LOST Theories – What Is Desmond Up To?

Well, now nearly all the theories I wrote about in my last posting went completely out the window, and last night’s episode, “What They Died For” gave us a new clean slate to work from.

It appears that in the sideways world, Hurley knows all about the “real” world now. He recognized Ana Lucia immediately upon seeing her, and is now teamed up with Desmond. Hurley and Sayid are headed off to …well, who knows where. The airport and then to the Island? But that’s underwater, or at least most of it is in the sideways world.

Desmond and Kate are headed off to a concert, likely the same concert as Jack and his son (and probably Claire) are going to be at.

Desmond’s been on a campaign to get all the island folks (even Ana Lucia, he told Hurley “She’s not ready yet) together to realize there’s something going on with the parallel life they had before. Could that only be to make sure they knew the lives they had now were different than what they had before? Could be, but it seems like a lot of work just to make a bunch of people realize they had “other” (no pun intended) lives before.

I mean, what’s he going to do, get everyone together and say “Tada! Look at each other! You know everyone here! You had some really crazy experiences together!”. That seems pretty odd.

He’s up to something else – Could it be that he’s figured out a way to help Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and the rest of the people on the island? Does this tie into Mrs. Hawking’s warning to him? Of what he’s doing being a “violation”?

Any thoughts about what Desmond is doing in the sideways world?

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  1. We know they got the actress who played Shannon to come back for the final episode, so Hurley is likely taking Sayid to her since he had the strongest emotional connection to her.

    The concert is probably Driveshaft’s concert.

  2. Well, if MiB is to be taken at his word, and Desmond is a ‘fail-safe’, what’s to say that the fail-safe can’t be operating in the sideways time-line rather than in the original time-line? I think that’s the fail-safe, and MiB doesn’t realize it.

    I’ve had a long standing theory that Jack was going to operate on Locke in the sideways time-line and something was going to happen there…and that looks like it’s going to happen. Can’t wait!

  3. Ha! I hadn’t seen that. This is what I just wrote:

    Broken people as candidates to protect the island against the monster. Their reward? Their lives get fixed. #lost140

  4. To Andy..

    Having Sayid meet up with Shannon would be a continuity error since Shannon wasn’t in the season 6, episode 1. Boone said on the plane that she didn’t need help and stayed in Sydney.

  5. In the end, they all gather around a campfire at the beach and Sir Paul Macartney shows up with the LA Philarmonic, conducted by Mike Giacchino, and does a rendition of “All You Need is Love.”

    Seriously though, I believe the point of getting everyone together is to change the collective consciousness of the group and this is likely to lead to their making a choice — whatever Des is about to do might throw him back and forth over the realities, perhaps he needs all the Oceanic 815 survivors to act as constants to keep him grounded.

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