LOST Season 5 Sneak Peak Spoiler!

Spoilers ahead!

Here’s the website for three new videos from the producers of LOST:


Spoilers in video #3!

I’m sure you can guess who this is:

But who are these guys? Watch the video to video to find out!

Whoa! Lawyers coming to Kate’s door looking to verify her parenthood? After thinking it over, I’d have to say this is the work of Charles Widmore, because besides the Oceanic 6, there are no other people that really know that Aaron is not really Kate’s son. If it’s NOT Widmore… who else could it possibly be?

I was a little surprised Kate went out by the front door, because there’s no way someone’s NOT watching Kate’s house.

All in all, I think that sets up a REALLY good reason for Kate to get back to the island, if nothing else then to evade the people that are looking for her. One has to wonder whether the other Oceanic survivors will have similar encounters!

Lost Season 5 Spoilers

A few minor spoilers about the upcoming season of Lost from The Chicago Tribune, so don’t read further unless you really want to know.

  • Patrick Fischler (Jimmy, of “Mad Men”) is going to appear for one episode

  • Miles and Daniel Faraday are joining the cast as regulars

  • Claire, Michael and, Jin are off the show as regulars (but we all know they’ll likely show up off and on anyway…)
  • As previously reported here, Reiko Aylesworth is joining the cast for four episodes

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

LOST: Is Jin Alive?

Well, well, well… Hot on the heals of Claire’s news, there’s still no definitive answer to Jin’s fate, but TVSquad thinks that Jin might be alive still, and there are definite hints in this interview over at EW.com.

Jin might just be a ghost running around the island, but I don’t think so. Given Jin’s been around the water a lot (son of a fisherman, remember?), and that the island doesn’t get rid of people until they’ve served its purpose, it’s likely that Jin will be floating in that water at the beginning of next season.

Just think: Sun is the new Penny, and Jin is the new Desmond. Powerful women, both trying to find the fate of their men.

LOST: Daniel Filmed The Secret Dharma Video

The Dharma video that was shown at Comic Con 2008 was posted previously, but here it is again. Take a look. The man who finally reveals himself as “Pierre Chang” speaks to someone off camera. Listen to the guy who’s filming Pierre.

Maybe it’s just me, but this sounds a lot like Daniel Faraday.

What do you think?