Season 8 – 24 – 8 am to 9 am

Previously on “24”: We saw Lady Gaga drive away with Omar in the back of her car; We witnessed Cole’s attempt to become a Scanner to blow up Dana. It wasn’t working, but he did have the right facial expressions down cold; Dana got an immunity agreement, which is now as endangered as a cupcake in the middle of a kindergarten class; Omar went to great lengths not to be on the show again; Finally, we saw a number of things resolve (kind of), except for that weird smell in the heating ducts at CTU.

The following takes place between 8 am and 9 am:

8:00 am – Mrs. President gets a phone call from Jack, who gives her an apology: He wanted to kill a lot more bad guys, and save more heads of state. Jack has a wire hanging from his ear while he makes this call, but everyone is too scared to tell him about it.

In the hallway, Samir is relaxing on a gurney, with a not so relaxing Jack Bullet in his shoulder. They’re going to transport him for questioning. At least most of them want to do this. Someone no one recognizes as “The New Guy” waits until everyone looks in the other direction and tries to give Samir a Botox injection. He completely misses and sticks the injection in Samir’s neck instead. Realizing his mistake, he makes a quick exit, stage left.

While he’s headed down the stairs, he encounters Renee. She looks at him for a second and seems to recognize him from…somewhere, but she’s not quite sure where. She realizes it must be from those Brooding Seminars she’s been taking, and then she goes upstairs to meet with Jack.

8:02 am – Renee tries to console Jack by telling him the number of bad guys he personally shot, but it doesn’t do any good. Jack talks to Cole and tells him that he and Renee are headed home where there are (usually) a lot less terrorists.

8:03 am – Tim tells Mrs. President that the delegates have arrived, and she goes off to meet them. While this goes on, Novakovich tells Minister Jamat that he sure is sorry that Hasan died. Oh, and that he sure bets Jamat is happy that Hasan died, even though Novakovich is sorry. Jamat realizes he’s talking to a crazy person, and leaves.
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Season 8 – 24 – 7 am to 8 am

Previously on “24”, just happened! Pay attention!

The following takes place between 7 am and 8 am.

7:00 am – At CTU, Dana continues to not be at her desk, and tries to leave. Dana gets stopped by a guard, and doesn’t know about the new security protocol that keeps people in CTU from leaving. The guard is really excited, because he hopes that one day they’ll also have a security protocol for keeping people from entering CTU too. Dana tries to tell him that she has some migraine medicine in her car that she’ll be willing to share with everyone, including everyone in the audience, if she can just go to her car. The guard tells her that he’s really into this whole “security” thing, but he’ll send a guard out for her. Dana decides that since she doesn’t have anything with her to kill them, she’ll take her chances and stay in CTU. She heads back to somewhere, but probably not back to her desk.

7:01 am – Chloe finds the car that left the parking garage, has a picture of the blonde woman, but doesn’t have any idea where she went. Mrs. President calls for Hastings. He tells her that Hasan was not in the vehicle that crashed. She says, “I don’t understand”. Hastings translates this into seven different languages and finally, after speaking English really slowly, Mrs. President gets the idea of what happened and that he’s still alive. Hastings tells her that they’ll keep her apprised. She tell him that’s great because she loves prizes.

7:03 am – Mrs. President explains to the Hasan Ladies that Omar is probably still alive, but in big trouble, so they’re welcome to hang around while they are still looking for him. An aide comes into the room and tells Mrs. President that the Russian foreign minister is here to meet with her, even though it’s 7:00 am in the morning. He apologizes for not being able to figure out all the time differences between Russia and the US. He has decided to do everything on Russian time, which makes it hard to get doctor’s appointments at decent hours that he’s used to. His name is Mr. Novakovich, which is the name that Carl Sagan used for his old PBS show when it ran in the Soviet Union.

She informs him that CTU is working on getting Hasan back. He wants to make it clear to her that if Hasan dies, there will be no agreement. She points out that just because he has a funny, long last name doesn’t mean she’s been baffled into thinking that the Russian’s hope the agreement doesn’t happen. She’s pretty sure that they want all of the Russian version of the Chucky Cheese (Chucka Cheezka) franchises to be under their control. He protests, and she backs off. She says she’s pretty sure that they only want part of the Chucka Cheezka market in Hasan’s fictional country.

