LOST: Par Avion

We found out a few things in this episode, and there was a spoiler in the preview for next week (more on that later).

“Par Avion” means “By Plane” in French.

We found out that Claire is indeed Jack’s half-sister, as I previously predicted here (and as many others have also suggested. We can add Claire to the list of survivors that have issues with their fathers. The question now is, why was Christian in Australia trying to see Claire just before his death? What did he want to tell her? Why did he travel all that way? Was she in danger?

The people working with The Others have a submarine they used to get to the island. The conversation that Kate and Mikhail had was pretty interesting. Mikhail said, “Two week ago, our underwater beacon stopped emitting it’s locater signal. There was an event. An electromagnetic pulse. It would be impossible to come back.” That means that there probably won’t be any help coming from the outside any time soon.

Mikhail knew the first and last name of Sayid, Kate and John. He was even able to spill the beans about John being paralyzed.

That fence that killed Mikhail wasn’t just built in time to keep the Flight 815 survivors out. It was probably needed to keep the animals out, and quite possibly to keep the people that were “recruited” (like Juliette) inside the fenced area.

John Locke’s purpose for coming along is more than just getting Jack back. He wants to confront Ben. (That was in the preview). Why he’s carrying C-4 in this backpack, I’m not as sure, but it’s not something that’s a good thing to just be carrying around like that.

Sawyer was reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. The Amazon.com description of that says that some of the themes are the struggle of good and evil, and the strength of the individual. “The strength of the individual” is particularly interesting in light of why Mikhail said Kate, Sayid and John were not on the list. Mikhail said, “You’re not on the list because you are flawed, angry, weak and frightened.”

Mikhail was wearing the same sort of jumpsuit that “Roger the work man” (the skeleton Hurley found) was wearing.

Claire finally found out about Desmond’s ability to see the future, and that Desmond has again saved Charlie from dying.

Jack seems content, just throwing the football around with Tom, which really shocked Kate. Has he gone over to “The Others”? Or is he just waiting for the opportunity to get out of there? Is Jack, “On The List”?

I think Jack is going to discover why The Others are there, and will start to try and help them do whatever they’re doing.