LOST: Dave

Spoilers ahead….

Turns out that my earlier prediction about Libby turned out to be true:

From my 01/26/06 posting:

“I think the reason Hurley recognized Libby was not because he stepped on her foot (he was at the front of the plane, and she was at the back!, but because she was a nurse or possibly a patient in the hospital he was in.”

Obviously, there are a lot of ramifications to that really being true. Did Libby become so obsessed with Hurley at the hospital that she followed him around after they both got out? Did Libby see Hurley on the news, after he won the lottery, break out and follow him to Australia?

Any way you look at it, this doesn’t look good for Hurley.

LOST: The Words on the Blast Door!

I’ve posted a new page with all the words on the blast door that John Locke saw on tonight’s episode. Right now, I’ve only posted the words, and I’m working on getting a better picture to post as soon as I can.

EDIT: See the image I used to get those words on my Lost Hatch Map Page. And, to give credit where credit is due, I got this from a picture that “steveslp” posted on http://www.thefuselage.com/. I was sent this link by my friend John.

LOST: Lockdown

SPOILERS AHEAD! Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the show yet. You’ve been warned.

Great episode! A couple of the Easter eggs I noticed were the Oceanic Airlines flights going over the hotel where Locke met his father, and the address on the license at the end of the show was “815”. (8, 15…two of “The Numbers”).

A couple of questions…. Where was Henry when Locke called for him? Since Henry has been determined to be an “Other”… Why is he there? Is he doing the “Ana Lucia” thing, and getting put in with the people he’s trying to find out about? Is he biding time to try and get Claire’s child, Aaron? And since his name isn’t Henry…. Who the heck is this guy really?

It flashed by pretty quickly, but the drawing that Locke saw looked like locations of the hatches. The one at the bottom had a Swan logo in it. This might help them find the locations of the other hatches.

Looks like a Hurley episode next time. Can’t wait!

LOST: The Whole Truth

Spoilers ahead…. don’t read this unless you’ve seen “The Whole Truth”

Very interesting episode. The main trust of it was finding out that Jin, who supposedly couldn’t have children was able to get Sun pregnant. This falls right in line with theory I’ve previously stated about nanotechnology being used to cure medical problems.

Whether or not it really IS nanotechnology curing problems on the island, there does seem to be a fair bit of “medical miracle” work happening. So far we’ve seen Jack’s wife miraculously regain the use of her legs shortly after Jack encountered Desmond, we’ve seen Locke regain the use of his legs, and now Jin’s infertility has been “fixed” (pardon the pun).

The other thing you may not have noticed is that the pregnancy test Sun got from Sawyer was labeled “Widmore Labs”. In the “Fire + Water” episode, “Widmore Construction” was shown as the contractor in one of the scenes. Sounds to me like Widmore and the Hanso Foundation might be connected.

LOST: Egyptian Hieroglyphics

On LOST last night, the episode entitled “One of Them” came to a climax where the timer hit zero and a partial display of Egyptian hieroglyphics was displayed.

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the show as I write this, and someone has posted they’ve discovered what the symbols might mean. Check out this picture of the LOST timer glyphs posted by “onehundredeight” over on http://lost.cubit.net.

I saw this post, and took a look at a number of hieroglyphics sites on the web to see if I could get independent confirmation about what those symbols mean.

First of all, heiroglyphics can be read in several different ways. The biggest question is whether to read these symbols from right to left, or left to right. This is actually pretty easy to determine, even if you don’t have experience with hieroglyphics (and I certainly don’t). The direction the symbols are facing is the direction they should start from. So, for these symbols, you have to read them from left to right.

One of the tricky things about hieroglyphics is that even one symbol change can change the meaning of the phrase. Since we didn’t see the entire set of five glyphs, we have to keep that in mind.

Another thing to notice is that the first three symbols were on a black background, and the fourth and fifth symbols are on a red background. This may mean that there are two glyph phrases. Without the second symbol (which was never revealed), it’s difficult to know if the hidden glyph would make two distinct phrases that make sense.

The first symbol means “to cause”. The last symbol means “enemy” or “death”. Seems like a slam dunk, right? There are a couple of symbols that aren’t used, and like I said, those symbols are important.

I wasn’t able to determinate what the third symbol meant, but the fourth symbol was “the vulture”. One of the heiroglyphics sites (and I’m sorry, I don’t remember which one) described the Egyptian vulture as a bird that will repeated try and open eggs by flying over them with a rock and dropping the rock. Needless to say, this doesn’t work very well, but they continue until they succeed.

So, if we take those two symbols alone, could they mean “drop death”? “Drop death”, as in a bomb? Think about it for a minute. They’re in a hatch near a sealed chamber that’s highly magnetic. There are blast doors in the hatch. Sayid said that there may be nuclear material behind that thick wall of concrete.

Could “drop death” mean “drop a nuclear weapon”? Sure, it’s a variation on “cause death”….but, that’s my theory.

I think the real question that people are overlooking here is not what the heiroglyphics mean, but….. What the heck are Egyptian Heiroglyphics doing on that counter in the first place?

Update 02/23/06 – Read More about the Lost Heiroglyphics

Update 08/22/06 – According to the LOST writer’s themselves, the meaning is “Underworld”. The writers revealed this at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.