Lost Season 6 – LA X – Some thoughts


It’s great to see LOST back, and it was great seeing the new episodes!

OK… a bunch of random thoughts:

It appears that the narrative Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (the producers of LOST) are going to use this season is dual timelines: One where Flight 815 never crashed, and the other which picks back up where last season left off. Are these timelines going to converge?

One of the biggest questions was answered: What was the smoke monster? The Man in Black. Of course, in true LOST fashion, a new question cropped up. He told Ben that he wanted to go home… Where, exactly, is “home”?

Another more minor question was also answered: The ash. The ash was used quite a bit during the premiere, and we saw that it was indeed a protective mechanism. At least, it should have been… didn’t quite work out that well. The real question is, what was the ash at the cabin protecting? Was it Jacob? I think at this point we have to assume it was, but then… why was the ash circle found to be broken when Ilana saw it last season?

Killing the Man in Black will be difficult…. notice how the bullets bounced off of him? Anyone attempting to kill the Man in Black will they themselves be killed. I don’t think he can kill them otherwise. I think of all the survivors, Sayid and Sawyer in the most trouble in this regard.

The real big thing was seeing Sayid come back from the dead. Did you notice how Miles had a weird look on his face when he was near “dead” Sayid? He realized that something wasn’t quite right. I think this bodes well for Locke… he could be back from the dead too.

Another interesting thing was watching Richard’s reaction when he realized that it wasn’t really Locke. Especially when “Locke” said something about the shackles, which apparently alluded to the slave ship, the Black Rock.

I also thought it was interesting that the “Man in Black” said the Locke realized he had a “pitiful life” before they got to the island. In a way, all the main 815ers did. Locke had an unhappy life after his marriage, Sawyer turned out to be a killer, Kate was on the run, Hurley was bad luck for all those around him, Sayid was a torturer.

One of my big questions is: Does Christian Shepard’s lost coffin have an significance?

That’s it for now. I’m going to watch everything again pretty soon, and write some more thoughts after I do.

What did you think of tonight’s show?

LOST Theories: Handing Over The Keys To The Island

I, like most other LOST fans, have been trying to figure out how things are going to be resolved, and I’ve come up with something I think is pretty plausible.

I’ve come to believe that not only are The Others caretakers of The Island, but they’re facilitators to make sure that in case the balance of The Island shifts, that they have some means to correct it.

Now, I have NO idea what circumstances will lead to this, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that since Jacob is now dead, rules on the island are going to shift pretty dramatically, and the only way to stop bad things from happening is to get rid of the Man in Black. I think that’s the likely focus of this season.

Since the balance has to be retained, they’re going to need replacements? But who?

I think that Widmore is finally going to get his wish. He’s going to come back to the island, and gain some control. I think that in the end, it’s not going to be what he expects. I believe that he’s going to take the place of the Man in Black, and he’s really not going to like it.

Jacob’s replacement? Now, logically, I think it would have to be Locke… the big downside of this theory is that he’s not alive. But, who said that he has to be alive? Who ever said that Jacob and the Man in Black are alive? Maybe Ben’s “killing” Jacob wasn’t really a death in the classic sense, but just a dispersal of whatever being Jacob was?

I kinda ruled out Ben, simply because I don’t think he’s the right guy to replace either of them… although it would be pretty ironic to have Widmore and Ben be in the eternal struggle on the island. Perhaps everything Ben has recently gone through will make him the right candidate?

So, what do you think? Off base? Right on? Somewhere in between?

LOST Theories: More Theories Before Season 6 Starts

Spoilers ahead – You’ve been warned….

If you haven’t seen the LOST Season 6 Promo, go watch it now. I’ll be here….

…You back? Good.

Here are some random theories:

1) It didn’t occur to me until just now, but just because Jack is wearing that jumpsuit in the promo, it doesn’t mean they’re still in 1977. In fact, darn near the only way they wouldn’t have been vaporized is for them to be transported to a different time. Whether that’s present day, or earlier in the LOST timeline, it’s hard to say.

On the one hand, if it is earlier, then the Jack being his own grandfather seems more likely (although, as I’ve said before, it could take place because Jack turns that wheel). It would be quite something for Jack to be off the island until he grew old and for him to return.

On the other hand, if you watch the promos, “Locke” (probably the Man in Black) is talking to Sawyer, and in the very last scene, it appears he’s talking to Richard Alpert. That probably indicates being in the present day.

