LOST – Some Like It Hoth

Thoughts about tonight’s episode:

First off, this theory about Miles being Pierre Chang’s son was right on the mark.

Why are does Chang and the rest of the Dharma leadership find it important to hide that body? Why act like it doesn’t exist? Just to prevent panic among the Dharma folks?

So, we saw the numbers being put on the hatch. The crew called it a serial number… was it only that? Is this whole number thing destined to be one of the mysteries of the show that will never be solved?

Speaking of mysteries: “Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?” is LOST’s “Save the cheerleader, Save the World”. My guess? The Others are protecting a portal to the afterlife.

So, what did you think about Mile’s brief kidnapping? Yeah, I know Ben was probably behind it. I’m not sure the story line has room for a fourth group of “Others” wanting their way on the island.

Fourth? Didn’t I mean third? Nope, Ben’s group, Charles’ group, and … Richard Alpert’s group. I think those are the three that are trying to get the power on the island. Ben and Charles might be at each other’s throats, but I think it’s Richard Alpert who is pulling the strings.

And the theory about who really put that plane in the ocean has been put to rest – the winner is: Charles Widmore. He paid to have graves dug up, and an old plane sunk in the ocean, just to cover things up so that no one would keep looking for that plane.

How random is that $1.6 million that Miles was offered to go to the island? Why $1.6 million? That $3.2 million figure that Miles wanted from Ben seems to only turn out to be double the number Charles offered. I’m a bit disappointed by that revelation.

Things are rapidly spinning out of control now that Sawyer hit Phil. That, combined with Roger’s suspicions of Kate are going to bring things to a head.

Oh, and if you didn’t realize it before then “Hoth” is the ice planet in Empire Strikes back.

Favorite parts:

Hurley writing “Empire Strikes Back” and the “Let’s face it, Ewoks suck, dude” line.

Lost “Special” next week, and all new LOST in two weeks!

What did you think of tonight’s episode?