LOST – My Theories of The End

Well, just 3.5 hours to left, and then LOST is done.

I thought now would be a good time to put down some theories about how things are going to end. Here are a few guesses, and my percentages for how true I think they are.

Kate, Richard and Sawyer are going to die. 90% probability

Widmore wants to get Desmond to retrieve the source of the power of the island, which only he can do, since he’s magnetism-proof and would be able to withstand the forces that ripped The Man in Black apart. Widmore thinks he has a way of containing it, but is going to end up with the same fate as the Man in Black. – 90 % probability

Someone (probably Hurley) is going to throw Jacob’s ashes into the smoke monster, killing it. Note that when I say “Jacob’s ashes”, I mean the ashes of Jacob’s body that Illana collected from the pit where Jacob’s body burned. These are the same ashes that Hurley found amongst Illana belongings, after she blew up. – 70% probability

Ben will volunteer to be the new guardian of The Island, instead of Jack taking over. 60% probability

Jack will leave the island using the wheel that Ben did to get off the island. – 50% probability

Jack’s going to end up being transported back in time, and will end up being Ray Shepard, his own “grandfather”. – 30% probability. (I’ve always liked this theory).

What do YOU think is going to happen?

LOST – Across The Sea

Spoilers ahead!

Just finished watching “Across the Sea”, and it was a good one. Here are my observations on tonight’s show:

Question answered: It was confirmed that Jacob and the Man in Black are brothers, as I early suspected.

It was left up in the air is how The Woman made it so they couldn’t kill each other. I think that’ll end up being one of the unanswered mysteries.

They were on the island about 43 years before Jacob hurt his brother and threw him down the Life Well (I’m gonna call it that, for lack of a better term).

Question answered: We got to see the origin of The Wheel.

I’m a little torn about this one: Can the Man in Black leave the island by turning the wheel now? Or is that something he could only do while he was alive?

Question answered: The skeletons Jack and Kate found were of The Woman and The Man in Black, not Adam and Eve or any of the LOST 815ers.

Question answered: We know the “inside joke” of the black and white stones.

How long after these events did it take for The Man in Black to appear to Jacob. How freaked out must Jacob have been at THAT happening?

A couple of theories:

It appears to me that what happened to the Man in Black was that all his inner “goodness” was absorbed by the Light Well, and all his “badness” was released. Not a good thing. I suspect Widmore is going to end up this way, because he doesn’t understand the true nature of what that Light Well can really do.

It really seems that Widmore (and the rest) aren’t really looking for magnetism. That’s just a byproduct of finding what they’re REALLY looking for, the source to the Life Well. That’s what they really need Desmond for… to be able to take whatever is the real source of that extreme magnetism and get it off the island. Desmond’s (probably) the only person that can get close enough to it, and not die.

That’s it for now. What did you think of tonight’s episode?

LOST – Widmore and Man in Black – Working Together?

Something’s been bothering me…

How did UnLocke know to take that watch from the dead body BEFORE he found the explosives on the plane?

Did he already know the explosives would be there?

There are a few possibilities:

1) It was a writing error in the show.
2) UnLocke spied on the plane, and knew they were planting explosives.
3) Widmore planted the explosives for UnLocke to pick up.

It’s always bothered me that Widmore was exiled from the Island by Ben. I had heard a backstory (somewhere…can’t remember where), that this was because he was taking unauthorized trips off the island. I don’t think that’s actually been said in the show (correct me if I’m wrong).

I’m guessing that the real reason Widmore was exiled is that he was talking or doing something with the Man in Black. That relationship might still be intact.

Why doesn’t Widmore kill them? Might be against the rules.

Hard to tell at this point, but I have a hard time believing the Widmore came back to the island personally to make sure UnLocke doesn’t leave.

LOST – The Candidate

Spoilers ahead!


That was one heck of an episode. A few thoughts about what we just watched:

Nice getting “The Candidate” (The title of the show) out of the way right away. I thought this was going to be completely centered around Locke, and it turns out that it was Locke-centric, and throughout the show we found out how Locke got into that wheelchair. I thought it was interesting that in the “real” world, a plane crash on the island caused him to walk, but in the “sideways” world, a plane crash caused him to be confined to a wheelchair. Locke still blames himself for what happened to his father, so I’m not sure what the heck it’s going to take to get him to agree to it.

Does the fact that John Locke in the sideways world knows how to fly a plane… does that mean that UnLocke does too? Don’t think so, but I thought I’d throw that out there.

