Dharma Initiative Announcement 9

Just got this:

Dear fellow Dharma recruits,

The fifth season premiere is only hours away. Be forewarned, we are hosting the clip show that proceeds it at 8/7 central.

With the show’s imminent launch, it’s been very busy here in the LOST offices. Last week we attended the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour. We did a lot of interviews there, which you’ll probably see this week, and we showed them episode three. (They’d already seen episodes one and two via ABC.)

We are also working on breaking the last five episodes, writing episodes twelve and thirteen, production is shooting eleven, we’re editing seven, eight, nine and ten, and on the post end of things we are finishing the CG work, ADR, sound and mixing on episodes four, five and six.

So this is a round-about way of saying we didn’t have a chance to prepare a video for you this week. We hope you’ll understand. However, we will be back. In fact it’s our hope to fire off to you guys a DSA video update about once a month as the season progresses.

We really appreciate your continued support, and we hope you enjoy the premiere.

With gratitude,

Damon and Carlton

Write Your Own Dharma Tests

A message from Hans Van Eeghen on the Dharma Wants You site explains that recruits to the Dharma Initiative can now start writing their own tests. It involves writing 10 questions, and having other recruits complete your test for which you’ll get 50 Dharma points. You can also achieve “Instructor Status”:

If your test, or one of its questions, is of an appropriate quality it may be selected to form part of the Official Volunteer Assessment Program. For this you will receive 500 Dharma Points and be awarded Instructor status.

You have to have your test created before Sept 17th, 2008

Dharma Initiative Test 4

Dharma Initative


As a result of the outstanding assessment results delivered in recent weeks I am pleased to announce an expanded role for recruits in the Volunteer Assessment Program at www.dharmawantsyou.com.

This new activity will draw on the impressive knowledge base of recruits and will offer the opportunity to challenge your colleagues in a friendly intellectual competition.

You have the potential to earn significant Dharma Points with this new activity, which will contribute to your overall assessment results.

Log in and consult your “Progress” page for details.

I look forward to another inspiring display of initiative from you all.


Hans Van Eeghen
Head of Recruiting
The Dharma Initiative



I am pleased to announce the release of the fourth assessment in the Dharma Initiative’s Volunteer Recruitment Program is now available at www.dharmawantsyou.com.

This new test will assess your ability to formulate imaginative solutions to a range of conundrums.

Many of you have already demonstrated your ability to think “outside the octagon”, so to speak. I am sure you will find this activity suitably stimulating.

I am also happy to report that a great number of you have enthusiastically embraced the recently released “Recruit Created Assessments” (RCA). Industrious recruits are devising for their colleagues a dizzying array of examination topics that will, no doubt, significantly expand the knowledge base of the Dharma Initiative.

These talented recruits not only stand to significantly increase their Dharma Points but will also be eligible for promotion to the position of “Instructor” in the Volunteer Recruitment Program.

On behalf of the Dharma Initiative I would like to thank these conscientious recruits for their efforts.

Keep up the good work.


Hans Van Eeghen
Head of Recruiting
The Dharma Initiative

What to Do in Dharma Test 3

Dharma Initiative Testing is continuing and Test 3 is running. This one is bit tricky. You have to click on the Dharma logo, and keep it away from spheres that are moving around in an enclosed area. Touch one of the sides, or one of the spheres, and the test ends.

So far I’ve only managed to get up to 28 seconds. How well did you do?