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Season 8 – 24 – 6 am to 7 am

Previously on “24”, we learned: Mrs. President has advisers that think they can help by saying “Are you kidding me?”; Jack can get cell phone reception everywhere except in ambush situations; When Hasan hears gunfire, he’s believes he can turn into Jack Bauer; Holding nuclear rods in your bare hands isn’t as scary as it sounds; You should never have a heart attack in front of people who are stealing files from your computer.

The following takes place between 6 am and 7 am:

6:00 am – Ethan is still sleeping off that heart attack. Just to be sure he stays in his room so he can’t contact anyone, Rob locks him in. Rob’s pretty sure Ethan is old enough not to be able to figure out the telephone, fax machine, and computer, so there’s little chance Ethan will be able to contact anyone.

6:01 am – Rob meets with the General, who’s really in high gear since he’s ordering people around that actually listen to him. Rob wants to help Ethan, but The General refuses. Since the General is tall and looks like he’s in charge, Rob relents even though The General is clearly a moron.

The General calls Mrs. President over to give a not quite complete status update. Rob interjects that people are good at those connect-the-dot coloring books, so when they finish up page 10 and realize they’re looking at the a nuclear weapon, they’re going to freak out. They’ll probably color the picture first, but then they will DEFINITELY freak out.

Mrs. President wants to know the casualty figures. The General says that not counting the numbers of viewers they’ve lost this season, there will be about 58,000 less taxpayers in about 10 minutes.
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Season 8 – 24 – 5 am to 6 am

Previously on “24”, we discovered: It’s possible to have a twenty minute gunfight without actually shooting anyone; CTU has cases and cases of glowsticks available, just in case an EMP goes off; If you have HUGE airducts, it’s possible to fit bodies in them; Chloe is extremely serious about tech support; Dana is a mole, and not the “What? I can’t see?” kind – she’s the “the writers couldn’t think of anything else to do” kind.

The following takes place between 5:00 am and 6:00 am

5:00 am – Jack sits an ambulance with an attendant that just can’t believe Jack was able to ingest the bullets, spit them out and only appear to have minor bruising. Jack assures him this is because of his superior Bauer Powers.

As Jack leaves, he encounters Renee, who he tells to contact Chloe to get some pictures of the area. Renee was particularly helpful last hour when she ended a twenty minute gun fight with three bullets. Jack tells a helicopter to stand by, because he hasn’t quite determined whether he’s going to take it, or whether he’ll finally reveal his ability to fly.

5:01 am – At CTU, they’re looking at pictures from just moments ago. The pictures are of Samir hasand his gang unloading those nuclear rods into the trunk of a Yellow Cab. The last time someone put something radioactive in the back of a car like that, Emilo Estevez flew a car out of the area, so people are on the lookout, just in case.

While this is going on, Dana comes back, using one of those “I Just Killed a Guy” wipes, but nobody sees this; they’re too busy concentrating on the new terrorist scrapbook Chloe is making with all the pictures she’s downloading from the NSA.

Arlo of all people suspends his stalking duties, and announces he’s found the Yellow Cab they’re looking for, out of the one bazillion Yellow Cabs in the Greater New York area. Chloe points out that “Greater New York area” is an oxymoron, but no one notices.

Dana, who has the world’s loudest whisper, is secretly (kind of) on the phone with Samir and tells him that the cab has been spotted. She’s giving them turn by turn directions like a really twisted version of that lady who talks on a GPS. She uses a bit of her CTU Technology Kung Fu to change all the computers to a UHF channel, so they only show snow.

This gives Samir enough time to get away, by the time the video comes back. Hastings is really bent out of shape about this, and decides to tattletale on everyone for losing the cab. He goes off to call the President, who I’m sure would like to be informed that the only thing they have to do is search one bazillion Yellow Cabs.

Now that the coast is clear, Samir wants Dana to send him all the NYPD patrol patterns, including all the doughnut joints they hang out in. Dana is a little reluctant because including the doughnut places would increase the size of the file to about 37 Terabytes. He’s really insistent, and she very pointedly points out that that’s not the point. Her instructions, which were given to her by yet ANOTHER yet to be revealed mole, were to give Samir instructions, but not blow her cover.

