24 – Season 8 – 7 pm to 8 pm

PREVIOUSLY ON “24”: Just happened! Hey! Pay Attention!

7:00 pm – Hastings tries to explain to Rob (who is riding in Taylor’s limo), that there was a wee bit of a screw up, but boy, oh, boy, one of “his” agents was trying to stop Hassan from getting blown up.

Turns out that Cole isn’t quite done playing CTU yet, and runs over to Hassan’s car to get him evacuated. Davros is headed straight for them when a car blocks his path. Cole gets Hassan evacuated, and calls Dana. Dana admits that Chloe knew all about what’s happening, and boy she feels stupid for not listening. Then she starts explaining more of her wedding plans, which Cole tunes out because he sees Davros. Davros makes the classic mistakes of 1) walking slowly, 2) walking alone, and 3) staring right at Cole while he’s walking. Cole runs after him, while Davros escapes into a building that’s been wrapped up in brown paper, ready to be shipped via the US Postal Service, which will mail anything.

7:02 pm – Jack and the good cop race towards where the building that Cole phoned in.

Farhad pretends to call the security detail to find out what’s going on, at Mrs. Hassan’s insistence. He really calls Davros, and finds out that Hassan is still alive. Davros tells him that it’s only a matter of time before everyone figures out what happened, and that he better get out of there as quietly and discretely as possible. So, Farhad does what anyone from his fake country would do, he stabs an officer in the neck with a knife and runs away. Farhad really needs to learn the different between “quietly and discretely” and “loudly and with great attention”.
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24 – Season 8 – 6 pm to 7 pm

Last time on “24”, we learned that that: Stupid people continued to ignore Jack and Chloe; Hassan’s gonna have to get a new inner circle, and like right away; Dana has a stalker; Someone shot a thigh, and it wasn’t Jack, and it’s likely he’s gonna be non-too please about that; CTU has some REALLY good cameras all over New York; Meredith is getting a really tough interrogation from Hastings, in which she was asked questions, and when she didn’t answer they way he wanted, he asked her again, using his “mad voice”.

6:00 pm – Rob is on the phone with Hastings, and he wants to be able to tell President Taylor they’re making progress. Hastings says that he’s pretty sure it’s not pronounced “progress”, it’s pronounced “Progresso”, and he’s fresh out. In the meantime, he’s going to work on getting more information out of Meredith. He’s also working with a perimeter, which may be the fastest we’ve ever seen a perimeter on the show.

6:01 pm – At CTU, Cole asks Dana if she’s been able to do anything with the encryption keys. She says it’s not like they were breaking into a WAP channel of a wireless router, and they both have a good (albeit geeky) laugh about that. They have a really cool decryption graphic, which is completely not the way decryption works. But it looks cool.

They also discuss Jack’s suspicion that Meredith isn’t the person they’re looking for, and Dana tells him that he sounds just like Obi Wan Kenobi when he talks like that. He lets her know that Jack is looking for the suspect on his own.
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24 – Season 8 – 5pm to 6pm

Last time on “24”, we learned that: If you see a glass box with an axe missing, take a couple of steps back; if you’re out of technology, even for less than a year, and even if you’re Chloe, it takes a while to get up to speed; if you hear the name “Jack Bauer” in any sentence, pay attention to what it is, and what he’s saying.

The following takes place between 5 pm and 6 pm, Standard Jack Axe Swinging Time!

5:00 pm – Davros phones someone to let them know that Victor is now an ex-Victor, but they need to speed things up.

5:01 pm – Cole phones CTU and is pretty upset that his helicopter went BOOM, most likely because he hadn’t finished making payments on it yet. Jack asks to talk to Hastings, and lets him know what Victor said about “someone close to Hassan”. Hastings insists that Jack come back to CTU for a debrief, and Jack finally agrees.

5:02 pm – Dana tells Hastings that she might have a lead on the insider, and mumbles some almost convincing technical stuff about how they did it. He tells her to have Chloe work on it too, “if it won’t slow you down”. Luckily for him, Chloe didn’t hear this or she would have tasered him.

5:03 pm – At a presidential press conference with Hassan, they all declare victory, no matter what the question is. While this is going on, Rob gets a phone call from Hastings to warn about what’s going on with Hassan. Rob wants Hastings to “handle it”, without warning Hassan about what’s happening. Rob asks to talk to Taylor privately.

5:04 pm – Hassan gets a phone call from that blonde woman, and she wants to see him soon. He invites her to his “private office”, which isn’t a euphmism, he really has a private office.

5:07 pm – Arlo tells Hastings “I told you so” about the anti-missile system which might have saved the helicopter, which goes over just about as well as you might expect. Hastings starts to smart off to Chloe, and she’s starting to regain the old Chloe style we all loved. They find that Meredith is the one that got into the servers at the UN, which is a pretty good trick since she isn’t even using a smart phone right now.
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24 – Season 8 – 4 pm to 5 pm

Last time on “24”: Was a long time ago, and Jack was left in a coma. Kim, Jack’s daughter, agreed to an experimental treatment that MAY (yeah, maybe… suuuuuure, “maybe”…) save Jack’s life. Even in a coma, Jack could kick everyone’s butts. We’re pretty sure he’s up and around, he just doesn’t know that he’s about to be up and kicking butts for the next 24 hours.

So, get ready and set up some perimeters! Jack’s in New York!

The following takes place between 4pm and 5pm, Coordinated Jack Bauer Thigh Shootin’ Time!

4:00 pm – In downtown New York, a sniper attempts to shoot a guy in a red coat that just got out of a cab without paying. They’re really strict about not paying fares in New York. The guy in the red coat goes into an apartment building and into an apartment only to find that an actor friend of his took his role in the new version of Psycho a little too seriously… his friend is dead in the shower. So, he does want anyone would do in that situation. He uses his “phone a friend”, and finds out this guy is dead too! He’s running out of lifelines quickly.

Red coat guy leaves the apartment… only it’s not him! It’s a junky he gave the coat to; the junky clearly hasn’t seen any shows where people get killed for exchanging coats. Meanwhile, the original owner of the coat steals a car, and drives away. He does get shot by the Taxi Cab Company Sniper, but he drives off.

4:04 pm – Up in another apartment, Jack is baby sitting his grand daughter. She’s bored with the generic non-copyrighted cartoon she’s watching, so Jack changes the channel to the news, which is sure to bore that poor little girl out of her mind. Kim calls Jack to check up on him, and to make sure Jack hasn’t shot any bears at the zoo.

4:05 pm – Kim and Stephen talk things over about Jack, and it turns out that Jack been given a clean bill of health and he’s free to inhale toxic gas to save the world whenever the need arises.

4:06 pm – Outside of the UN, a fake news reporter announces that President Hassan and President Taylor are going to make a very important speech about dismantling a nuclear weapons program and that everything is going to just be great.

4:07 pm – Inside, it’s not so great. Taylor, Hassan, Ethan Kanin, and Farhad Hassan (President’s Hassan’s brother) argue about who gets to watch the nuclear weapons program get dismantled, when they shouldn’t have been mantled in the first place. Taylor wants the US to do it, Hassan wants the IAEA to do it, and someone in the back of the negotiating room wants Paula Abdul to do it, since she’s not busy right now anyway. They adjourn the discussion. Taylor tells Ethan to try and get things to work out for Hassan, since he’s a “once in a lifetime leader”, much like the “once in a lifetime leader” from all the previous seasons of 24.
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