LOST – Sundown


A few thoughts, observations and questions about tonight’s LOST episode – Sundown

Jack was in the hospital when Sayid saw Nadia.

The only reason I can think of that Jin would have been in that chill chest at is that he went to deliver a message to Keamy.

Why on earth did Kate leave with Claire, Sayid and Locke, especially after seeing everything she did in that courtyard?

So, we find out that Sayid was dead for TWO HOURS, which is much longer than I thought.

It sure seemed that Dogen knew that Sayid was going to kill him, even before he did. He seemed resigned to his fate.

Where they heck are Jin and Sawyer right now?

In thinking about this over the past week and after seeing what we saw tonight, it seems as though they’re setting up Jack and Hurley to be the new head honchos on the island. Jack as the new leader of the remaining “Others”, and Hurley as a Jacob replacement.

Yeah, I know, I know…Hurley? Really? Well, Jacob has been hanging out with Hurley a LOT. Everyone else that’s left seems to be a lot more reactionary than Hurley too, so that’s in his favor.

I’m really beginning to believe that once they find a way to kill The Man in Black (MiB) in the form of John Locke, someone is going to have to take over that role, whether they like it or not. If MiB is telling the truth, that he was a man at some point in the past, something caused him to turn him that way. If they “kill” Locke (whatever that means at this point), someone might have to take over.

A couple of things about last week’s episode.

The person coming to the island is very likely to be Widmore.

Linus and Friendly were names that were scratched off on the wheel.

Claire confirmed that Smokey showed up as Jack’s Dad to her. That means that Jack’s dad himself and Smokey may be been appearing in the same guise all this time.

That’s it for now.

What did you think?

2 thoughts on “LOST – Sundown”

  1. In the replay of The Lighthouse ep before this, they said in the hints at the bottom of the screen that Locke was the smoke monster…not the MiB. More specifically, when he appeared at Claire’s tent, the hint said something to the effect of “This is the Smoke Monster in the form of Locke”.

  2. I disagree, I thought Claire mentioned “my father” and “my frined” as two separate entities.

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