A 14th Episode of LOST This Season?

According to TV Guide, Lost might be getting a 14th episode this season, rather than just the 13 we’ve already been promised:

According to one of my 815 snitches, Team Darlton is in advanced talks with ABC to produce — wait for it, wait for it — an additional hour of Lost this season!

That’s clearly good news for LOST fans. I think it’s also a sign that the original plan for this season was a lot harder to tell in just 13 episodes, and they really needed that 14th episode to cram everything in.

Thanks to Andy for the pointer to this!

A “Lost” Surprise


Minor spoilers ahead

Communication with the past, warning about things that you may or may not be able to change, universe course corrections… I’m talking about “Lost”, right? Nope. I’m talking about “Frequency”.

We were catching up on some old movies while we’re waiting for new episodes of LOST (and other shows… new Earl this Thursday!), and decided to rent “Frequency”, which I’ve never seen. Much to my surprise, one of the characters in the movie is none other than Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays “Juliet” on LOST. It was a pretty good movie, a little predictable in places, but fun none the less. If you haven’t seen the movie, check it out.

Time Traveling Charlie… And Locke?

Ha! That figures. I completely forgot something until I saw it tonight.

Last week I wrote about how Charlie was probably time traveling the way Desmond has been doing, but wondered what happened that allowed him to do it.

Turns out, Charlie probably experienced EXACTLY what Desmond did. I’d forgotten that the people near the hatch when it exploded were Desmond, Mr. Eko, John Locke, and ….Charlie! Charlie was downstairs in the hatch with Eko when everything started flying through the air.

It’s not much of a leap to think that if the explosion effected Desmond that way, the same ability was transferred to Charlie.

And probably Locke too. We haven’t see this aspect of Locke, but we’ve seen him healed several times.

We might not be sure about Eko, but if he shows up “where he’s not supposed to be” (as Ms. Klugh would put it), then I think it pretty much confirms the theory that they all gained this ability.

Walt and Those Dead Birds

This is probably an old theory, but I haven’t seen it anywhere, so I thought I’d throw this out there:

Magnetism plays a big part in the story of the island. People say Walt is “special” right? What if what makes him special is that something about him makes him able to affect magnetic fields?

Check this out:


It’s a page that talks about how birds use magnetic orientation to navigate.

It Walt can affect magnetic fields, wouldn’t it throw off nearby birds? He’s probably doing it by accident, which would explain the dead birds we’ve seen on the show and the webisodes.

LOST: An Overall Theory About The Fight For The Island.

I was thinking about this a bit more and realized that all this time bopping around might have bigger significance:

Here we have an island that’s been around a long, long time. People find the island ever so often. The people that already live there either stay hidden, or grab people to be part of the bigger group because they’re good candidates. (But candidates for what? More on that later.)

In more modern times, the island is discovered, but this time by someone that thinks they can exploit whatever power the island has to their own benefit. They set up shop. They start experiments in magnetism, screw around with time to see if they can control it.

Meanwhile, the original inhabitants stay hidden. They stay hidden until they find a kid (Ben) on the island that’s receptive to what the island is really all about, and one of them (Richard) goes to talk to him. They bide their time until Ben gets older.

They hatch (ha…excuse the pun) a plan: They want to make sure that no one ever accidently runs across the island again. The problem? They women there can’t have children, and they need to figure out why this is happening. If they figure that out, they’re good to go. The island can stay hidden.

So what are they hiding? The very thing the researchers (and really, their backers) are trying to exploit: time travel.

In The Original Others hands, everything is fine. They can help steer the time line the way they always have. The were able to bring in “good candidates” to help them. People with abilities like Walt’s are “special”, because they’re already to the point where they can be trained to control what The Original Others already know how to do.

In the hands of the researchers and industrialists, time travel technology wouldn’t just be bad, it would be disastrous.

And that’s why Ben is fighting tooth and nail to keep those newcomers off the island. They’re the paramiltary group that the industrials have sent in, because they’re not going down without a fight?

Who are those guys? Widmore probably… Mr. Paik maybe.

What do you think? Does this sound right?

LOST Season 3 Finale With Annoying Text

Lost Logo

Season 3 Finale! With Pop-up text! Sounded like a great idea!


From the very first message, I knew what they did was a big mistake: They gave away the surprise ending! If you were one of the last LOST fans to see the finale, it ruined the ending right there. Phrases like “fancy phone”, and other things made those messages pretty annoying.

In the end, I just ignored the messages and watched the show. I hope they never do that again.

I did realize something that I hadn’t noticed before: Sawyer called Hurley, “Hugo”. Remember when Sawyer was reading through all the messages that people put in the bottle? He wondered out loud about the message that Hurley wrote, because it said something about the $150+ million. Maybe I missed it (and if I did, please let me know which episode it was in), but I don’t think Sawyer ever said anything about that to Hurley… Did he?

Looking forward to the premiere tomorrow! I can’t wait!