5:06 am – Hastings calls Mrs. President with the bad news: “24” has been canceled, and this will be the last season it is on the air. Oh, and they lost the nuclear fuel rods. Ethan actually asks “Are you sure? How good is your intelligence?” Hastings shows remarkable self control by not answering, “Are you kidding me? We saw the things! We almost had them, but someone didn’t pay the cable bill and by the time it was restored, the rods went missing. So yeah, I’m pretty sure”. He says, “Yes”, instead.

Hastings announces that “Manhattan is no longer safe”. Everyone watching wonders, “Was it ever safe?” Rob blows a gasket and says, “This is unacceptable”, as if that would make everything better.

Mrs. President tells Hastings that they can have whatever they need, and to inform the local authorities, by which she means the local mafia bosses. She also wants to speak to Jack, as soon as possible.

5:08 am – Jack is on the phone with Cole discussing what happened to the video feed when he gets a call from Mrs. President. She wants him to escort Hasan instead of going after the terrorists, because being a body guard is much more important at this point. Renee, who has been anxious to meet Hasan, insists on going with, ruining Jack’s plan to get Hasan’s autograph for his Fictional Third World Leader collection.

5:09 am – Meanwhile, the cab pulls into the terrorist body shop where they make all kinds of weapons. The plan is to have Tarin drive the car with the nuclear device, as soon as Samir talks to Mrs. President. Tarin looks like he’s rethinking this whole “terrorist” career.


5:14 am – Jack arrives to escort Hasan, and is informed that in the spirit of the “mole” theme this season, they’re going to go subterranean with Hasan, just in case any pesky nuclear weapons are detonated. They’re going to take him to the safety of New Jersey, so that should tell you how desperate the situation is.

5:15 am – Jack meets with Hasan. He tells them they’re headed to New Jersey in a tunnel, instead of that parade Hasan wants to take.

5:16 am – At a big meeting that Mrs. President is attending, a general really, REALLY wants to blow something up. The meeting is interrupted by someone telling Mrs. President that someone claiming to have the nuclear rods is calling. The Secret Service thinks this is credible because he said he “really really means it. The two “really”s are a dead giveaway. She takes the call on speaker.

Samir tells her that he has no desire to hurt anyone, but on the other hand he has a desire to hurt everyone. Hasan wants Mrs. President to hand over Hasan, or he’ll detonate the nuclear dispersal device to contaminate over 100,000 New Yorkers, some of whom will actually notice the difference. Samir gives her one hour.

After the call, they argue a bit about what to do. Rob wants to turn over Hasan. Ethan doesn’t think rolling Hasan over on his belly is going to make any difference whatsoever. He also thinks Rob is crazy for even suggesting it. Rob suggests that if the bomb goes off, it’ll make that part of Manhattan uninhabitable for over 100 years. He seems to think this is a big problem, and from the looks on everyone’s face, they don’t have the heart to tell him that it’s already been uninhabitable for the LAST 100 years.

Mrs. President isn’t very happy about the suggestion that Hasan be turned over. Besides, he’s a guest of hers, and she never, EVER treats her guests like that. If it were a member of congress, that would be a different story. She gives a rousing speech and says she’s not going to do it. You can tell it’s rousing because everyone roused out of their chairs while she spoke.

5:21 am – Back at CTU, Dana comes over to talk to Chloe to get the information about where all the police patrols are. It turns out that separating the donut location data is taking some time. Chloe notices that Dana takes a phone out of her pocket, but doesn’t say anything.

Dana calls Samir, and walks around in the corridors of CTU as if she calls terrorists all the time. Samir tells her that one way or another, the peace process will die.

And speaking of dying, everyone at the Terrorist Workshop is holding onto the rods with their BARE HANDS, not in the least bit worried about being exposed to radiation. If they were Jack Bauer, I could understand that, but they’re not. The chief terrorist engineer announces the device is ready.

