Before Watching Heroes: “Four Months Ago”

As much as I like the show Heroes, I think they’ve made some mistakes this season. They’ve been losing viewers because of having a storyline that’s pretty complex and “mysterious”, the same thing the producers criticized “LOST” for.

One problem is that they’ve waited this long to tell the story of what happened immediately after last season’s finale. That will finally be answered tonight. I’m sure this is because of the surprise ending from last week. That story needed to be told so they could move Kensei into the story where it made sense, so we’d know who he was.

I understand that’s just their way of telling the story, but it looks like many people in the audience didn’t like that a bit because they’ve been losing viewers. When the season started, characters had moved on, without a hint of what happened.

But that’s not the biggest problem. It’s the “If we don’t stop this, a catastrophe will happen at some point in the future” storyline. A devastated city! Wait… Didn’t we see that before? Oh, that’s right… season one! I have to say my first thought was that they time-traveled back to season one, before the writer’s strike.

And, oh look! They brought back the paintings made by someone that can paint the future! Oh boy!

There are many different directions the show could be taking. The “save the future” and “future paintings” have been done.

Heroes – Kindred

Spoilers, as usual, ahead…

I think this was the strongest episode of the three episodes so far. Just a couple of points: How could Sylar realize that Candice’s powers only created the illusion of where he was? Couldn’t he tell from his experience in the opening scene that’s what would happen? What prevented her from creating an illusion when Sylar attacked?

Well, now that Sylar has her power (even if he doesn’t realize it yet), he just got a LOT more dangerous. Making people see what you want them to see is going to be pretty dangerous.

I think Hiro’s destined to take over as Takezo Kensei, or take a larger role. It really doesn’t make sense that he’ll just let the girl go to Kensei.

One last thing… I really don’t want to see Claire clip anything any time soon.

Heroes episode “Lizards”

As usual, spoilers ahead…

Just a couple of points about last night’s episode.

Finding out that Maya and Alejandro were twins, and then seeing that Alejandro was able to absorb whatever was going wrong with Maya made me think “Wonder Twin Powers – Activate!”

I thought that Hiro was going to have to take over for Kensei, since everything seemed to be leading up to that. They even went so far as to get Hiro into Kensei’s armor. Then at the last minute, when it seemed clear that Hiro was going to have to become Kensei to carry on the “legend”, Kensei healed from the wound! That was pretty convenient – “I got shot with arrows! I thought I was dead! Phew! Glad these mysterious powers showed up!”

Unless I missed something that’s been revealed, I’m beginning to think that Angella Petrelli’s “hero power” is being rich. Maybe talking people into things. I don’t know. Whatever it was, it sure didn’t help her when she got attacked.

Speaking of which, that attack was made by someone that was invisible? Claude? Nah… He would have never survived the fall from the building when Kaito died.

Heroes: How To Stop An Exploding Man

Spoilers ahead
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Nice wrap up for the show, and I came pretty close in with my prediction for what was going to happen, but I guessed that Peter would grab Sylar and fly off. Turns out that Nathan grabbed his brother, Peter, and flew off.

Whatever happens next, Sylar and Peter will be back.

So a couple of questions:

Did we ever see what Nathan and Peter’s mother’s power was?

What’s going to happen to Hiro? Is he actually the sword fighter he admired in the stories his father told him?

Who is the REALLY bad guy that Molly is afraid of? I’m not talking about Sylar. I’m talking about the guy that can see Molly when she tries to find him?

And, why was Sylar able to stop bullets but wasn’t able to stop Hiro from killing him?

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Heroes: Landslide

Spoilers ahead – Don’t read this if you haven’t seen “Landslide”

Another good episode of Heroes, which went off in a couple of directions that I didn’t expect, mainly that two of the bad guys, Linderman and Thompson both died! I expected that in the finale, and maybe not even then. That was a surprise. Especially how Linderman died.

I didn’t particularly like the way the whole Jessica/Niki thread resolved itself, and frankly, I never really liked that character that much either. The actress, Ali Larter does a great job, but the character seems so out of place with the rest of the show.

Next Monday is finale night! Let’s hope it’s a good one.

Any guesses for how it’s going to end? My guess is that Syler will indeed blow up, but Peter will grab him and fly off with him before he can explode. Peter will survive because of the powers he gained from Claire.

A connection between Lost and Heroes?

Are “Lost” and “Heroes” connected?

Considering the shows are are on completely different networks, I would have to say the answer to that would be a big “NO”, but it’s thinks like this that make people think it is:

Officials could “round us all up, stick us in a lab on some island in the middle of the ocean,” Nathan said. And within nanoseconds, the clarion call clanged out in cyberspace: “Heroes” mentions island! It must be a reference to “Lost”!

Me? References, yes…. Real connections? No way.

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