Did you notice that Jack had trouble with John’s dural sac? That’s the same thing he had to repair in a surgery in the “real world”.

John’s near death experience had him speaking lines from when he was on the island: “You have to push the button” and “I wish you had believed me”. That second line made John pause when he heard Jack repeat it.

Good seeing Bernhard again. I liked his “I hope you find what you’re looking for” line to Jack.

I sure didn’t see bomb in the sub coming, but one of the people I was watching with did. I had wondered why UnLocke pulled that watch from the dead body near the plane (after he killed the guy), and it sure didn’t take long for an answer to that. Weird that UnLocke grabbed it before finding the bomb; he must have known it was there. Anyway, I thought it was great how UnLocke knew it would be human nature to try and tamper with the bomb, which caused it to explode. If only Sawyer had listened to Jack. Can’t say that I was surprised he didn’t, especially after Jughead exploded at the beginning of the season. There was no talking Sawyer out of that one.

What’s with that wooden box? I mean, I know it had a mirror in it (which is a running theme this season), and it played “Catch a Falling Star”. Any other significance?

Jack’s catching on to the coincidence of being on 815, big time. Not sure where that’s going to lead though.

Sayid – There was some good left in him. Great way to go out, trying to save everyone. I’ll be sad to see him go. Apparently, Jack’s the one that’s going to end up being the new Jacob too. Desmond’s still OK. He’s at the bottom of a well, but OK. That’s where the survivors are headed next, I’m sure.

I’m gonna miss Frank.

Sun and Jin. Wow that was hard to watch. Great characters. My biggest complaint at the very end was that they cut to commercial a beat too quickly.

More recalled lines: “What happened, happened”.

edit: One more thing….Where the heck are Richard and Ben?

Remember, Jorge Garcia is on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight!

What did you think of the show?

How LOST Will End

As the time for series finale gets closer, people have asked me how I think LOST will end. I’ve never had any insider information for any of this, so if you’re looking for definitive answers, hang out around the ABC studios, because that’s the only place that has them right now.

And even they won’t have the definitive answers. The series show runners, Damon Lindelof and Carlon Cuse have already stated that there’s going to be a lot of theorizing about what the end of LOST means, in typical LOST fashion. They’re even going so far as to go into a “blackout” phase when the show ends, and won’t be giving any interviews to try and “explain” things.

This all points to questions that won’t be answered at the end of the series. My hope is that they won’t be the BIG questions; what fans really want answers to are what happen to the main characters. If they don’t answer that, I think people will be disappointed.

Enough of that.

What do I think is going to happen? If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you’ll know I’ve thrown a lot of theories out there. Some of them have stuck, and some haven’t. At one point I was pretty convinced that the smoke monster was a cloud of nanobots. We all know now that it’s not, and it was a decent theory at the time, but….

What I’m saying is, take the following with a grain of salt. We’ll see how close I was when the series ends.

The Sideways Timeline.

I believe that what the writers have been doing this season is showing the aftermath of the events in the “real” timeline we’ve been following since the beginning of the series. In other words, they knew that people would want to know what happened to the characters after the show ended, and that’s what we’ve been seeing for this entire season in the sideways timeline.

I think the “resolution”, if you can call it that, is that all of the characters who were on the island will come to realize they did have another life on the island, and the events that took place there have resulted in the timeline they’re in now. Whatever happens in the “real” timeline from here on out will be remembered by the people in the “sideways” timeline, and they’re just going to have to live with it, because that’s the life they will have from now on.

The one thing (as of this writing) that supports this theory is that Desmond has a strangely calm “air” about him on the island. He appears to realize that the events on the island are going to unfold in a certain way… and that’s just the way it is. I believe he realizes that he realizes that no matter what happens, the true destiny of people on the island will be in the “sideways” timeline.

Eloise’s reaction in the “sideways” timeline supports this as well. She called what he was doing a “violation”. A violation of what?

I’m guessing that it’s a violation of an agreement that someone makes in the “real” timeline. That agreement is likely to be something like: You have a choice. You can continue in this timeline and let things play out as they are (which is likely to be bad) or you can make a sacrifice, and give everyone in the “sideways” timeline a new life.

I’m just throwing that out there. What the sacrifice is, I have no idea. It could be Desmond giving up his life on the island, it could be someone volunteering to take over as the Man in Black to keep his power under control, it could be about anything.

It’s just an idea.

What do you think?