5:23 am – Back at the meeting room, the General who wanted to bomb something to Kingdom Come talks to Rob. He thinks that Ethan made a good point about not turning over Hasan because it would look bad for the US. His plan is to turn over Hasan anyway, by accidentally leaving him on a street corner where any terrorist happening by could grab him. Rob loves this idea, but knows that Mrs. President will never go along with it. The General really, really wants to disobey Mrs. President, and wants to try and send his own team after Hasan. Apparently he hasn’t been informed that Jack Bauer is in charge of the escort detail.


5:29 am – At CTU Chloe continues to work, and sends Dana the information she requested. Hastings takes this opportunity to make sure everyone stops what they’re doing to give a speech about using “every second of every minute we have left” to find the terrorists. Except those precious minutes he used to give this very slow speech.

Dana transfers the information to Samir.

5:30 am – Samir looks over the info and tells Tarin, who he’s on the phone with, and they can park in a particular area to have a lot of fallout damage occur on the Upper West side. Tarin looks pretty upset about this, because that’s where he gets all his bagels and Black and White cookies.

5:31 am – Back at Conspiracy Central, the General and Rob go to Ethan’s room where they can be alone. The General closes the drapes to be extra, extra sure nothing is suspicious. Rob informs him that Jack Bauer is on the security team. The general, who obviously hasn’t heard of Jack Bauer, thinks “Bauer and his team don’t stand a chance.”. I’m sure Jack will remind him of this sometime in the near future.

Rob accepts the USB memory stick the General offers and plugs it in. Just seconds later and in walks Ethan. Ethan immediately notices the USB memory stick and realizes they’re probably not trying to access America’s Funniest Terrorist Trackdowns on YouTube. He doesn’t say anything, but the general at least is on to him and blocks Ethan from leaving.

Ethan tries to use his automatic drape opener to open the drapes to his office so everyone can see them, but accidentally speed dials his phone. Fortunately, he speed dials Jack. The general grabs the phone and hangs up. Ethan thinks that the general and Rob are not going to be going to the nice white color prison they heard about on Office Space, but that other one.

Ethan begs Rob to reconsider and while Rob’s doing that, Ethan decides to have a heart attack. Rob tries to help Ethan, but the general just wants to wait. This pretty much shuts down any chance Rob has of getting a promotion this year.

5:36 am – In the underground tunnel, Jack phones Ethan and leaves some voice mail.

The General calls his guys, just to make sure he talks to them one last time before Jack takes them all out.

Ethan’s”Aaaargh! My Heart” voice mail message wasn’t replaced in time, so Jack has no idea about what’s happening, but he’s suspicious.


5:41 am – Jack, Renee and everyone else arrive in the last part of the tunnel, which has a LOT of boxes. The general’s strike team waits for Jack to arrive, and discusses which positions their bodies will end up in when Jack kills them all.

5:42 am – Over in Ethan’s office, there’s a knock on the door. Rob answers it after making a land shark joke. The woman at the door is too young, so she doesn’t get it. She does however have Jack Bauer on line 1. Rob says he’ll handle the call.

Rob takes the call, and lies to Jack about Ethan. Jack really wants to talk to Ethan, and Rob tries to tell him that Ethan is super busy. Jack persists, and Rob tells him that Ethan is super-duper-duper busy, and then HANGS UP ON JACK. Jack makes a mental note to “hang up” on Rob.

Jack stops everyone, since he’s now very suspicious that something is very wrong. He tells Renee they’re head back to the UN. When the general’s strike team sees this, they decide to make their move and start shooting everything in sight. Jack tells Renee to take the Hasan family back to the UN, and he’ll be right behind them. Renee looks extremely disappointed that Jack’s about to take on the strike team, because she was looking forward to shooting someone. There’s a lot of shooting.
The lead agent tells Jack that she’ll take care of things, because this is just like paint ball back home. She tells Jack to stay with Hasan since that was what he was ordered to do, so he leaves.

The secret service agents who are clearly having a good time finally being able to shoot their machine guns try and take out as many of the strike team as possible.

While this is going on, Jack finally catches up with the Hasan group. Hasan actually stops and tells Jack that they need to help the agents. Apparently Hasan’s plan includes catching as many bullets with his body as possible. Jack realizes this is a stupid move and continues to evacuate Hasan back to the UN.


