LOST – Everyone Loves Hugo – Theories and Observations

Spoilers ahead

Another great episode, full of surprises!

First some of the things I saw:

  • Pierre Chang (aka. Dr. Marvin Candle) – the guy from the films that were first seen in the Hatch, was the announcer for Hugo’s award presentation. …And it sure seemed like that might have been a memorial service.

  • Good to see Michael again. And glad to finally get an official explanation for what those whispers were. I know most everyone knew the whispering was a precursor for someone dead appearing, but it was good to find out that they are “the ones that can’t move on”. Perhaps when this all resolves, they’ll be able to move on. I think it’s also likely they’ll eventually all help take down the man in black.

  • GREAT to see Libby. No real explanation for how the “real” Libby (as opposed to the “sideways” Libby) go into the mental hospital, and come to think of it no real explanation of how Libby started seeing the “other” universe. I really liked how they put that together.

  • Ilana blowing up was a shocker. If we go by the LOST mythos for when people die on the island (and Ben’s observation later) was “done” with what she had to do there. Perhaps she’ll be back to help as a ghost?

  • That spear Locke is carving… what is he planning on using that for? Anything? Maybe the stick is just a stick.

  • I thought it was interesting that Sayid admitted he didn’t kill Widmore’s people… I didn’t say this last episode when it happened, but maybe there could some good left in him?

  • Anyone know what that red book was that Hurley found in Ilana’s belongings?

  • I thought it was interesting to see that the Jacob’s ashes are now in Hurley’s possession. We’re going to be seeing more of that bag.

  • Wasn’t the guy behind the counter at Mr. Clucks a former actor on “Freaks and Geeks”? Sure looked like it.

  • Desmond meets with Hurley, and gives him a little push in the right direction to find out what’s was going on with Libby. Desmond’s order number “42” was a nice touch.

  • Does Desmond really think UnLocke is really John Locke?

  • Ben’s observation about Ilana and wondering what the island will do with everyone else is interesting too. Will they be killed? Let go, free to leave? Will they pull a Klinger and stay even though they’ve been desperate to leave?

  • The Black Rock blowing up… Sure didn’t see that coming.

  • I liked Hurley’s observation: “Dead people more reliable than the live people”.

  • There was an island on the chalk board at the mental institution.

  • A different kid shows up, and freaks out UnLocke. Are these kids that were originally on the island?

  • Why in the world does Hurley want to take everyone to see Locke?

  • Nice move by Richard trying to get Hurley to tell him that the island is a bottle. Speaking of Richard, now that Ilana blew up, Richard’s about the only one that knows what’s going on. Richard, Ben and Miles leaving…. I think it’s a mistake that they went off by themselves. It’ll probably end up getting them killed.

  • Jack’s observation that he’s supposed to “let go” was interesting. But, in true LOST fashion, they plant that seed of doubt when Hurley says, “unless you letting go gets us killed.”

  • Michael wants Hurley to tell Libby that he’s “very sorry”. Why haven’t we seen Libby yet? Has she been able to move on?

  • Good to see that Hurley and Libby got that date on the beach. When they kissed, all those memories came flooding back to Hurley. That’s probably the key thing to people remembering: Love.

  • When UnLocke and Desmond made it to that well, it was a foregone conclusion that Locke was going to dump Desmond into it. And if you saw the previews, you know that it didn’t kill Desmond. UnLocke also said that it wasn’t the only well on the island.

    Also good to see that UnLocke is a little unnerved that Desmond isn’t afraid.

  • Jack sure looked surprised when he saw UnLocke, didn’t he? And Sun was disappointed not to see Jin.

  • And what about Desmond slamming into Locke in that wheelchair? Wow! The ramifications of that…geesh. My very first thought after seeing that was, will that accident get Locke to walk again? Second, maybe that was Desmond’s way of getting Locke to have a near death experience so he could see himself on the island. Harsh. Third, maybe the Locke we’ve been seeing in the “sideways” world isn’t Locke at all. Maybe that’s really the Man in Black, who’s taken over as Locke in this world and Desmond really was trying to kill him?

  • The preview for next week looked great too. I loved they used the Gene Wilder chant from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. Sure looked like Sayid was headed out to shoot Desmond, didn’t it?

  • Finally, did anyone notice Hurley looking into a mirror in this episode, as so many others did in their episodes?
  • So, what did you think of this episode?

LOST – Happily Ever After


Now, THAT was a good episode!

Finally we get a peak at the endgame might be in LOST. Charlie, who apparently had a hallucination of Claire, figured out that something wasn’t quite right with the world. Desmond experienced it too and ended up finding Penny, and from here on out, at least in the sideways world, he’s going to try and round up people from flight 815.

Some thoughts:

It was great to see Fisher Stevens back as George Minkowski… only this time as the chauffeur. I really like that actor. Good to see Penny back too.

