Lost nearly filmed in Australia

Just a couple more days until LOST starts, and everyone and their brother is publishing Lost articles. Here’s another.

Lost was nearly shot in Australia, but Hawaii won out because it was “only” a five hour flight to the US mainland for the actors.

Apparently it was a last minute decision to change, since they were all ready to go scout locations in Queensland, and even New Zealand.

Inside Bay Area – Get Lost: One polar bear away from solving TV’s biggest mystery

Throw out the theories that Walt is Psychic, that all the Lost characters are dead, and the “monster” isn’t a dinosaur, and you’re just left with more mysteries in LOST.

Susan Young has a great article on all the connections and unexplained mysteries of LOST that you should take a look at.

Season 2 recap and spoilers

The NY Post is running an article that briefly describes where LOST left things at the end of last season.

It also mentions two spoilers, so if you haven’t seen this yet, and don’t want to don’t read any further!

Mr. Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) will have a flashback in episode five.

Libby (Cindy Watros) will return in a Hurley flashback.

Boone (Ian Somerhalder) will be back in some way, helping out Locke.

Some people not too happy with LOST

Chuck Barney has an article on Contra Costa Times.com that is going to make a few Lost fanatics upset –
Take a hint: Characters — not symbols — make show.

While I agree with some of what he’s saying, I do have to point out that the show has been very popular to this point for the very things that he wants to change about the show: The mythology, puzzles, and the whole sense of “What the heck is going on here”.

Tinkering with something that’s working never ends up well. Let’s hope the show runners can keep a good balance, and not dump what’s made the show work.

Theories About Unanswered Questions From Season 2 of LOST

Associated Press has got an article on some of questions we might get answers to this season on LOST.

They ask the following questions in the article, explain why they’re asking the question, but don’t really answer them… Here are my answers


“The Others” are at least working under the premise that they’re part of the Dharma Initiative. From what we’ve seen so far, there’s nothing to lead us to believe that they’re not. I mean, why have all those labels on food out on an island where no one else can see them, right?

I think the better question here is What are The Others Doing. They seem obsessed with children. Why? What are they looking for? I think they’re looking to see if any of the children have immunities or some sort of genetic makeup that can help them with what they’re looking for.

Why all the disguises? Well, if you wanted to keep people out of the way so they wouldn’t come to your camp looking for food or shelter, what better way then making it look like you have no real means of your own?


Between Jack and Sawyer? I think that’s easy. She’ll go Sawyer. Why? From the writer’s perspective, it’s a lot more interesting to write about those two than Kate and Jack.

Personally though, I don’t think it’ll be either of them. I think it’ll be someone new…. Yes, one of The Others.


The AP story says that victims of Locke’s father handicapped Locke. I don’t buy that. It completely ignores the two thugs that were after Locke. Remember them? They were looking for the money too. Could they have been the ones that beat Locke so badly that he ended up in the chair? Yes, but I think that’s a bit obvious. Personally, I believe that Locke’s father had Locke beaten up because Locke just wouldn’t go away.


I think this one is a red herring. Jae Lee, whom everyone thinks could be the father because of his relationship with Sun, isn’t the father. Jin’s infertility was “fixed” by the island.


This the question of the summer. We know that they’ll all back, so we know they didn’t die. After Desmond turned the key, the massive release of magnetic energy reversed itself. Reversed itself? Sure — Think about it. If the magnetism intenstified, the hatch door would NOT have been high up in the air, and would not have fallen to the ground, nearly hitting Bernard, Claire and the baby. The key was supposed to destroy the hatch. How would you destroy that? By giving an opposite charge that’s stronger than the magnetic charge was to begin with.

Now, what this did to Locke, Eko and Desmond… That’s a really good question. The only think I think we know for sure is they’re going to have hearing problems for a while.


The last time we saw Michael and Walt, they were headed out to sea on bearing 325, per Henry Gale’s instructions. I don’t think they’ll make it anywhere, and that Walt will end up being lost at sea. The actor that plays Walt is growing up fast… too fast for the show’s timeline. It’s only been 60 days or so since the crash, and it’s going on three years of real-time. If we do see Michael again, he’ll be going after The Others and Henry Gale for the circumstances that lead to Walt’s death.


As I said previously, they’re looking for some genetic sequences. That means they’ll still be after the baby and after Sun once they discover she’s pregnant.


We don’t know for sure whether Libby was in the asylum when she saw Hurley before or after meeting Desmond. I’m guessing that it happened it happened before she met Desmond. So the timeline would be something like: Libby was married; her husband died in some way and it caused her to go into the mental institution; Hurley makes it out of the instiution, wins the lottery, and returns to find out what the numbers mean after bad things start happening — Libby sees Hurley.

Before she died, I swore up and down that she was working with Dharma, and I still believe that might be the case. I don’t have any evidence for this; it’s just a hunch.


This one is simple. Yes. That’s who Christian Shephard (Jack’s father) was trying to go see when he went back to Australia.


I sure hope so. The “Lost Experience” game over the summer was a pretty big let down; let’s hope that doesn’t creep into the show.

Article about the lead writers of LOST

USA Today is running an article that describes the relationship between LOST writers Carlton Cuse and David Lindelof. It describes how they first started working together, how Cuse is the “science” guy and Lindelof the “pop culture” guy, and the mini “Lost museum” Lindelof has in his office.

I was surprised to find out that Lindelof was so overwhelmed by the Lost project at first that he nearly quit three times! It’s a good thing he didn’t!

Charges against Mr. Eko actor dropped

Charges against Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje for driving without a driver’s license in Hawaii have been dropped after his lawyers were able to show the actor that plays Mr. Eko on LOST did have a valid license.

What is it with the Lost actors and driving? Reminds me of the Miami Vice cast and crew getting in driving trouble when they were still making that show.

Wonder if they can make it through a whole season without someone getting into trouble?