5:51 am – Ethan is asleep on the coach, which is probably the best acting anyone has done this season.

Hasan is STILL arguing with Jack about going back and doing some shooting, which clearly proves he’s insane. Kayla takes this opportunity to sprain her ankle, which slows them down. Jack realizes they’re not going to make it back in time, so he finally gives Hasan a gun.

The plan is…well, we’re not sure what the plan is, but there’s about to be a lot of shooting.

Bullets and time pass.

And, a lot of shooting and smoke later, Jack, Renee and Hasan disable them all. Jack interrogates one of the guys, who explains that the general has been a very naughty boy. The guy actually wants Jack to take Hasan to the terrorists! Jack informs him that 1) He’s Jack Bauer and 2) He’s going to do what he wants to do, so there! Nah!

Jack says he needs better cell phone reception, and since there are no decompression chambers nearby, they’ll have to head outside to street level. They all leave, including the Hasan family.

5:58 am – Dana gets a phone call from Samir. Samir’s really not very happy right now. Dana tries to talk him out of using the bomb, but it doesn’t work.

Tarin gets a phone call and Samir tells him to start the countdown. Tarin starts reciting, “100 rods of fuel on the wall, 100 rods of fuel, take one down, blow it up, 99 rods of fuel on the wall.”

6:00 am – Time’s up!

NEXT TIME ON “24”: Jack gets hit! Hasan gives himself up! President Logan is back! Lots of shooting! Dana recites part of a nursery rhyme! A car drives off the top of a parking garage (does that mean they’re in Miami now?)


Season 8 – 24 – 4 am to 5 am

Previously on “24”, we discovered: Someone’s been supplying some really, really bad body armor around in New York; Parole officers from the south are really through at their jobs, and know about things like “metadata”; If there’s a countdown timer going in the backseat, your first instinct should NOT be to get in the car; None of the equipment at CTU was hardened to withstand the blast of an EMP, except the camera that was filming “24”; It’s finally starting to dawn on someone that a secret location from CTU would be a good idea.

The following takes place between 4 am and 5 am:

4:00 am – Immediately after the explosion, armed CTU guards finally decide to show up from their hours long coffee break and diligently look through the rubble for something to shoot. Arlo has good news and bad news for Hastings. The bad news: The surveillance drones they’ve been using all over New York will go into auto-pilot mode, eventually run out of gas, and drop out of the sky. The good news: A large number of children will have an incredible show-and-tell tomorrow, using some really cool drones they found in their backyards.

Hastings goes to deal with Kayla. He tells Dana and Chloe to organize a meeting, which they had hoped to get out of, but even an EMP couldn’t stop that.

4:02 am – Jack is still in his car, and called someone named Phil at the NSA. He’s one of many Phil’s because that’s what everyone at the NSA is named. Jack asks Phil to look at all the traffic cameras in the area, and of course, they have access to those. Jack also wants Phil to shut down bridge and tunnel traffic into New York, which Phil agrees to do. Phil’s powers are pretty impressive. I wonder if Phil knows Chloe? Jack suspects they’re going to use the river to transport the rods.
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Season 8 – 24 – 3 am to 4 am

Previously on “24”, we learned: When Marcos gets mad, he really hits the ceiling; Dana is getting phone calls from Milton Waddams and he’s renamed himself “Pardy”; Stabbed, electrocuted, and even blown up – you just can’t stop Jack… He does have Marcos on his shoulder though.

The following takes place between 3:00 am and 4:00 am:

3:00 am – Hastings calls a meeting to describe the plot that we’ve already heard about several times. He gets Chloe and Dana to help him explain this to everyone. They do this just in case someone wasn’t paying attention. Arlo asks Chloe who’s in charge of him – Chloe or Dana? He wants to know who he can make rude remarks to. Chloe tells him to do as he’s told, and she won’t taser him.

3:01 am – Kayla is freaking out now that she’s been informed that Tarin isn’t quite who she thought he was, and she tries to create a Bat Signal through the bathroom window. Meanwhile, Tarin gets a call from Samir, who informs him that there’s Marcos paint all over the inside of the decompression chamber at the hospital and that Marcos might have said something besides “Uh oh” before the paint job.

