The Man From Tallahasee

SPOILERS AHEAD – Don’t read this if you haven’t see this episode of LOST yet!

All in all, a great episode. Way back in October, in a posting called Is This Why Locke Ended Up in a Wheelchair?, I wrote about my theory that it was Locke’s father that had John beaten so badly that he ended up in a wheelchair. That was pretty darn close but, as we found out tonight, Locke’s father didn’t have it done…. He did it himself! Pretty brutally too, and not the way I expected. I always imagined it was a bus for some reason, but since they already did that this season to a much different conclusion, I suppose I shouldn’t have kept thinking that. What ended up happening was more shocking, that’s for sure.

Now the second part of the theory is that it was Locke’s father that was the same con-man that Sawyer is looking for. We’ll see if that comes to pass.

They also addressed (but didn’t answer….of course….) the question of why Ben got sick in the first place, when the island has some healing properties, which I know is a question on a lot of people’s minds. It was good to see that the show acknowledged this.

Ben is obviously REALLY interested in John, I think more for finding out why Locke was cured than because of his father. Knowing the twists and turns this show takes, it’s entirely possible that The Others brought Locke’s father to the island only to manipulate Locke, and the whole “box” story is just a story.

Let’s say for a minute that there really is something that can grab things out of no where and bring them to the island. It’s almost certainly not a box, because … well, that would just be weird. What would it be? If that statue with the four toes is real, then maybe what they found is some sort of ancient temple, stadium, or something that focuses the island’s energy and makes things happen.

Or maybe it really is a box. It’d be a darned big box though.