Lost Live Blog: No Place Like Home Part 1

Update: I’ll post a write-up later. Overall, not the most exciting episode, but it was good!

Update: Two weeks from now scenes….ending with Locke yelling “What did you do?”

Update: Knocked out.

Update: Ben’s got a plan. Locke better hurry up.

Update: Richard Alpert and The Others. As Dave would say, it’d make a good name for a rock band.

Update: Oh oh… explosives. A lot. Never a good sign. Ah…But Michael knew about that, remember?

Update: Claire has to be one of the many reasons Jack wants to get back to the island. As things stand now, he doesn’t realize something weird has happened to Claire.

Update: Commercial

Update: Little did she know that Aaron was really her grand son.

Update: I knew that would freak him out.

Update: Jack finds out about Claire.

Update: Jack’s dad’s funeral. Everyone’s there too.

Update: Sawyer’s going after Hurley.

Update: Something broadcasting on the boat? Probably a transmission between Michael and Ben.

Update: Oh…and by the way, Michael is on the boat.

Update: First group to the boat.

Update: Wonder if those numbers are what’s needed to move the island?

Update: That’s the first time in a while we’ve seen the numbers.

Update: Commercials

Update: Oh oh…Keamy and Company are already at The Orchid.

Update: The numbers are on the odometer…. Creepy.

Update: Hurley’s dad fixed the car. Nice.

Update: Whispering noises like The Others, of course it’s a a party.

Update: A coconut?

Update: Back at the Hurley mansion… nice final backfire on the car.

Update: I have to say, I love the way Sun stood up to her father.

Update: Commercials

Update: Oh man… Two people responsible for Jin’s death? She considers her father one of those people… the other must be herself.

Update: YEAH, SUN! Bought out Dad! Good for her!

Update: Oh, man. I don’t like that Jin was on that boat… doesn’t bode well.

Update: Charlotte didn’t look to happy about being left.

Update: Drop off the baby… We have some Jack rescuing to do.

Update: 15 year old crackers. Pretty funny. But how does Ben know it was 15 years ago?

Update: Moving the island is dangerous and unpredictable.

Update: So far nothing island shattering.

Update: Commercials

Update: Meanwhile, Sayid’s been on a raft for a week.

Update: Sayid’s girl, Nadia!

Update: These reporters sure get to ask most of the questions. You think they’d pass that around.

Update: Only eight left?

Update: That island they washed up on sure looks like Hawaii.

Update: Day 108!

Update: Membata.

Update: Heh… “Hold up, you don’t get to die alone”.

Update: Woo! Sawyer called it “New Otherton”. (That’s the producer’s name for The Other’s camp).

Update: Sawyer and company!

Update: Back on the island, Jack’s really going quick. Maybe too quick, if he’s bleeding.

Update: I love that spiral on The Orchid logo too.

Update: Commercial

Update: Daniel knows what’s going to happen.

Update: Calling on the phone… bad idea, I think.

Update: Hurley’s folks, Sun’s folks, Jack’s Mom, no one for Kate or Sayid…

Update: Finally, they get to act like they’re on Hawaii.

Update: “We are in shock, Jack.” Great line. And they’re playing the “sad” Lost music. (Flight 1717)

Update: Ah….Oceanic 6 plane landing… That woman looks familiar.

Update: Previously on LOST….

Update: Shows that don’t start on the hour are really starting to tick me off.

I’ll be doing a live blog of tonight’s LOST: No Place Like Home. Stay tuned!

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  1. Exactly who was Kate expecting to see there? Certainly not the mother that gave her up to The Man, right?

  2. Houston we have a problem… (Do the Others have enough of a cavalry left to ambush the New Others?)

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