Samir suggests that Tarin take Kayla with him to their secret rendezvous phase, which dares to be even more exciting than the last couple of phases.

3:02 am – Chloe uploads info about Tarin to Jack. Jack is in the car with Cole and is coordinating things with CTU. Dana is coordinating with someone named Sargent Amos. This must be Amos’ first time at a staging area, because all kinds of flashing lights are all around the area. Good thing Tarin hasn’t looked out the window.

Amos is informed that Tarin is in room 514 and has Kayla. Jack and Cole then explain the plot so far to him. Jack informs Amos that Tarin is Hasan’s former head of security, and “knows what he’s doing”. Amos respectfully points out that Tarin must really not understand what he’s doing if he’s attempting to kidnap Kayla.

3:04 am – Tarin is getting really impatient with Kayla who tells him she’s “getting ready” It appears he has no previous experience with “getting ready”, and doesn’t realize he could be there for the next 36 hours.

He paces around and then looks out the window to see, at that exact moment, two strange things – 1) No cars on the streets below and 2) Men with guns headed to the building. The weird part of that is, they’re actually the police, and not just random New Yorkers.

Tarin grabs Kayla and heads to the elevators in the completely empty hotel. Despite his insistence that Amos wait until he gets there, Jack is ignored! Sergeant Amos has no idea the world of hurt that Jack can put him in, so he creeps through the building with 3 of his stealthiest friends.

They are, however, not stealthy enough. Tarin easily shoots them all and they all go down. Apparently all of them forgot to wear their bulletproof vests! Tarin grabs a walkie-talkie and does an impression of one of the downed agents. Kayla takes this prime opportunity NOT to yell and scream for help, thereby helping Tarin redirect the rest of CTU to the wrong end of the building. Well, everyone except for Jack.

It takes Jack about 2 seconds to realize what Tarin is up to, and they’re back on Tarin’s trail.
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Season 8 – 24 – 2 am to 3 am

Previously on “24”, we saw that: Fahrad sure didn’t know when to stop calling people to ask for help; Kevin and Nick are playing an extreme version of “Marco Polo”; Tarin’s escorts have the ability to hear conversations while they’re locked in a trunk, 20 feet away from the phone call; CISCO must be paying a lot for product placement; Chloe can make a remote control out of anything; Terrorists leaders can talk people into blowing themselves up, but never go first to show them how to do it properly; Marcos is really, really terrible at being a terrorist.

The following takes place between 2 am and 3 am

2:00 am – Fortunately for Marcos, he hid in the one hyperbaric chamber that had a schematic for the exact bomb he’s got strapped to himself. That’s the first thing that went right for him today. Outside of there, Jack gets the lowdown on the make and model of the chamber, because he’s been looking for one for his house. It’ll take about forty minutes to drill into the chamber.

2:02 am – Chloe already has all the information about Marcos including his mom’s name, what his father did before committing suicide, and his favorite breakfast cereal (“Explodios!”). Jack asks CTU to go get Marco’s mom and to bring her to the hospital, because this is exactly the sort of thing that a mom could talk a kid out of doing.
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Season 8 – 24 – 1 am to 2 am

Previously on “24”, we found that: So far, Fahrad is good at hiding; Kevin and Nick are not good at hiding; Security guards should hide from Jack; Everyone is looking for where those darn fuel rods are hiding.

The following takes place between 1 am and 2 am:

1:00 am – Outside the UN, Kayla and Tarin rehash things we’ve heard on previous episodes. Tarin wants to escape the subplot he’s in, and he wants Kayla to go with him. She’s seriously considering doing it too, since it’s very unlikely she’ll get to meet Jack Bauer, and that’s who she really wanted to meet.

