Now, the best thing about this is that they’re doing this in the middle of downtown New York, so no one is the least bit suspicious of what they’re doing.

Hasan, unable to get them on the phone, realizes they might have a red map instead of a blue map, and tells an assistant to keep trying to get a hold of them, and to get CTU the files they requested.

After he gets the guys into the back of the van, Tarin calls Kayla, tells her that it worked, and he’ll meet her soon.


1:17 am – Fahrad is on the phone with Hastings now, making yet MORE noise. Hastings urges him not to go anywhere, and in the grand tradition of “24”, he ignores this advice. Fahrad takes three steps, is awarded the lead medal for the Bungled Escape Attempts event, and falls down. The judges give him a score of 2.4.

At that moment, Jack arrives with his CTU team of SWAT guys. The SWAT guys immediately find Fahrad. Jack makes a call to CTU to get Fahrad some medical help.

Meanwhile the guy who shot Fahrad calls Samir, the lead bad guy right now, in Samir’s favorite restaurant, Denny’s. Samir is assured that Fahrad is no problem anymore, except for the police (CTU), who might save him.

1:19 am – Fahrad’s in deep trouble, but they’re going to try and stabilize him enough to get some information. After he’s given them the information, he can die and leave the show.

Some anonymous CTU SWAT guys search a warehouse for remaining bad guys or any spare fuel rods that might be laying around but don’t find any.

Fahrad is dying but agrees to look at some photos that Jack is getting from CTU. Fahrad’s condition worsens and Jack, not having any medical expertise, thinks that yelling will help. It doesn’t . In fact, all that happens is the medic that is working on Fahrad yells back at Jack… one of the few people that has done so and lived to tell the tale. At least so far. Jack lets the medic get on with his work.

1:20 am – Rob, who is at the UN with Mrs. President still, is completely freaking out about what happened with Hastings, but has time to give a Cisco-branded Telepresence conference, which is not a product endorsement at all, unless it is.

On the Cisco-branded Telepresence device, Mrs. President is briefed by someone about the potential bomb. He likes to give geometric hand gestures as he talks, first a circle to represent 300 pounds, and then a small square which represents a 1 mile area. He tells her that he has to use small geometric hand gestures because if they were actual size, he’d have to run a pretty long way, and they’re all in a hurry.

He also tells her that if the bomb goes off in a densely populated section of New York, rows and rows of people icons aren’t going to exist any more, so it’s a pretty serious situation. Besides that, people will die of radiation poisoning, the area will become uninhabitable for forty years, and other bad things. In other words, the east coast would get to experience the exact same thing as California, when Jack watched a nuclear explosion last season. Mrs. President looks like she can’t believe it actually might happen AGAIN on her watch, and is thinking of ways to explain how this is not her fault.

They say that a city wide evacuation is out of the question, since alerting people to the situation would cause a panic. It might also eliminate the possibility of getting rid of the production of “CATS” once and for all, which is something they hoped would be a nice side effect of the bomb going off.

They decide to keep this from the public because it would cause mass panic. So, instead, they decide to tell all the UN delegates so they can evacuate the building, and cause mass panic when everyone else in New York sees that the UN is being evacuated.

1:22 am – Hasan’s men find the van that Tamir escaped, and they’re baffled how it happened. The guy did hear Kayla talking to Tamir on the phone. Hasan commends him for having such excellent hearing, what with being able to hear all that while locked in a van and all.

1:23 am – Hasan calls Kayla, but since she has caller id, she doesn’t answer. Instead, she meets with Tamir in a hotel room. Tamir has contacted an American lawyer.

1:24 am – The medic tells Jack that Fahrad is dead. Jack decides to use Fahrad as bait. At first Hastings is hesitant, since fishing is frowned upon in New York, but then he realizes Jack wants to pretend Fahrad is alive to draw out the terrorists.


1:29 am – Dana and Cole are still working on wrapping up Nick and Kevin’s bodies, sinking them to the bottom of the swamp. Cole seems amazingly adept at this, considering this is supposedly his first time doing it. Dana thinks this would be a great time to discuss their relationship, but Cole doesn’t want to talk about it.

1:30 am – On a fake news channel, Samir finds out that Fahrad is alive, even though we all know he really isn’t. The guy who shot Fahrad can’t believe it. He tells Samir he shot him TWICE. (To put that into prospective, this is equivalent to shooting Jack 437 times). Samir decides to send Marcos, since his mother is American and they’d never suspect him. Apparently Samir has heard somewhere that every background check includes a check on what nationality your mother is. He says that Marcos is in the van, right next to the nuclear rods, so they better get to him fast before he mutates or gets superpowers.

1:32 am – In the van, Marcos calls his mother, and tells her to leave to go to “Aunt Shelly’s”. His mother doesn’t want to go at first, but is finally convinced. Samir enters the van and tells Marcos that “it’s time”. Marcos says, “To dance?” Samir appears to imply it’s time to go.

1:34 am – Jack instructs some guys getting Fahrad into an ambulance to make him look like he’s alive. One guy wants to turn Fahrad into a marionette, but Jack says they don’t have enough string, so they’ll have to improvise.

Hastings calls Jack to let him know that they’ve set everything into motion. Jack thinks that the terrorists are going to try to ambush the convoy on the way to the hospital. Hastings has CTU units in beds on the route. Maybe embedded on the route. Maybe both.