2) My earlier theory about Sayid getting branded as “not one of The Others” probably isn’t right either. I mean, if he’s one of The Others, why get branded? Because he’s with them, but not one of them? Seems kinda weird. It makes a lot more sense if he were branded to become an Other. Who knows though… maybe he got branded because he tried to steel one of the island cows….

OK… on to new things:

3) What if Richard Alpert is actually Jacob in disguise? It sure would explain him not aging. It might be the Jacob brought the ship to the island, and once the real Richard died, Jacob took his place. Maybe the “dead” Richard were disguised as Jacob this whole time. What a perfect disguise for Jacob to be in while the Man In Black tried to carry out his “loophole” scheme.

4) If Locke is really dead, is he going to be back as Locke… in any way? I mean, from the promo and from what we’ve seen at the end of last season, sure seems as though Locke is still being portrayed as the Man in Black. Locke may come back as some kind of guide, and perhaps we’ll see “present day” Locke return. Whatever happens, I hope we do see him as Locke (not MiB), since he’s such a great character.

5) Why in the heck was Ben trying to get women to have babies on the island? What happened between Horace Goodspeed’s child being born and the start of the show which made it impossible for women to carry to full term? The bomb maybe? Then we probably wouldn’t see a lot of wildlife on the island, because it would probably be a problem for them too. Maybe a curse? Possibly. I do think that one of the reasons Ben wanted women to carry to full term was so the island could go “independent”. Meaning, they’d cut all ties to the “real world”, so they’d never have to go back, and they’d keep the island away from Widmore.

Any theories or thoughts? Write ’em in the comments.

LOST Theories: Those Darn Numbers

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

Those darn numbers gave Hurley so much grief over the last five seasons. All that bad luck.

Which is kinda weird, considering using them made him a millionaire. What if he hadn’t stopped using them? Would he have continued to have good luck?

What if that’s the real curse of the numbers? Using them meant that you HAD to continue to use them, or bad things would happen.

Think about that for a minute. If they numbers were “charmed” in some way, that would explain why those numbers had to be typed in all the time. It also parallels what happened when they stopped using the numbers.

Just a thought.

LOST Theories: Christian’s Death and the Plane Flight

While I’m winging my way down the whole Jack’s going to time travel path, here are a couple more things that bothered me: The circumstances of Christian’s death and why all those people were on the plane in the first place. I think the two are related.

This is something Doc Jensen brought up on twitter, and I’d like to talk about it for a bit. Here’s what he said:

THEORY! More to Christian Shephard’s death than meets the eye. Booze? Okay. Or maybe Jacob, to manipulate Jack to The Island?

Or maybe… Ben? Remember Locke’s body had to play the role of Christian Shephard on Ajira 316. Maybe there are more similarties…

Locke was deemed a suicide. Funny: Technically, so was Christian’s. Locke’s death motivated Jack to The Island. Ditto Christian.

Maybe Ben HAD to murder Locke per the requirements of replicating the exact conditions of the Oceanic flight….

Locke had to be murdered not just to met the dead body requirement, but to meet the murder victim rquirement, too.

Jack later added his father’s shoes, and voila! Perfect Murdered Christian Shephard Doppleganger!

I’ll go even further with this idea: I think Christian was murdered in order to get Jack onto that plane. And it might even have been done by Ben, or possibly Jack himself, if you subscribe to the “I”m my own grandpa” theory. The crazy thing (to me at least) about Christian’s death is that he left that wallet behind in the hotel room. Guys don’t usually leave their wallets behind when going places. If Christian was confronted in his hotel room, and taken from it, he wouldn’t have had time to take it before he died. The death could have been staged to look like a suicide.

Now, the thrust of the last season may just be that in order to create the circumstances which brought them to the island in the first place, the 815ers have to create the circumstances to get themselves on that plane. I know it’s a bit of circular logic (hey, what time travel story isn’t?), but I’ve always had the feeling that someone made sure that everyone got onto that initial plane flight. In order for them to want to do this in the first place, they’re going to have to buy into the “save the island, save the world” idea. More on that later.

LOST Theories: I’m My Own Grandpa

One of the things that seemed pretty heavy handed in Season 5 was the visit Jack made to his grandfather.

Jack went there to visit his grandfather, Ray. The grandfather asked about Kate. Jack noticed his father’s shoes, asked for them, and left.

Didn’t that seem a little “Paolo and Nikki”? And, by that I mean, didn’t that character seem to come out of nowhere? Sure did to me.

I’ve speculated before that Jack’s grandfather might actually be Jack himself. I don’t think that’s entirely out of the question. We know that he’s been trying to escape the retirement home he’s in. He’s stated that he’d escape and claimed, “They won’t ever find me, either.” He had a pair of Christian’s shoes, which he’d need if he were trying to recreate a plane trip to the island.