I thought Eloise’s insight that Desmond had what he always wanted, the acceptance of Charles Widmore a pretty big reveal. Does that mean that in this alternate timeline that all the 815ers have what they always wanted? I think the jury is still out on that one, because in some cases I think it’s obviously true: Hurley, for example, thinks he has the best luck in the world. Sawyer seems to be on the straight and narrow… at least as much as Sawyer could be. Kate… well, not so much at this point. Definitely not Sun and Jin.

Pretty wild about Daniel Faraday being a musician, eh? I thought it was pretty convenient that he was able to explain the equations leading to the nuclear weapons “I think I already did it” so rapidly, so that was kind of a let down, but a good shove for Desmond in the right direction.

I did you catch the reflection this episode? Desmond saw his in the glass door of the police station as he approached it.

So, with this latest blast of magnetic energy, and passing out and all that. Did “regular” Desmond just pass out in the jungle in Sayid when we saw the sideways Desmond talk to George in that limo?

What the heck does Charles want Desmond to do?

What in the heck is going on with Eloise? She always seems to know exactly what the heck is going on, no matter what the timeline is. How in the heck is she doing that?

That’s it for now. What did you think of tonight’s episode?

LOST – Ab Aeterno – Theories and Thoughts


FINALLY we get to see Richard’s back story. As a lot of people thought, he did come over on the Black Rock as a slave. What I didn’t expect at all was that the Black Rock was what smashed the statue to pieces. It sure didn’t take long for ol’ Smokey to show up, but then I guess if you’re trapped on an island, you’ll look around for anything new and different.
Up until now I’d suspected that Jacob’s power was of life and death over people. Life for Richard, since he never aged, and that was confirmed tonight. Death, since a lot of dead people roam around on that island. Although, I suppose that’s not strictly Jacob’s doing. Anyway what we saw tonight showed that his powers extend further than I suspected.

Some random thoughts and observations:

  • Ab Aeterno – Since the beginning of time
  • The Isabella we saw on the ship with Richard was not really Isabella; it was the Man in Black. That might have been obvious to most of you, but I thought I’d point that out anyway. But that was who Hurley was talking to when he was asked about it at the beach.
  • Did Richard’s “I changed my mind” actually do anything? In other words, by saying those words, did he jump sides, even though he’s going to help out Hurley and the gang? I sure hope not. I think Isabella’s words are the thing that are going to carry Richard through to the end.
  • When the Man in Black was talking to Richard, he alluded to the fact that he’d been trapped on the island. This is still in line with my theory that a normal human being was transformed (somehow) into the vessel that’s holding “evil”. It’s likely that the Man in Black went looking for that power in the first place, not realizing that by accepting it, he would be trapped on the island. I really think this is how Widmore is going to end up.
  • Man, Jacob had quite a temper, eh? He really beat the snot out of Richard on that beach.
  • Did you notice that both times people who’ve been instructed to not let them speak before knifing them (“or it will be too late”), that both Sayid and Richard did exactly that? Sayid let UnLocke speak, and Richard let Jacob speak.
  • I liked Jacob’s explanation using that wine bottle.
  • Something I’ve been wondering since the last episode: Can The Man in Black go to Hydra island? Can he even go in the water?
  • All in all, a good episode. I’m a little surprised it went on as long as it did, since there was a lot less action than I expected, but a nice long episode of LOST is just fine with me.

What did you think?

LOST Theories – Cain and Abel?

Peter Ho-Sing-Loy writes:

Do you think this is a Cain and Abel story where they are fighting for
Eden…over and over and over

I have to say that I don’t believe this theory, simply because there is too much Egyptian imagery on the show. The four-toed statue, for example is of Taweret, the Egyptian god of childbirth and fertility.

Now that’s not to say that I believe that Jacob was really Taweret – the big reason for this is that Taweret is female. I think it’s much more likely that Jacob is in fact, Sobek-Ra.

From Wikipedia:

Sobek’s ambiguous nature led some Egyptians to believe that he was a repairer of evil that had been done, rather than a force for good in itself, for example, going to Duat to restore damage done to the dead as a result of their form of death. He was also said to call on suitable gods and goddesses required for protecting people in situation, effectively having a more distant role, nudging things along, rather than taking an active part. In this way, he was seen as a more primal god, eventually becoming regarded as an avatar of the primal god Amun, who at that time was considered the chief god. When his identity finally merged, Amun had become merged himself with Ra to become Amun-Ra, so Sobek, as an avatar of Amun-Ra, was known as Sobek-Ra.

Following along this line, the Man in Black could be the personification of Ammut, the demon that devoured souls that were considered unworthy when judge in the afterlife. (Yeah, that goes against the who male/female thing I stated earlier, since Ammut is female).

