LOST: Meet Kevin Johnson

Spoilers ahead!


It wasn’t until the end of the show that I remembered what the said in the previous episode “someone will die”.

And in true Lost fashion, Danielle and Carl both got shot, and we don’t know which of the two died. Maybe both. (And no offense, Carl, but I hope Danielle survives).

OK, thoughts on tonight’s show:

First of all, maybe it’s always this way, and I just never noticed it before, but there seemed to be a lot of commercials tonight. That flashing “The Mole” logo was annoying too. Guess it was meant to be an Easter Egg to get all
us Lost fans excited. Put on a good show. That gets people excited.

Ben and his lists. He wants a list of people on the boat, presumably for the same reason that he wanted a list of the people from the tail section: To pick out the “good” people. How does Ben expect to get them? The only
person I can think that fit in this category is Lapidus. I think Faraday likely also falls into this category. Not Charlotte or Miles though.

Tom told Michael that the island won’t let him kill himself. Why would Michael think that using a bomb was going to work? Ben and Tom both know that the island won’t let Michael kill himself, so I’d wager that when that thing goes
off, Michael won’t be near it. In fact, I’m going so far as to say that Michael will be the one that ends up saving the Oceanic 6.

Speaking of the Oceanic 6, since The Others had Michael followed, I think we can assume that Jack, Kate & Aaron, Hurley and Sun all have people watching them.

Anyway, back to Michael. I think the pool on “Who’s in the coffin” got bolstered by Michael’s sucidial tendencies. If the island has a purpose for him, and he can’t kill himself… how long does that last? Until Michael does what the island needs? What happens then?

People had always wondered whether Tom was gay or not, after what he said to Kate in the locker room at the beginning of Season 3. Guess that answers that.

It was good to see that Walt was OK… pretty upset, but alive.

The “Ben planted the fake plane” theory got thrown into the air again. I know I thought last week that I was vindicated in the theory that Ben really did plant the plane, but after seeing the pictures Tom had, I have to side with the “Widmore planted it” theory. Another reason I think this is because Frank (the helicopter pilot) thinks he’s on the boat because Widmore believes his theory. I think Frank is right, but very mistaken about what’s going on.

If you staged a plane crash, and you found out that someone knew that it had been faked, what better way to keep them quiet than get them on that boat? Frank thinks he’s there to help… he’s there to be kept shut up. I bet that the rest of the machine-gunning trap shooters on the boat were told to kill Frank after the “mission” was over.

Ben used the phrase “A killer without a greater purpose”. Pretty scary. I think he believes that he is in that kind of role, and is absolved of responsibility because of it.

Ben said Michael could “Consider yourself one of the good guys”. I’d be willing to bet that he didn’t mean “good” as in “on the good list”. Ben will do away with Michael when it serves his purpose.

Sayid turning Michael in to the captain. That has bad news written all over it.

Now, about Danielle and Carl getting shot: Remember in “The Other Woman” when Ben sent out Goodwin, knowing that he’d end up dying? I think Ben hatched the same plan to get rid of Carl, after seeing Carl’s arm around Alex. I think Ben knew that they’d go out to the jungle and get shot. The “errand” that Frank had to run with the helicopter must have been to drop off some commandos to find Ben on the island. Wonder if any of them will suffer any Winkowski-like side effects, or meet up with that smoke monster?

Lost is off until April 24th. They’re running it straight through until the end of the season; five new shows. I lived blogged tonight’s show, and I’ll try it again when the next show comes around.

What did you think of tonight’s show?

3 thoughts on “LOST: Meet Kevin Johnson”

  1. That was a fantastic episode!

    I’m starting to wonder if the island isn’t also some sort of dimensional portal for the dead and that CW is just a taller and evil version of Ponce de Leon. He is just after a very old kind of greed: immortality that gives him power in multiple timelines.

    I think what Sayid did was calculated. If Michael cannot kill himself, he can’t be killed either. Exposing him gives Sayid an advantage because it creates trust. I think his ultimate goal wasn’t to get Michael killed so much as get more information. He already knows the boat people are after Ben, so telling them Ben had a spy amongst them and explaining the damage he has done makes Sayid an ally…

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