Let’s say for a moment that it’s true. What would be the ramifications of this? Well, first, it means that Jack won’t be dead by the end of the show, at least not the younger Jack we’ve been watching all this time. Second, it could mean that Jack is actually Christian’s father. (How’s that for a mindbender?) Third, it means that somehow, likely to save people on the island, that Jack will travel back in time. My guess would be that he’ll end up pushing wheel sometime in the future, and get bounced to the past, before Christian was born.

Question is, what happens to “older” Jack in the end? Would he be content to hang around an old folks home? I suppose it’s possible he’d be content to do so, but if he left someone behind (say, Kate), I think he’d try to do what he could to get back to the island. That might mean he’d end up being one of the skeletons holding one of the black and white stones, in the end.

Plus, he sure as heck looks like he could be an older version of Jack.

What do you think?

LOST Theories: That Plane…

Spoilers from Season 5 ahead… I warned you!

Something’s been bothering me, and I wonder if it has been bothering anyone else.

Say that the blast Juliet set off did reset everything, and flight 815 didn’t crash on the island. Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sawyer…. They all did whatever they were going to do if it hadn’t crashed.

What happened to all the other people? Not people like Rose and Bernard. I mean, all the dead people!

In thinking about this, I’m pretty sure that what will end up happening is that there WILL be a crash. Just not on the island. A lot of people will die, but the “815-ers” will survive and be rescued.

Any thoughts about this?

LOST: What Happens Next?

SPOILERS AHEAD – You’ve been warned.

I watched all five seasons of LOST over the last couple of months, finishing up a few days ago. Since the show is starting up again in less than a month, I thought I’d start writing about the show again, just to get some of the ideas down.

What’s going to happen after the bomb went off at the end of Season 5?

They have a couple of things to resolve. First, what happened to everyone (Jack, Kate, Sawyer) the bomb went off?

If they accomplished their goal, then the plane didn’t crash, and they really didn’t know each other after the plane landed. I think this carries through to the present day when simultaneously realize that they have the shared experience of what happened on this island. It’s much like what happened to Desmond, when he woke up and realized that the memory he had of Daniel Faraday banging on the hatch door. I think the first few episodes of the season will be how they all get back together again because of this shared experience.

Boone, Shannon, Eko, Paulo, Nikki, Charlie, Faraday, Charlotte, Claire… all will survive. I don’t think we’ll see Nikki or Paulo – or if we do, it’ll be very briefly.

It isn’t going to turn out well for everyone, I think, particularly Rose and Bernard. Since Rose never experiences the healing power of the island, she’ll end up dying of cancer. Bernard, who will be understandably distraught about losing Rose, will be hard hit when he ends up “remembering” the island, and having a life with Rose there.

Second, what happens to all the people in the present day (Sun, Ben, etc)? That’s the big question. If Sun didn’t crash on the island in the first place, what takes place in the past to put her on the present day island? Is there something that does that, or will it be more like what we saw when Sawyer’s group was skipping through time – aware of the people that were there, but unable to interact with them?

There’s also the question of what happens in present day now that Jacob is out of the picture? (And, a bigger question, is he really gone?) Illana’s group was working with Jacob (he did visit her in that hospital), so it’s likely they’re going to be foes of whoever the Man in Black really is. I think it’s also likely that since Jacob is gone, and the Man in Black is no longer held in check, some bad things are going to start happening – probably throughout the world.

I think it’s possible that the group that regains their “memories” of the island will realize that these “bad things” are a result of something that happened on the island, and that’s what’s going to compel most of them to go back for the final time. Jin won’t need a reason like that… he’ll want to find Sun.

What about John Locke? I think he’ll end up being alive again, since the plane didn’t crash, but will have the same “old memories” the rest of Jack’s group has. He’ll likely be a in a wheelchair, and will really, REALLY want to get back to the island so he can be cured again.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll write up some ideas about other things that occurred to me while re-watching the show.

If you want to write some of your ideas about what I’ve said here, please feel free to leave a comment.

LOST Statue – Sobek

Here are a couple of pictures of the statue show in the LOST finale. As commenters in the previous thread have stated, it’s very likely that it’s the Egyptian god Sobek:

Now, two interesting things about Sobek – he’s carrying an ankh, which represents the ability to undo evil and cure ills.

Also, Sobek merged himself with Ra, to become Sobek-Ra.

Think about that a second. Where else have we seen the letters “R” “A” – Richard Alpert, perhaps?