Mikhail’s and Ms. Klugh’s conversation

Lostpedia has a translation:

Klugh: Mikhail. Mikhail! You know what to do.
Mikhail: We still have another way [out].
Klugh: We cannot risk. You know the conditions.
Mikhail: There is another way.
Klugh: They captured us. We will not give (or let, or betray) [unintelligible].
Klugh: You know what to do. It is an order.
Mikhail: We still have another way!
Klugh (in English): Just do it, Mikhail.
Mikhail: Forgive me. (shoots)

Things you missed in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”

Things you missed in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”:

The quick flash of scenes that happened after the key was turned were of some of Desmond’s experiences on the island.

The clock next to Desmond’s bed read 1:08. (The hatch button had to be pressed every 108 minutes).

The microwave beeping noise is the same noise as the warning noise for entering the numbers.

The delivery person at the reception desk brings the package “for 815”. ( 4 8 15 ….hatch button numbers).

There’s a polar bear next to the upside-down Buddha in the artwork on Widmore’s wall, with the word “NAMASTE” written backwards at the top.

Charlie’s full name is “Charlie Hieronymus Page”. Hieronymus Bosch was a painter that lived between 1450-1516. (Remember the Hatch numbers? 15 16 were part of those).

The song playing on the jukebox in the bar is the same song Desmond played the first time we saw him in the hatch.

Desmond and Penny only get one picture from the photographer; Desmond and Penny both have a copy of that picture. Desmond has one of his own with him on the island, and Penny had on by her nightstand at the end of last season.

Only Fools Are Enslaved By Time And Space

From Lost Easter Eggs comes a great find from “Not In Portland”.

Remember the scene where Karl is found strapped into a chair watching videos and listening to loud music? Someone figured out that if you play that backwards, you’ll hear the message “Only Fools Are Enslaved By Time and Space”. Thanks to SciFi2U.com for the clip!

Easter Eggs and Things You Missed in “Not In Portland”

Just a couple of easter eggs this episode:

  • Karl was in room 23

  • Sawyer’s reference to the “Wookie” was a reference to the scene in “Star Wars” where Chewbacca is supposed to be a prisoner, but it turns out it’s just a trick

  • Juliet’s last name is Burke

  • Mittelos means “centerless” in German, and is an anagram for “Lost Time”

  • Since Alex considers Ben her father, Danielle (the French woman) might be Ben’s wife

Things you missed in “I Do”


Here are some things you might have missed in the episode “I Do”.

Kate’s husband Kevin works for the Miami-Dade Miami police department, which means they were in South Florida. He drives a Miami-Dade police car. (Correction from TropicHunt.com Guy….Thanks!)

The tickets to Costa Rica were on Oceanic Airlines.

The conversation between Pickett and Juliet was at the labor area was:

P: I don’t understand. It’s supposed to be two weeks.
J: Our schedule’s been moved up.
P: What, is that an order?
J: It’s coming from him.
P: That’s stupid.
J: It’s not my call. That’s the way it is, Danny.
P: Alright.

“Lift up your eyes and look north

Things you missed in “The Cost of Living”

Here are some of the things you might not have seen in “The Cost of Living”:

  • The song at the funeral was Brenda Lee’s “I Wonder”.
  • In the second scene of Eko stumbling through the jungle, you can see the black smoke in the background for a split second just as he is getting up.
  • The name of the leader of the militia was named Emeka.

And a couple of repeats from previous episodes, mentioned here again in this episode:

  • The “new

Things you missed in “Every Man for Himself”

A few things you might have missed in Lost’s 4th episode of Season 3:

  • The Others took a submarine over to get the sailboat, and that submarine is called the Galaga

  • Juliet said, “That’s not how we do it over here, Jack” – which was a hint that they weren’t on the same island as the people from the plane crash

  • Kate’s response to Sawyer when she went back into the cage was “Live together, die alone”, a repeat of what Jack said last season

  • Jack is manipulating Juliet the very same way that Ben Linus (as Henry Gale) tried to manipulate Locke, when he asked who was in charge. Locke didn’t like it when “Henry” did it, and Juliet didn’t like it when Jack did it

  • The mumbled words that Jack was trying to hear in the broken speaker were of two men talking. The words were, “… under control. Yeah? You know what he’s doing to Karl? You know what he’s doing? It was a mistake to bring those two here.”

  • When Sawyer was waking up on the table, one of The Others (“Zeke”, I think) said that they didn’t have any communication for two days after the sky went purple.

  • The car Munson had hidden was in the South Florida area; it’s likely that’s where Sawyer was being held in prison.

Things you might have missed in Episode 2

Here are a few things that happened during Lost Season 3 Episode 2, “The Glass Ballerina”, that you might have missed:

Lost Spoilers Ahead

You’ve been warned….

The dock where Sayid tied up the sailboat is called the Pala Ferry. This is the same dock named in the Pearl orientation video.

The girl that talked to Kate from the bushes is named Alexandra; she’s Danielle’s (The French Woman’s) daughter. Alexandra cryptically mentioned to Kate that “You’re not even supposed to be in that cage