LOST Season 5 Sneak Peak Spoiler!

Spoilers ahead!

Here’s the website for three new videos from the producers of LOST:


Spoilers in video #3!

I’m sure you can guess who this is:

But who are these guys? Watch the video to video to find out!

Whoa! Lawyers coming to Kate’s door looking to verify her parenthood? After thinking it over, I’d have to say this is the work of Charles Widmore, because besides the Oceanic 6, there are no other people that really know that Aaron is not really Kate’s son. If it’s NOT Widmore… who else could it possibly be?

I was a little surprised Kate went out by the front door, because there’s no way someone’s NOT watching Kate’s house.

All in all, I think that sets up a REALLY good reason for Kate to get back to the island, if nothing else then to evade the people that are looking for her. One has to wonder whether the other Oceanic survivors will have similar encounters!