LOST – Across The Sea

Spoilers ahead!

Just finished watching “Across the Sea”, and it was a good one. Here are my observations on tonight’s show:

Question answered: It was confirmed that Jacob and the Man in Black are brothers, as I early suspected.

It was left up in the air is how The Woman made it so they couldn’t kill each other. I think that’ll end up being one of the unanswered mysteries.

They were on the island about 43 years before Jacob hurt his brother and threw him down the Life Well (I’m gonna call it that, for lack of a better term).

Question answered: We got to see the origin of The Wheel.

I’m a little torn about this one: Can the Man in Black leave the island by turning the wheel now? Or is that something he could only do while he was alive?

Question answered: The skeletons Jack and Kate found were of The Woman and The Man in Black, not Adam and Eve or any of the LOST 815ers.

Question answered: We know the “inside joke” of the black and white stones.

How long after these events did it take for The Man in Black to appear to Jacob. How freaked out must Jacob have been at THAT happening?

A couple of theories:

It appears to me that what happened to the Man in Black was that all his inner “goodness” was absorbed by the Light Well, and all his “badness” was released. Not a good thing. I suspect Widmore is going to end up this way, because he doesn’t understand the true nature of what that Light Well can really do.

It really seems that Widmore (and the rest) aren’t really looking for magnetism. That’s just a byproduct of finding what they’re REALLY looking for, the source to the Life Well. That’s what they really need Desmond for… to be able to take whatever is the real source of that extreme magnetism and get it off the island. Desmond’s (probably) the only person that can get close enough to it, and not die.

That’s it for now. What did you think of tonight’s episode?