Six Articles before the Lost Premiere

It’s LOST Premiere Night!

As expected, there are a LOT of articles about Lost in various papers today. I’ve gotten six of those together here so you can get your LOST fix before the show tonight:

Houston Chronicle – contains spoilers
Mercury News – contains spoilers
USAToday – Highlights The Others
London Free Press – article about a new LOST book which was release yesterday
Toronto Star – quick article about Lindelof and Abrams
Arizona Republic – Quick synopsis before tonight’s show

The Business Behind ‘Lost’

Lost The Game

The New York Times is running an article that discusses the merchandising and business behind ‘Lost’, which is a lot larger than I had imagined.

The article talks about the many products that have been created for the show. I thought it was interesting that some of the books by other authors were books that which Lindelof didn’t like very much. ABC merchandising commissioned them. So, they created Bad Twin the book we saw Sawyer reading last year, and put hints about what was going on in the show in there.

There’s Lost – The Game, Lost T-shirts, trading cards, Lost figurines (created by Todd McFarlane), Lost puzzles, and more.

As previously mentioned, they’re writing 13 Webisodes for Lost, and the article talks a bit about the other shows (CSI, 24, The Office) that are doing, or wanting to do the same thing.

Well worth reading.

Article about the lead writers of LOST

USA Today is running an article that describes the relationship between LOST writers Carlton Cuse and David Lindelof. It describes how they first started working together, how Cuse is the “science” guy and Lindelof the “pop culture” guy, and the mini “Lost museum” Lindelof has in his office.

I was surprised to find out that Lindelof was so overwhelmed by the Lost project at first that he nearly quit three times! It’s a good thing he didn’t!

Charges against Mr. Eko actor dropped

Charges against Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje for driving without a driver’s license in Hawaii have been dropped after his lawyers were able to show the actor that plays Mr. Eko on LOST did have a valid license.

What is it with the Lost actors and driving? Reminds me of the Miami Vice cast and crew getting in driving trouble when they were still making that show.

Wonder if they can make it through a whole season without someone getting into trouble?

Entertainment Weekly’s Ultimate Lost Guide

Entertainment Weekly has a great new article, Lost: The Ultimate Viewer’s Guide, features profiles of twelve of the characters, predictions for what might happen to them during the upcoming season, and a short blurb for each of them on how they’re connected to other characters in the show. It also features a recap of the what happened during the last episode, speculation about the upcoming season and how the Lost Experience will end.

If you’re reading other posts, you’ll know that already.