LOST – My Theories of The End

Well, just 3.5 hours to left, and then LOST is done.

I thought now would be a good time to put down some theories about how things are going to end. Here are a few guesses, and my percentages for how true I think they are.

Kate, Richard and Sawyer are going to die. 90% probability

Widmore wants to get Desmond to retrieve the source of the power of the island, which only he can do, since he’s magnetism-proof and would be able to withstand the forces that ripped The Man in Black apart. Widmore thinks he has a way of containing it, but is going to end up with the same fate as the Man in Black. – 90 % probability

Someone (probably Hurley) is going to throw Jacob’s ashes into the smoke monster, killing it. Note that when I say “Jacob’s ashes”, I mean the ashes of Jacob’s body that Illana collected from the pit where Jacob’s body burned. These are the same ashes that Hurley found amongst Illana belongings, after she blew up. – 70% probability

Ben will volunteer to be the new guardian of The Island, instead of Jack taking over. 60% probability

Jack will leave the island using the wheel that Ben did to get off the island. – 50% probability

Jack’s going to end up being transported back in time, and will end up being Ray Shepard, his own “grandfather”. – 30% probability. (I’ve always liked this theory).

What do YOU think is going to happen?

14 thoughts on “LOST – My Theories of The End”

  1. Coming back to ‘Across the Sea’ for the moment, I can’t help but also find the connection to the French song ‘La Mer’ that Shannon sang/translated in ‘Whatever the Case May Be’ to be also partly related to the MiB. 🙂 (Poor grammar, yes, admit I.)

  2. I think the island is a spaceship which landed on earth. Smokey is NOT Jacob’s brother. It was an entity trapped in the island/ship. Jacob’s brother being thrown in set it free. Someone has to take “it” back into the energy source which will free all the trapped souls.

  3. So, what are you going to do after Lost is over and done? Are you going to take up Flash Forward? If you have already answered this previously then let me know and I’ll go back to my corner.

    1. After LOST? More blogging about TV. And probably at least a few posts trying to figure out what the heck happened in the LOST finale. 🙂

  4. No, not my Sawyer!!! (Take it back, Steve!)

    I do believe that Ben will remain in the island and that whatever Widmore intends will inevitably fail. Mom thinks Penny is going to come in and kill everyone who gets in her way.

    As for the final showdown between Jacob and MIB, I wonder if the remainder folks on the island make the choice not to fight their battle. (A big “Screw you both!”)

    Of course, I also keep thinking this is all a stranded Goa’uld…

  5. …and in that new 7th season, Ben Linus becomes Kenny from South Park and he gets killed every episode. Plus they inherit the ghost of Hervé Villechaize. Oh yeah,***spoiler alert!***

  6. So those ashes, they must be in some amazing bag, because we saw Hurley swimming in the ocean with it after the sub goes down…

  7. I’m not convinced about the ashes. They haven’t played their importance up as much as the dagger. The dagger has rules associated with it. I think that’s what we’re going to see used.

  8. My take is that there will continue to be the 2-sided conflict black/white … good/evil … Jacob/MIB …. so there will be 2 candidates to continue the balance …. they will be …. Jack (on the light side) and Sawyer (on the dark side). They were set up by being shown the cave (Sawyer) and the lighthouse (Jack). And face it, those two have always had their hackles up with each other. Then they can each start building their coalitions … just like the history has been on the island.

    After Lost … I dunno, I heard Flash Forward was about to be cancelled. With 24 gone too, there’s a pretty big gap in the DVR to be filled by I-don’t-know-what-yet.

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