Breaking Bad: Thoughts Ahead of “To’hajiilee”

Spoilers Ahead

So, Jesse’s going after Walt to get Walt where it hurts the most. That must mean his family.

Who does Jesse have that he could possibly go to, to do that? No idea. Unless it’s Uncle Jack and Todd. I don’t think he’d go after Walt himself.

We haven’t seen Lydia, but I still bet that she’s not long for this world, since she hasn’t been delivering the quality of “product” that her buyers want. That’s not going to end well for her, I’d wager, and probably soon.

Question is, who’s Walt gunning for? And by that, I mean, why did Walt buy that gun, and why did he get that poison he had hidden in his house? Is that for a showdown with Jesse at the end? Is Walt going to sacrifice himself, to make sure that no one goes after his family, who are presumably safe and in hiding in New Hampshire?

Guesses, guesses, guesses. Who knows? About an hour until the next episode, “To’hajiilee”. That’s a reference to Tohajiilee Indian Reservation, part of the Navajo Nation.

Breaking Bad: Confessions

Spoilers ahead!

Another good episode! I couldn’t believe that Walt thought to frame Hank. I kept waiting for Walt to finish, but he kept going and going and going! Hank is really sunk, at least at this point.

Did anyone else think the server at the restaurant was reminiscent of the server in “Office Space”? For a while, I thought it was the same guy.

The next episode is entitled “Rabid Dog”. What do people do with rabid dogs? Put them down. I hope that doesn’t mean Jessie.

My other concern at this point is for Saul… I bet the “vacuum guy” still wants his $125k, and he’ll come looking for Saul for it. I hope Saul ends up surviving, but he’s really in deep trouble now.

And who the heck is Hank following? Is he the one that keeps Jesse from burning down the house?

Guess we’ll see next week.

Breaking Bad: Guesses Before “Confession” Airs

Spoilers Ahead!

Here’s where things are:

Jesse is in the interrogation room and Hank just walked in. Marie is completely freaked out that Skyler is covering for Walt, and may be involved with what Hank thinks Walt is up to.

Lydia has taken things into her own hands, and Uncle Jack and his crew kill the Declan and his crew.

So, what’s next? Here are some guesses:

Lydia had those guys killed because they couldn’t achieve the quality that Walt was capable of. I seriously doubt that Todd will be able to do that with Uncle Jack and his crew. What’s the next step there? When they realize they can’t do it, they’re going to come after Walt. Probably even threatening his family, which is the single thing that Walt has saying he’s been trying to protect and provide for this whole time. It could even be that the people that Lydia is supplying will instigate something like that. Either way, someone’s coming for Walt.

Now, we know from the flash-forwards that have been airing that Walt has traveled from New Hampshire. Why would they do that? It’s possible that the entire family has gone into the witness protection program, when Walt realizes that they only real way to protect his family will be in the hands of the feds. It’s just as likely that Walt and Family are taking some of the money and getting the heck out of town. I think that’s the more likely scenario.

Also in the flash forwards, we’re seeing that Walt is gearing up for something big. I think he realizes that even in hiding, always looking over his shoulder, eventually he and his family will be found. And, if his family is really in trouble like this, the only thing he can do is “take care of the problem” himself. With his family safe in New Hampshire, he’s traveling back to get rid of the people that are after his family once and for all.

Would Walt go out in a blaze of gun fire? Unlikely. He’s a very smart guy, and he’ll end up doing that won’t be a full out assault. He knows he could never win as one guy against many. Plus he has to end this for good, so his family is safe. What does he have so far? A BIG gun, and ricin.

What’s he going to do with the ricin? A poison like that mixed with all the chemicals in Lydia’s lab would create toxin “product”. That going out to Lydia’s buyers would end everything pretty shortly there after.

Breaking Bad airs tonight, and we’ll see how very off base I am about all this!

Breaking Bad – Blood Money


Spoilers ahead
Ha! So, it looks like my prediction about what Walt’s up to is wrong. He didn’t plant the book. He might be able to convince everyone else of his innocence, but not with Hank. The last line of the episode, when Walt said “Tread lightly”… Ha! I don’t think Hank ever expected that. It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here, because you can be sure that Walter isn’t going to sit back and watch things happen.

So, what’s next? Jesse is going a little crazy right now, and it sure looks like he’s not being careful at all – enough so that he will likely be caught by the police, or robbed by people who realize he has a lot of money. In fact, they’ll probably try and rob him after he gives it all away, and he’ll have the hell knocked out of him.

I think the thing Walter doesn’t realize is going to come to a head really quickly are the people that Lydia is dealing with. Her concern about the “68%” purity likely isn’t just coming from her, because, I mean, what does she know about it? It’s likely that she’s hearing that from the people she’s supplying. That being the case, if they don’t get what they want, they’re going to come after people. Lydia and Todd first, and then they’re going to come after Walter and his family.

…but who knows. The thing I love about this show is that every time I think I know where they’re going with a plot line, I’m surprised. It’s fun to speculate, but even more fun to be surprised.

Breaking Bad Begins Again August 11


The last eight episodes of Breaking Bad begin on August 11th.

Spoilers from last season ahead

The only way I think Walter can get out of this would be to frame himself. He would declare his innocence and act surprised that no one believed him, and then turn around and frame Lydia and the Czech cartel.

First step? Plant the book for Hank to find so the whole thing could start rolling. Why do I think that? Two reasons: First, we’ve seen him go through elaborate measures to manipulate people. Think the flower poisoning with that kid and giving Jesse an alibi. Second, with as careful as Walt has been all this time, would he really leave Gale’s book in his bathroom? No way. I just don’t see it.