It’s possible that what we’ll learn is that while the Egyptians believed all this, the real “truth” that will be revealed in LOST may be that the people the Egyptians considered to be gods are actually placeholders for good and evil. Maybe vessels would be a better word. In other words, I don’t think that Jacob and the Man in Black are good and evil personified, rather “good” took over whoever Jacob was in a previous life to look after “evil”. Evil had to be held in place (You folks who play World of Warcraft and know the story of Arthas the Lich King, and his successor will understand what I mean by “held in place) by someone willing to do so. That’s where the Man in Black came into the picture. He wanted the power, but didn’t fully understand what the implications of that power were. In other words, he can have all the power he wanted, but he’s stuck on the island.

He was probably tricked into that role by the previous vessel. I think his plan is to give that over to Widmore or really has no idea what he’s getting himself into.

Jacob’s role is likely to be taken over by Ben… at least that’s my current guess. Widmore and Ben are already enemies, and there’s nobody else on the island who wants to keep it safe more than Ben does.

The island itself? Likely the original Garden of Eden. ….Hey, I know, I know…but if you have a better guess for what that place is, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Thanks for the question, Peter!

LOST – Recon – Thoughts and Theories


This week’s LOST episode is titled “Recon”, which is interesting since it can be taken as either “reconnaissance” or “to con again”.

Just a couple of thoughts about tonight’s show.

  • Loved the fact that Sawyer is a police officer, and that Miles is his partner
  • I swore up and down that Sawyer’s date was going to end up being Juliet, but it turned out to be Charlotte
  • Another mirror in this episode … so far every episode has shown one of the characters looking into a mirror
  • I thought it was pretty obvious that Kate was the one that was running at the end. Seems as though they’ve started to try to intermingle the different storylines
  • Pretty spooky twist – That UnLocke planted the seed in Kate’s mind that giving Aaron to a crazy woman wouldn’t end up too well. Question is, how the heck do they get Aaron into the picture? Did Widmore bring him?
  • Those pylons are a lot more high tech than the old ones.
  • Did you notice that Sawyer came up with the idea that Widmore wants UnLocke? Widmore didn’t say a thing about what he really wanted.
  • They did a cross with Charlie’s brother in the police station.
  • Every single time UnLocke asks someone to do something for him, he’s got another reason for having them do it. I think UnLocke is completely aware that Sawyer is in this for himself, and sent him precisely because he’s expendable. If Sawyer’s really not on his side, and he loses him, he doesn’t lose someone that’s really loyal to him.
  • anything could be significant). I know he’s touched Sawyer, since he grabbed him when he fell on the ladder. Not sure about anyone else.
  • Gotta love that Sawyer’s code word in the sideways flash was “LaFleur”
  • All in all, a decent episode. Certainly not as great as last week’s, but interesting. The writer’s seem to be going down the path of showing how much better everyone’s life will be on the island, at least for the most part. Gonna have to reserve judgement based on what we see happen to Kate and Jin.

    What did you think of tonight’s episode? What do YOU notice?

LOST – Sundown


A few thoughts, observations and questions about tonight’s LOST episode – Sundown

Jack was in the hospital when Sayid saw Nadia.

The only reason I can think of that Jin would have been in that chill chest at is that he went to deliver a message to Keamy.

Why on earth did Kate leave with Claire, Sayid and Locke, especially after seeing everything she did in that courtyard?

So, we find out that Sayid was dead for TWO HOURS, which is much longer than I thought.

It sure seemed that Dogen knew that Sayid was going to kill him, even before he did. He seemed resigned to his fate.

Where they heck are Jin and Sawyer right now?

In thinking about this over the past week and after seeing what we saw tonight, it seems as though they’re setting up Jack and Hurley to be the new head honchos on the island. Jack as the new leader of the remaining “Others”, and Hurley as a Jacob replacement.

Yeah, I know, I know…Hurley? Really? Well, Jacob has been hanging out with Hurley a LOT. Everyone else that’s left seems to be a lot more reactionary than Hurley too, so that’s in his favor.

I’m really beginning to believe that once they find a way to kill The Man in Black (MiB) in the form of John Locke, someone is going to have to take over that role, whether they like it or not. If MiB is telling the truth, that he was a man at some point in the past, something caused him to turn him that way. If they “kill” Locke (whatever that means at this point), someone might have to take over.

A couple of things about last week’s episode.

The person coming to the island is very likely to be Widmore.

Linus and Friendly were names that were scratched off on the wheel.

Claire confirmed that Smokey showed up as Jack’s Dad to her. That means that Jack’s dad himself and Smokey may be been appearing in the same guise all this time.

That’s it for now.

What did you think?

LOST Theories: Duplicates

I’ve gone back and forth about how LOST is going to end, and what the whole meaning of the “sideways” timelines are, and how everything might resolve in those timelines.

