LOST: The Constant

I’m going to make this brief, since I’m still not feeling well:

Excellent episode! Probably my favorite of the season so far.

Finally an explanation for what Desmond’s time traveling is! The entire interplay with Desmond and Daniel is likely why Daniel was with a caretaker, and why he was crying when they found flight 815.

This also probably means that Charlie isn’t traveling back and forth in time, since Desmond’s conscience is the thing that’s traveling back and forth in time. Charlie was either Hurley’s hallucination or maybe a manifestation of whatever is on the island that causes those embodiments of Jack’s father/Walt/The Horse/etc to appear. Right now I’m think it must be a hallucination.

Probably the next biggest bomb to drop was the Charles Widmore really does have a connection to the island that I’ve suspected for so long. The book Widmore bought was likely one of the key things that he needed to find the island.

Remember the episode when Michael left the island with Walt? Ben told Michael to leave on heading 325 (I’ll have to double check that). The heading written down on the paper was 305. What will that difference mean to Michael and Walt?

Update: It also showed what fictional scientists do, sometimes with bad results: Daniel Faraday experimented on himself to achieve the time traveling ability. Why else would he have written that Desmond was his “constant”? I think this is also supported by the fact that Daniel has a caretaker. Why would he need that? Maybe if he went catatonic ever so often, the way George did and Desmond does?

What did you think of the episode?

3 thoughts on “LOST: The Constant”

  1. I think my biggest question is how did the Black Rock log make it out of the island?

    I am not sure that Charlie was a hallucination. Mikhail keeps dying and coming back… If Desmond is time shifting in consciousness only, perhaps the same phenomena applies but with one less body to deal with, then physical time travel comes into play. (I think I just confused myself.)

  2. The auctioneer said pirates had the Black Rock log. How they got anyway… no idea. Pure luck, probably.

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