Remember that new CTU SWAT guy, Owen, that Jack spotted a while ago? He’s back, and he’s still nervous. Not a good sign for Owen. Jack assures him that with a three or four year contract, there’s no way he’s going to die on the show any time soon, not realizing that not everyone on the show has the same contract he does.

Jack climbs into the ambulance, and we’ve got ourselves a convoy, minus CW McCall.


1:39 am – Back at the UN, Rob tells Mrs. President that everything is set for the evacuation. She apologizes for making his job “challenging”, even though he’s been on the job since the beginning of the season.

Hasan arrives to tell Mrs. President that he’s not leaving with everyone else, because his daughter is missing, and so is his former head of security. This former head of security will have less security for his head if Hasan finds him.

1:40 am – The ambulance arrives at the hospital, pretty much to everyone’s surprise, since they expected an ambush. They’ve decided to move the ambush inside instead. Chloe uses some cool software to not find anyone they’re looking for, but it looks cool all the same.

Marcos drives up in a car and checks out the cool new vest that Samir gave him. Marcos looks perplexed as to why the vest has all those little blocks of clay on it, and all those wires. He decides to go into the hospital, since it has better lighting and he can get a good look at it there.

1:44 am – Renee calls Jack to see how he’s doing, and to rehash yet more of the plot, which they do for a short time. Jack tells her that he wants to be with her when they’re done, and tells her to meet him at his apartment.

1:45 am – Chloe’s software finally works! They found Marcos, and know where he is… he’s headed for – surprise! – Owen! Jack lets Owen know what’s going on, tells him that Chloe has mad leet skillz when it comes to remote disabling of explosive vests, and not to worry. Owen looks worried.

1:46 am – Marcos asks for Owen’s weapon, which he hands over. Marcos wants to go visit Fahrad, which must take a while because we’re going to commercial.


1:51 am – Dahlia’s on a plane when she receives a phone call from Hasan, who lets her know that Kayla is missing. He tells her that Fahrad is dead, and that she needs to call Kayla to get her back and safe as soon as possible. Dahlia asks one of her assistants to go get the captain, who will likely tell her that despite all the movies she’s seen, he’s not going to be capable of landing a plane on a busy New York street, even if it is to pick up her daughter at some hotel.

1:52 am – Inside the hospital, and for the last six minutes, Owen is STILL escorting Marcos around. This must be one heck of a big hospital. It’s also possible that Owen is using one of his special detour techniques he learned while he was a cab driver. In any event, they’re headed to Fahrad’s room. Marcos looks completely inconspicuous, except for the really, really lumpy blue coat he’s wearing. Oh, and that detonator he’s holding in plain sight. They finally reach an elevator, and take it.

Meanwhile, Chloe, whiz that she is, has been able to identify the detonator, but without a REALLY good look at it, she’s not going to be able to disarm it. Jack tells Owen (through an earpiece that Owen is wearing) that he has to get Marcos under a surveillance camera so they can get a good look at it. In fact, if he could get him to hold the detonator right up to the camera, really close, that would be even better.

1:54 am – Owen stops Marcos in the hallway, and tells him that he doesn’t believe that he has a bomb. He finally reveals it, and Chloe gets a good look at it. She runs it through a database that matches by scrolling through pictures, which takes a lot more time than it should. She then tells ARLO (of all people) the frequency to send to the mobile communications unit to disable the bomb. He says it’s going to take a few seconds.

They reach the room, Marcos pushes Owen floor! Marcos hits the detonator button and….nothing. A couple more clicks. Nothing! Owen gets up but Marcos pushes him to the floor, pulls out a gun and shoots Fahrad! He pumps about six shots into Fahrad and yet, the heart monitor is still going! Marcos can NOT believe his luck! First, they give him a bad detonator, and THEN they send him in to kill someone that can’t be killed by bullets. Marcos is having a super bad day.

Jack bursts into the room, and Marcos shoots once more, misses and runs out of bullets. Jack puts his gun away and tells Marcos that all he wants to do is talk to him. Marcos decides it would be a good time for a gravity experiment and jumps out the window!

Even doing THAT the vest doesn’t go off. It doesn’t even kill Marcos. He’s going to have one embarrassing story to tell if he ever sees the rest of those terrorists. He gets up and runs away. Jack jumps down after him.

Marcos, realizing that he’s badly hurt and that he’s already at a hospital, goes back into the building. Marcos happens to find a decompression chamber to lock himself into, and Jack can’t break into it.

Marcos calls Samir and tells him that Fahrad is dead. Again. But not really again, because he was dead before. He also tells Samir that he “got away”, which is a new definition of the word that includes being trapped in a decompression chamber. Samir tells him that he can help Marcos set the bomb off manually. Jack tells Marcos he just wants to talk. Marcos REALLY doesn’t want to talk to Jack, and smashes the video screen and microphone on the inside. They lose contact.

2:00 am – TIME’S UP!



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  1. “the best thing about this is that they’re doing this in the middle of downtown New York, so no one is the least bit suspicious of what they’re doing”


  2. Seriously, the second next best thing after watching 24 is to read your recap of it 😉

  3. I’m Jack, but not THE Jack.

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  4. Who is the guy in the cisco televised conference? I have been unable to find out the actor’s name.

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