I obviously don’t have the answer to exactly what will happen, and anyone outside of the actors and the people in the writer’s room don’t have the answers either. That being said, I want to float this idea out there:

The two timelines co-exist. The “sideways” timeline, is the result of what happened when the bomb exploded. Everything on the island went underwater. At the same time, and a few years later, the 815ers we’ve come to know are running around.

Remember how Ms. Hawking once said that time has a way of course correcting? We’re in the middle of the mother of all course corrections. Think about this: If people in one time line are dead, and alive in another… why not the island? In other words, it’s possible that since two islands couldn’t exist at the same time any more than two people could exist at the same time, one of the islands had to go. The island that we’re seeing with the 815ers will continue. In other words, it’s not going to sink any time soon just because the other one did.

This leads to an interesting (well, at least I think so) hypothesis: Since two people probably can’t exist in the world at the same time without the timeline course correcting itself, we’re going to see each of the people that haven’t died yet…well, die. That would likely mean that “bad luck” Hurley would die. Sawyer, who at this point appears to be the one that’s going to save the island from Smoke Monster Locke, will likely survive. Feral Claire will likely die too. It’s also possible that the people that died in the old timeline will be back, and will continue to live: Charlie, Shannon, Boone, etc.

At some point the people that survived will become aware of this whole situation, probably through memories in much the same way that Desmond became aware of two time periods.

I don’t have much more about this for right now, but I thought I’d float that out there. What do you think?

LOST – Thoughts on “The Substitute”


Interesting episode! We finally see the appearance of “The Numbers”: 4 – Locke, 8 – Reyes, 15 – Ford, 16 – Jarrah, 23 – Shepard, 42 – Kwon. If those are the “candidates” for Jacob’s replacement, as of right now we can cross off 4 and 16, since Locke is dead, and by all appearances, Sayid probably isn’t far behind. That leaves 8, 23, and 42. And, while Un-Locke says that he’s not sure if “42” refers to Sun or Jin, I would guess it would be Jin, simply because all the rest of them are guys.

A new mystery – That blonde kid that kept popping up, said something like “You know the rules, you can’t kill him.” Sure seems like he was talking about Sawyer, and if that’s true, I’d say we have our Jacob replacement, if it finally comes to that. Sawyer alluded to that last episode when he told Kate that he guessed that some people were just meant to be alone.

So who was that kid? A mini Jacob? An older Aaron? No telling so far.

More characters reappeared with Locke – Helen, Rose, Ben, Hurley. I thought it was pretty funny that Randy (Locke’s boss) was a jerk in both timelines.
Ben, from the brief time we saw him, seemed pretty much the opposite of the way we’ve known him. This version of Ben seemed desperate to try and control things, but was frustrated that he couldn’t.

The biggest question now is, how does Un-Locke expect to get off the island, even with Sawyer’s help?

What did you think of the episode?

Edit: Forgot the very first thing I was going to post: Did you notice how Helen said something to Locke about having his father come to the wedding? Sure surprised me to hear that!

LOST: Thoughts on What Kate Does

A few thoughts about tonight’s LOST episode, “What Kate Does”:

I’m glad there was a storyline where Kate and Claire interacted, rather than just letting them pass by each other.

Did you notice how Kate looked at Jack when she saw him again, while she was in the cab at the airport?

I liked the fact that Ethan was at the hospital, but it really makes me wonder… If The Others exist, wouldn’t he still be part of them? After all, Ethan was on the island (as a baby) when the bomb went off, right? Or am I getting my timelines wrong? If he survived, more people did, because that would be the only way he could have gotten off the island.

The pretty much telegraphed that pill they wanted to give to Sayid was something that would kill him, and I thought it was a nice touch that Jack took it himself. Now, the real question is this: The Others told the 815ers that it wouldn’t be good if they couldn’t save Sayid. Sayid comes back, they give him a test, decide he’s been “infected”, and want to kill him. So… it’s not good if Sayid dies, and it’s really not good that he came back. Either way it’s bad. And, as most of us suspected, it’s not going to end well for Sayid, no matter what happens.

So, back to this infection…Rousseau really did know what she was talking about. Remember that she said that she didn’t want the infection spreading to the mainland, and that it was important to kill anyone that was infected? I guess all those doses of vaccine in The Hatch really were important too. I would guess it was less important that people took it to prevent infection while they were alive, and that the important thing was to have it in their system once they were dead to prevent them from coming back. Pretty much like what happened to Claire (at least, according to Dogen said).

Which brings up a good point… Is Christian infected too? Was that ghost Claire in the cabin with ghost Christian? Or were they both the infected versions?

I gotta say, for all the joking around the Lost producers did about this being the zombie season, it sure looks that way to me.

That’s it for now. What did you think of tonight’s show?