Hidden Lost Season 4 Easter Egg

A couple of video frames after Kate speaks in the Season 4 Sneak Peek Video, many images flash by. I freeze-framed the video, and saw the following two images. One has someone looking through a broken window, which I think is likely the shack which Ben brought Locke to. The next image was of Christian (Jack’s father) sitting in a chair. The chair looks like Jacob’s chair.

Lost Shack Window

Christian In Jacob’s Chair

What could this mean? Christian is Jacob?? No, I don’t think that’s likely. I think it’s a lot more probable that Jacob is manifesting himself as Christian.

As for who or what Jacob is, that remains to be seen.

More Disc 7 Easter Eggs

As you’ve noticed, I’m kind of doing these backwards (Bonus disc first, now disc 7), I’ll be posting all of these Easter Eggs on their own page.

Select Phase 1, on the new screen, at “Fire + Water”, press “left” twice, and the dot will turn blue and move to “Anatomy of an Episode”. Select that, and you’ll watch Dominic (Charlie) tell the snowman joke.

Select Phase 2, go to “Sneak Peeks”, press “left” twice, and the dot will go to the right of “Return”. Press “OK”, and you’ll see the video of “On the Beach with Evi”, Evangeline Lilly talks about preparing for LOST, how she spent her hiatus, what she thinks of her character Kate. why she thinks LOST is a hit, and what she wants to be doing 10 years from now.

Select Phase 3, go to “Secrets from the Hatch”, press “left” twice, and the dot will go to the right of the word “Hatch”. Press “OK”, and you’ll see a mural from the inside of the hatch, with a man standing in front of it. The only thing I’ve been able to do so far is select “OK”, which returns to the Phase 3 menu.