Why We Side With the Writers During the Writer’s Strike

Writer’s Strike
Variety is reporting that a study shows that public is siding with the writers during the writer’s strike.

Part of that is that it’s the beginning of the strike, and nothing except the late night shows (and fake news programs) have been hit by it. Those shows are in reruns, and pretty soon, all those shiny new shows the public has been watching since late August will start drying up. What will the public’s reaction been after a couple of months of “no more new episodes”?

I hope the public sticks with the writers throughout the whole strike. If you look at the small amount of money they’re asking for per DVD (they want 8 cents per DVD, up from their current share which is 4 cents), and they want to be paid for streaming video shown over the Internet. (There are more similar demands, but I won’t get into that here).

Writers got rotten deal back in the days when VHS and cable were new. Hollywood has a bad record of how it treats writers period. Sure, the writer gets paid, but once that script is written, particularly for movies, that’s it. The writer is out of the loop and the bottom of the food chain. Directors and actors come in, change things around, and get all the credit when the movie comes out and it’s a big hit. The writer might get some credit, but usually the original script has very little to do with what ends up getting shot. The writer rarely gets credit for the movie.

Think about that a minute. Think of the last couple of movies you enjoyed. Do you know who wrote them?

In television, I imagine it’s similar, although you can see that some writers (on “LOST” for example) do have a greater influence on what happens on the show. Lost is a special case, since there’s a lot going on that even the actors don’t know about.

Anyway, I’ve never liked the way Hollywood has treated writers. Without the writers, there would be no stories to tell, and it’s time that the studio execs face up to the fact that writers need to be treated a lot better than they are.

Original Star Trek Series on the Big Screen!

Mark your calendars for November 13! Almost 300 theaters will will be showing Star Trek’s “The Menagerie” parts 1 and 2 in digitally remastered High-Def and Cinema Surround Sound, an intro from Gene Roddenberry son, and a behind-the scenes look at how the footage was remastered!

About a week later, they’ll release the high definition DVD of the first season of Star Trek The Original Series!

Thanks to Andy for pointing out this article at Ain’t It Cool News.

Blade Runner – The Final Cut

Warner Brothers has announced Blade Runner – The Final Cut, a disc of an “all new” version of the film, a disc of “Dangerous Days – The Making of Blade Runner”, a disc of the 1982 theatrical version, the 1982 international version, and the 1992 “director’s cut”, a disc of 90 minutes of deleted footage, featurettes, and movie trailers, a disc of the “workprint version” containing a different opening, no Deckard narration (until the final scenes), altered lines between Batty and Tyrell, and more!

Plus it comes in a pretty cool looking metal briefcase!

As of this writing Amazon has it for sale for 30% off the list price. The release date is December 18th, just in time for Christmas.

That is definitely going on my Christmas wish list.

You can also see the Blade Runner: The Final Cut website.

Matt Damon vs. James Bond

Here’s a shocker:

Hollywood star Matt Damon has dismissed James Bond as being stuck in the past.

The actor, who appears in the Bourne thrillers, said: “The Bond character will always be anchored in the 1960s and in the values of the 1960s.”

He goes on to say that Jason Bourne, the character he played in the Bourne movies “doesn’t have the support of gadgets, and he feels guilty for what he’s done.”

To that I have to say…. DUH!  

Exactly what is he criticizing here?  We have two completely different kinds of characters:   Bond is sent on missions (usually) and takes care of some over the top bad guy saving the world doing it.   Jason Bourne is on a mission to find out what the heck someone did to him, trying to get revenge for what those people did, and to shut them down.

Let’s face it here:   James Bond movies are SUPPOSED to be over-the-top fantasies.   Nothing Jason Bourne could do in a movie would remotely involve the things Bond does:  The Women, The Gadgets, The Villians, The Plans To Take Over The World.   Jason Bourne is SUPPOSED to be a guilt-ridden ex-spy with vengeance on the brain.

I’m not sure what he’s saying here.   Is he actually trying to say that Bourne is better than Bond because Bourne feels guilty?

This is like saying Star Wars was a bad movie because Battlestar Galactica has characters that feel bad about what they’ve done.

Dumbledore and Sirius as Ghosts?

There are just a few days before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is released, and I’ve been thinking… Have we seen the last of Dumbledore and Sirius?

I would say that in Dumbledore’s case, we almost certainly haven’t. He does have a picture in his office after all. We’re sure to hear some advice from that. We might even see more of him in a different context if Alberforth turns out to be as important to the last book as we think.

….You don’t think that Dumbledore and Alberforth switched places at the end….nah…

Anyway, many people think thought Sirius might be back. For a long time I thought that when he “died” it probably didn’t really die. I was sad to see that I was wrong about that, when JK Rowling stated Sirius was indeed dead. I really liked that character.

But does that mean we won’t see Sirius or Dumbledore (outside his frame, I mean) again?

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see one or both of them show up as ghosts in the final book. Whether that will be a ghost ala “Nearly Headless Nick” or a ghost as appeared out of Voldemort’s wand (yes, I know it wasn’t Voldemort that killed him… I meant a ghostly form in that same sense).

Any thoughts on whether we’ll see either of them?