LOST – Dead is Dead

Spoilers ahead

First, looks like I was wrong on both counts. Doh! Ah, well…. such are theories.

The show just ended, and here are some random thoughts:

– After all this time of living with it, The Others don’t have a name for that monster. Even more interesting is where it seems to live – inside the basement of the temple. Sure looks like no one has been down there in some time.

– It was interesting to see Ben working Caesar to try and get Locke taken care of. Caesar sure didn’t last long either. That shotgun blast was quite a surprise.

– That warning that Ben gave Danielle – “If you want your child to live, every time you hear whispers, run the other way.” That seems weird. Why should she run, if The Others took Alex?

– I don’t believe for a second Ben’s “reason” for killing Locke – that Locke needed to die to get everyone back to the island.

– I think the name “Jacob” was invoked more times in this episode than in any other episode.

– Did you see Ben’s reaction to Christian being on the island? I think Ben knows Christian. Recall that we weren’t quite sure how Christian died. I think Ben might have killed him.

– The question “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” is going to be the question on everyone’s lips for the next… well, until we see what lies in the shadow of statue.

– Alex, or whatever looks like Alex, sure wanted to make sure that Ben followed Locke. I think we might have just seen the threat of what ends up getting Ben killed at the end of the series. And did you see the look on Ben’s face when she told him that he had to follow Locke? He sure was surprised about that.

I think there are four factions on the island in the present day: 1) The Others, 2) The crash survivors, 3) Locke, Sun and Ben, and 4) The spirits that keep coming around (like Alex).

Remember what Ben said to Sun about Locke? That he’d never seen anyone brought back from the dead by the island? If that’s true, I believe Ben knows those other people really are spirits.

Question is, what’s their agenda? They’re not part of The Others. Do they work for Jacob, as Christian suggested when he first met Locke?

I have a feeling that whatever they’re up to, it’s not good. As in, if they get their way, it’s going to be big trouble for the world.

What did you think of the episode?

LOST – “LaFleur” – Thoughts About Tonight’s Show

Spoilers ahead

Some thoughts on tonight’s episode of LOST – “LaFleur” –

  • Loved the statue, even if we just saw it from the back. From the arms, it looked like a female. It looked like it had a crown of some kind too. If she were accidently whipped WAY back in time, would they consider her a “god”, and build that statue? Could this be one of the LOST women? Kate, Juliet, Sun? Maybe they’ll build it after that person dies, as a monument.
  • New Dharma logos on the clothes – I saw a star, a wrench..
  • The guys in the observation station sure are scared of Sawyer – Did you see he was head of security?
  • Which version of Ben killed his Father?
  • Women on the island can have children. Is this because they conceive off the island, and then come back? Or has the reason they can’t have children in the present day not happened yet? My friend John suggested the reason women can’t have children may be because of the poison gas that was released to kill all of Dharma.
  • Why was Paul killed? Just because The Others found them at a picnic, or because they strayed out of the compound when they agreed not to? They’re certainly not primitives – they had walkie talkies.
  • Why did Amy insist on bringing Paul back? Just because he was her husband? Because she knew what they would do with his body? Or was it because she didn’t want to leave evidence that they were out of the compound?
  • The fence can be bypassed with ear plugs? Really??
  • Juliet delivers the baby…. Isn’t that going to be REALLY suspicious, since she apparently never admitted to being an obstetrician?
  • Jin can speak fluent English now
  • It was cool to see Charlotte as a small child
  • Richard Alpert – What does Juliet really know about that guy? Anything? She must not, because she probably would have told Sawyer by now.
  • Why is there a truce? Why didn’t The Others get rid of Dharma altogether?
  • LOVED how Sawyer talked to Alpert.
  • How is giving Paul’s body going to give The Others “justice”?
  • That sub going back and forth… If the island is moving all the time, how is the submarine finding them? Do they have to recalculate where the island is all the time, or is there a pattern?
  • Why didn’t Juliet leave after the two weeks? Was she really convinced by Sawyer that quickly?
  • Is Sawyer REALLY over Kate? I sure don’t think so.
  • Interesting that Paul’s necklace is an Egyptian symbol.
  • I really like the way they’re thought of letting us know more about The Dharma Initiative.

Really looking forward to the next episode! Looks like lots of action.