LOST Producers Talk About the Five New Actors Joining in Season 4

New Lost Actors for Season 4
EW.com comes through again with a short interview with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse in which they discuss the five new actors joining LOST next season.

The producers talk about how they went about casting the new characters for the show, while not giving too much away while they were trying to find them. They don’t reveal who is going to be doing what on the show, but with character types such as “ruthless corporate recruiter”, let the speculation begin!

The interview was pretty surprising; I had no idea that Jeff Fahey at set up an orphanage in Afghanistan.

…and is it just me, or does Rebecca Mader look REALLY spooky in that picture?

Via EW.com.

Interview with Lindelof and Cuse on Mapping Out LOST

Entertainment Weekly has a brief interview with Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof about the decision to end LOST after three more season.

They also talk about the rest of this season, and even specifically say we’re going to start getting some answers.

“And more importantly, we meet Jacob — the elusive, unseen, presumed
leader of the Others — for the first time. And this is a character who
is every bit as significant to our universe as the Emperor was to the Star Wars universe — a character that you didn’t get to meet until
Return of the Jedi
but was referred to all through the preceding films. Jacob is a guy who
is going to have a very significant, ongoing sort of story value in our

Where is LOST headed?

The Sydney Morning Herald has an article on where LOST is headed in the next few years.  

The stars of the show are just as interested as everyone else to see where things are headed, and
the producers have stated that there are a few more years left until the island mystery is solved, and then that will be it for the show.

They’re not going to try and drag it out forever, which is a good thing.

Michael Emerson talks about what it’s like to be on Lost

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin has a great article on Michael Emerson, the actor that plays Henry Gale/Benjamin Linus on Lost. It talks about his background in theater, what the differences are between being an actor on TV and an actor on stage, and how he approaches acting roles.

He also reveals a few hints about what’s coming next in Lost:

“He’s vulnerable now,” he said, referring to the trauma under Jack’s surgical knife that could lead to Ben’s demise. “There’s much more operating room drama to come; the operation has even more complications that lead to a number of crises,” he added, carefully choosing his words. New, powerful characters also will be introduced, and “there will be a struggle for power within the Others’ community.” Then he paused and smiled. “I have to be cagey about what I say.”

Via Honolulu Star-Bulletin