I have a suspicion that he’ll end up having to fake his own death by the end though. The people he’s dealing with aren’t just going to stop if they find out who he is. It would be only good way to save his family. After the faked death, all the “evidence” would point to Walt being “innocent” the whole time.

I’d like to think the show will end with Walt having outsmarted them all, saving his family which is what he wanted to do in the first place.

Can’t wait for the last eight episodes to start!

Breaking Bad Season 5 Finale – “Gliding Over All”

Spoilers Ahead! Don’t read further, if you haven’t seen the 2012 Season Finale of Breaking Bad, “Gliding Over All”

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these “theory” posts about a show. After watching the season finale of Breaking Bad, “Gliding Over All”, I decided to write what I thought about it, and where I think things might be heading.

First off, how great was that scene where Skyler saw Walt staring at that blue water in the swimming pool, mirroring Walt looking at all that blue meth all the time?


Seems like there is always some kind of huge explosion in the finales. Planes crashing, rooms getting blow up… and now, a figurative “blow up” – Hank seeming to figure out that Walt might be “Heisenberg”. I say seemingly, because while Hank might think that, he can’t come right out and do anything about it, because he still has to prove it.

Now, from watching all the episodes so far, we know that Walter is really, really smart, and has previously set things into motion to make sure that all the parts move the way he wants. Walt set up the kid in last year’s episodes to get poisoned, knowing that he’d keep Jesse completely out of the picture while he dealt with Fring.

Knowing that, I have to think about what Walt was planning, when he said he was “out”. What did Jesse and Mike have to do? Jesse could just walk away (more on this later). Mike had the DEA following him, so he had to make sure that his guys were paid off, and have a “go bag” ready in case he had to leave. A lot more complicated than what Jesse had to do. What about Walt?

Walt has a LOT more to deal with, and really just can’t walk away. He’ll have to deal with the guy who was was distributing for him, and who wouldn’t be too happy if he quit. He’ll have to deal with Lydia and Todd, who both know his identity. There is Todd’s uncle and his “friends” who would go looking for Walt if anything bad happens to Todd. And there’s the crew with the fumigation company. And there’s Saul too.

The Mexican cartel that is probably still very upset about The Cousins being killed, and I’m sure they’d love to get their revenge too. I’d also imagine that the Cech Republic cartel that Lydia has been supplying might want to know what’s up when the supply dries up.

Walt’s a smart guy. He knows he can’t just walk away like that. He has to realize that he has do something to make sure he is safe from all these people, in case one of them turns against him. But what can he do? He can’t really hire more people, because he would want to eliminate witnesses, not create more.

So, who can he get to do that for him? The only group of people I can think of would be the Hank and his people at the DEA.

That’s the reason I suspect that Walt planted that book in the bathroom, knowing there was a possibility of Hank finding it. Walt can’t come right out and ask the DEA for help without having it all blow up in his face (sorry, Gus, I had to say that).

The best thing Walt has going for him right now is that it would be hard for anyone on the outside to believe that Walt is “Heisenberg”, a major criminal mastermind. Even with the book, Hank only has circumstantial evidence. He’d have to put surveillance on Walt. I think if Walt realized this, he would be able to create a lot of situations where the DEA found out about the other operators, but left him with some plausible deniability. There’s really no evidence in Walt’s house about what he’s been up to, other than the small dose of poison that he keeps behind the wall outlet. (And that’s one thing Jesse better never find out about, because he’ll make the link about what happened immediately).

So that’s the real question. Is Walter already one step ahead of Hank, or is he going to do a lot of fancy footwork to get out from what’s arguably the very toughest situation he is about to find himself in? Either way, I think Walt’s best hope of survival is the DEA, so we’ll see.

The final season, season 6, can’t come soon enough.

Catching Up

Happy New Year!

Haven’t been posting much, but I have been catching up on a couple of TV series that I’ve been meaning too watch. The latest that we’ve caught up on is Breaking Bad.

If you haven’t seen the show, here’s a brief description: A high school teacher named Walter White finds out that he has cancer, and probably a short time to live. After hearing from his DEA agent brother-in-law about the amount of money that people who make and deal in methamphetamine, and going out on a drug bust, he decides to make the drugs himself. He wants to do this so his family will have enough money to live on after he dies. He teams up with a former student, Jesse Pinkman, and they go into “business” together.

For some reason, this show is listed on Netflix as a comedy. Now, I think I have a pretty good sense of humor, and while the show does have some funny moments, I’d be really hard-pressed to call this a straight out comedy. In fact, it’s pretty brutal at times, and it’s not something to watch with young kids (language and adult themes).

It’s an interesting show. It’s amazing to see each characters transformation throughout the series. Pretty crazy, and more than a few things happen that will make your jaw drop. Despite everything these guys do, and what they making, you’re almost compelled to watch to see how (and if) they’ll get out of it.

By far my favorite season is season 4. I’m not going to drop any hints about what happens, but it’s not like anything I’ve seen. I’m usually pretty good at figuring out where plots are headed, but the season went off into directions I never expected.

I recommend watching it. You can see the first three seasons on Netflix (33 episodes) and purchase the fourth season online. Rumor has it there will be a fifth and final season where they promise to wrap things up in a satisfying way. Sure hope that doesn’t mean: 1) It was all a dream, 2) A quick fade to black, or 3) an alternate reality.

Have you been watching Breaking Bad? What do you think of it?