Season 7 – 24 – 2 am to 3 am

Previously on “24”: Jonas went to the White House, made a nice speech and got arrested; Kim Bauer dropped by to give Jack some hugs and possibly some stem cells, which Jack hopes to use to save his life, and to grow a couple more arms so he can shoot four guns at a time; Tony found some explosives to blow up, and in a fit of enthusiasm choked Larry to death, or at least to unconsciousness, much like the audience. He sure is up to something.

2:00 am – Someone named Tricia gets a phone call to get to the White House right away, since so many people have already been killed off this episode. So, she heads outside and immediately gets gassed by a man and woman that take her identity. The woman not the man. Anyway, Tricia gets the award for the quickest character introduction and probably death in 24 history. Bravo, Tricia! Anyway, the man and woman figure out how to make fingerprints out of cellophane tape, and grab one from Tricia’s thumb.

2:01 am – Renee and Janice have no idea where their suspect is, so they set up a perimeter, because that’s what you do when you look for people on “24”. Also, they haven’t heard from Larry, but they don’t seem too concerned.

2:02 am – Tony is next to Larry, who appears to be quite dead. Tony is so upset about this, he shoots himself . The guy Renee and Janis are looking for calls Tony AFTER Tony shoots himself, which was pretty inconsiderate, since Tony did just shoot himself. Tony tells the guy that the canister is worth a lot of money, so it’s likely not a script for next season’s 24. Cars arrive and find Tony and Larry.

2:04 am – Kim stops by to tell Renee “Goodbye”. Renee is surprised that Kim’s already leaving, since she was supposed to give Jack some stem cells.

2:05 am – Agent Park, who has ZERO bedside manner, tells Renee that Larry is dead. Renee, in some of her best acting ever, stares straight ahead long enough to make her eyes water. Turns out that Renee is now in charge.

Janice’s reaction is to pull her earplug out of here ear and look worried, since she’s pretty sure that she’s been sucking up to the wrong person all this time.

Renee wants to go out and help find who killed Larry.

2:09 am – Elsewhere in FBI headquarters, Jack is being tortured by having to answer a lot of questions about what’s happened in the plot so far, including some very pointed questions about Tony’s interrogation “techniques”.

2:10 am – Jack takes a break after being lured into the hallway by the sight of guns and SWAT uniforms, which are two things Jack can’t resist. Renee informs Jack that the bioweapon is completely, 100% contained, so there’s nothing to worry about, since the 90% containment they have is sure to be just AOK. She’s at least sure that the 80% containment is nothing for anyone to worry about, even if it is more like 70% or more likely 60%. She finally tells Jack that she’s 50% sure everything will be OK if they get the stolen canister back. Oh, and Larry’s dead. Renee just walks off. Jack is pretty surprised by this, so he goes for a run down the hallway in the opposite direction.
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Season 7 – “24” – 12 am to 1 am

Last time on 24: Jack took off his clothes in the middle of the street, stopping traffic for miles; Jack’s also infected, and it’s not from previously touching Audrey; Olivia is Head Staff Weasel; Tony raided an empty warehouse.

12:00 am – Tony and Larry talk out of the corner of their mouths, as if the guys pointing guns at them don’t see them talking. Three Humvees drive up, because that’s how many it takes to bring Hodges to talk to Larry.

Jonas yells a lot and pretends that he’s innocent of doing all kinds of bad things. He tells Larry that he wants Greg back, because Greg chafes a lot if he’s kept captive too long.

12:03 am – Out of no where, Jack realizes that someone might be able to help – a guy named Deus Ex Machina, going under the alias Douglas Knowles, the chairman of Starkwood.

Jack gives him a call, and it turns out that Douglas was hoping Jack would call. He’s probably a big 24 fan. They rehash the current state of the plot for a little while, just in case everyone happened to forget what occurred last week. This is a regular feature on the show, usually with different people talking about what happened the week before.

Douglas thinks he might know where a bio-weapon might be hidden – in the Bio-Weapon hanger on the Starkwood compound.
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Season 7 – “24” – 11pm to 12 am

Previously on 24: Tripp from Star Trek: Enterprise beamed away just at the right time; Renee was left in a holding room, completely unable to communicate with anyone, except via a cell phone that was left behind; Jack exposed himself.

11:00 pm – Out in the middle of the street, several of the Intel bunny suit guys have come to Jack’s rescue, and they’re trying to help him. Having just exposed himself to the deadly gas, Jack exposes himself to one of the doctors, who goes completely speechless. Jack covers this by saying they must be looking at his scars.

11:01 pm – Meanwhile, back at FBI headquarters, Larry is exposed to another agent that’s toxic on the nerves – Janis. Larry explains everything that happened last show, and wants Janis to help gather information on Starkwood.

11:02 pm – The completely inconspicuous helicopter carrying the completely inconspicuous deadly nerve agent arrives at Starkwood, exactly at the same time as the car carrying Tony, which either means they have really slow helicopters, or really fast cars. Maybe both. Jonas is convinced that Tony won’t talk, because he’s seen the show before, and he’s read several pages ahead in the script. Jonas gives one of his henchmen a scary pep talk, and they drive off in yet another truck, with the tanks completely uncovered, which is the best way to sneak things past everyone that’s looking for them.

11:05 pm – The thugs beat up on Tony, who’s doing a very credible impersonation of a punching bag. Jonas tries to sweet talk Tony, but it doesn’t do any good. Tony is not talking. One of Jonas’ men, Greg, thinks it would be a good idea to destroy all the evidence – To say that Jonas is not on board… well, let’s put it this way, Jonas is so off board on this he could do a swan dive at any moment.
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