1:01 am – Ever since Cole shot Nick, he’s been trying to resuscitate Kevin, who died of a knife wound last week. Dana convinces him that after a week of trying, if Kevin isn’t coming back to life, he’s never coming back. She wants Cole to take off so she’ll take the blame, but he has a much better idea: They’ll detail the van and dump Nick and Kevin’s bodies in the handy swamp they just happened to be parked right next to! Cole thinks that not only is the only way out of this situation, but if someone happens to find the bodies, they’ll just think that Nick and Kevin are some kind of swamp creatures… which wouldn’t be far from the truth.
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Season 8 – 24 – 12 am to 1 am

Previously on “24”, we found out that:

After Jack kills people with his feet, he likes to wash those feet off using leaky pipes; When Russians don’t like table settings, they’ll use a shotgun to rearrange things; Arlo is still a big, weasel; Josef left a necklace behind as his calling card to become known as the super villain “The Jeweler”; It should have occurred to someone to look for a eerily glowing truck, since it’s the one carrying the radioactive fuel rods.

The following takes place between 12 am and 1 am:

12:00 am – Josef arrives with the fuel rods. He doesn’t seem the least bit winded, despite what it must have taken to single-handedly get that thing in the back of the van. Meanwhile, Jack is with Bazhaev and coordinates a call to Josef through Chloe. Josef answers the call, expecting an apology about the pizza he ordered for delivery, but it’s just his father Sergei.

Jack, in an attempt to scare Josef into giving up the rods, announces that “Jack Bauer” is talking to him. Jack tells him that Sergei was able to negotiate an immunity idol away from Survivor, even though it’s on another network. Josef isn’t impressed by this at first, because he’s still pretty upset about Sergei shooting Olaf. Finally, after Sergei points out that people with real guns are going to start coming after him. Sergei also says it’s likely that the nuclear fuel rods are going to make Josef’s hair fall out. Josef finally asks how handing over the fuel rods would work and agrees to hand them over.

Unfortunately for Josef, Fahrad is on a nearby rooftop with a guy holding one of those laser pointers. The guy points the laser pointer at Josef, sets off a loud “bang” sound effect and Josef falls over dead from fright.

In his deft management style, Hastings wants Jack to bring back Josef to CTU, clearly not paying attention to the fact they have no idea where Josef is. Fahrad and his bad guys get to the van, not realizing that the phone Josef was using was still on. Jack over hears part of their plan, which is that they need to make a new plan. At this point, one of the bad guys who has had a very bad experience with overage charges, sees the cell phone and stamps on it. This doesn’t seem to faze any of the other people with him, since they’re used to his hatred of cell phones.

12:07 am – Chloe analyzes the voice they were able to record from the cell phone before it was smashed, and discovers it was indeed Fahrad.

Arlo comes over and tells Hastings that Rob from the White House is on the phone.

Chloe calls Jack to ask how long it’s going to take to get Bazhaev to them, and to ask how he is doing after getting zapped with a car battery jumper cable. Jack says he is O.K. because he already cheered himself up by killing a couple of the bad guys. He then asks to talk to Renee who offers to sew him up as soon as she sees him, since she WAS the one that knifed him. They make some idle conversation about how Renee has to stick to her story, and that everything will be all right.

12:08 am – Hastings is in his office, and man, he’s excited because he gets to take custody of a real live Russian mafia guy within the next 15 minutes. He takes Rob’s call, and Rob rehashes everything we’ve seen over the last 8 minutes.

Rob is worried that Hastings is going to fail, which while it would be bad for Hastings, Rob asks Hastings to see the big picture: It’s going to be REALLY bad for Rob if things fail. So, he hatches a plan: Blame Renee! He’s already set things into motion, and has even ordered some “Blame Renee” t-shirts and bumper stickers. Hastings doesn’t want to blame Renee for anything, even questioning the fact that Vlad was stabbed fifteen times, since technically it could be self-defense. If it had been 200 times, then maybe it could have been on purpose, but even then he isn’t sure. Rob is sending Kristin Smith to “handle” everything.


12:14 am – Cole gets a phone call from Arlo, and asks about Dana. Arlo starts to explain that he suspects Dana is the last Cylon, but Cole just wants to know where she is. Arlo sends the coordinates of where Dana is to Cole’s phone, and Cole leaves to go after her.

12:16 am – Dana pulls up her car to a secluded area where Kevin has parked his van. It wouldn’t have been any kind of problem finding it, since the van is light blue with dents and large white pull tabs on top. Kevin and his buddy are in the van with a couple of girls. Dana is in her car with a gun, a silencer and a couple of bullets.
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